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  1. I spent a lot of time with GURPS Supers before discovering HERO, and a brief run with Heroes Unlimited. But yeah, HERO is probably my first go to. Marvel Heroic was pretty good if you're looking for a more narrative style game.
  2. Understand completely. You've probably gotten a ton of advice already, so I'll just say that I'll be looking forward to 2.0!
  3. I'm really sorry to hear that! Can you rebuild from memory, or just let it rest for a while?
  4. That’s really neat! Did you have any problems mapping the SPECIAL stats into the Hero system (apologies if I missed a post; I’m doing this on my phone) with figuring things like Combat Value, hand to hand damage, defenses and the like? And what did you do for Luck? I’d love to see a character sheet!
  5. I think you've got everything you need listed; there's a good 80 year gap between Fallout 1 and 2 (And about 50 between 2 and 3), so I wouldn't worry too much about trying to integrate everything. And most of the perks can be easily translated into relevant skill levels and minor powers (ie +10 Power and Energy Defense, only vs radiation, +2 Damage classes vs. opposite sex, +10 PRE when talking to Children, Karma can be handled as a Reputation) I have to confess, I'm coming from the other direction (Played New Vegas, Fallout 4, then 3, just scratched the surface of 1 and I have 2 in the offing and boy, Wasteland looks neat...) so I'm not as familiar with the older games as I really should be. If you're looking for lore notes, Oxhorn on Youtube has done a whole whack of Fallout videos, starting with 4 and now he's well into Fallout 3
  6. Depends; do they still sing songs of the great Ewok hunt? (Apologies to all DS9 fans out there!)
  7. Sorry for stepping in: It helps that the really powerful weaponry, such as the Gatling Laser, Fat Man (or the Nuka-Pult, as I call it) and plasma weapons tend to have ammunition that is both expensive and scarce, and the weapons themselves are rather heavy by comparison. If the PCs are not paying points for their gear, it should be easy enough to keep the really damaging stuff under control. And if you want to enforce the breakage rules, you could always add Jammed or Burnout as limits on the weapons, with the rolls degrading as the weapon keeps getting used (Say, drop by 1 point per game week unless the PC spends at least an hour on weapon repairs) How are you handling Radiation damage? My instinct (when I tried to do a full conversion a few months ago) was to treat it as a Drain on the PC's REC and Stun, and keep a tight limit on how high they could buy Power Defense.
  8. Thanks for everything, Eddie. He introduced me to the HERO system, way back with the 4th Edition. And to so many bad puns...
  9. All 3 Red Panda books by Gregg Taylor (Android Assassin, Mind master, and The Crime Cabal), also =plannign to re-read one of the Spider novels, The City Destroyer. Further down, I'd like to look into some of the Operative #5 books.
  10. Re: [Retro] COTN 5th edition proposal I know it'll never happen (copyright and all), but a nod to the Red Panda (And pre WWII Toronto)? Definitely worth my money.
  11. Re: Tokusatsu HERO...building a setting. For what it`s worth, the Zen Team from the 4th ed Allies book had their heightened stats and powers bought as Only in Hero ID, plus they had an OIF Instant change. Maybe set up a list of basic abilities (stat boosts and armor) as a sort of package deal? For the Sentai saide (Apologies in advance; I`m not as familiar with the Kamen Rider series), I would probably add in an accidental change back to normal when the Sentai in question takes a certain amount of damage. Powers are typically martial arts or gadget related (natch), but you do see some odd ones too every now and then; Kirinranger from Dairanger could reverse time and give himself a do-over in combat. Just a few thoughts. EDIT: Youtube is, as always, your friend. I'd recommend checking out Ibukichokan's channel for the 'WTF moments in Tokusatsu' and 'Tokusatsu Moments of Awesometicity!!!' playlists.
  12. Re: "Neat" Pictures "By the power of Boom-Gun, I HAVE THE LOCK ON!"
  13. Re: Rifts HERO? Just our of curiosity, how would you simulate the lost of magical ability when a Rifts mage wears heavy armor? A limitation on the power framework, or a disadvantage on the character, such as a Susceptibility (3d6 Drain on all APs in magical abilities) or a Physical limitation?
  14. Re: Tuala Morn Real Life has intruded, so no session this week . With luck, things will go better next week.
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