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  1. Depends; do they still sing songs of the great Ewok hunt? (Apologies to all DS9 fans out there!)
  2. All 3 Red Panda books by Gregg Taylor (Android Assassin, Mind master, and The Crime Cabal), also =plannign to re-read one of the Spider novels, The City Destroyer. Further down, I'd like to look into some of the Operative #5 books.
  3. Re: "Neat" Pictures "By the power of Boom-Gun, I HAVE THE LOCK ON!"
  4. Re: Rifts HERO? Just our of curiosity, how would you simulate the lost of magical ability when a Rifts mage wears heavy armor? A limitation on the power framework, or a disadvantage on the character, such as a Susceptibility (3d6 Drain on all APs in magical abilities) or a Physical limitation?
  5. Re: Order of the Stick Given the barely controlled power V's tapping, plus the stricture (no divine magic)... Bad end, almost for sure.
  6. Re: City of Heroes - Online Hero Game Still sticking around, I believe (I always get my servers mixed up) I can be found irregularly on the Triumph server, playing Archer Jeanne recently. Really wish they'd do something to include super vehicles...
  7. Re: A Game Of Questions There was a topic?
  8. Re: What Are You Listening To Right Now? Yuusha-oh Tanjyou - Grand Glorious Gathering FINAL version by Maasaki Endo. I am such a geek...
  9. Re: What Are You Listening To Right Now? Outside my skull: Aunt on the phone, fridge running in the background. In my head: 'Legend of Steel' by Luca Turilli.
  10. Re: Genre-crossover nightmares The only ones that come to mind are: -The Fisher King of Braves -Robin Hood: Warrior Princess of Thieves -The Faust and the Furious: Tokyo Deal (with the Devil) Just my .02$
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