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  1. On 3/30/2018 at 3:49 PM, TheRealVector said:

    For example, my players have S.P.E.C.I.A.L. stats, skills organized into the FO categories, and get to choose a Perk every two levels. Adapting a level mechanic to the Hero rules was easy, and has worked well so far. Like the video game, it's a very skill and equipment based campaign. The only 'powers' are found within the Perks.  

    That’s really neat! Did you have any problems mapping the SPECIAL stats into the Hero system (apologies if I missed a post; I’m doing this on my phone) with figuring things like Combat Value, hand to hand damage, defenses and the like? And what did you do for Luck?


    I’d love to see a character sheet!

  2. 7 hours ago, HaukeaCanada said:


    Hadn't gotten that far yet. Still making an outline of what I want to get done.

    1) Using 5th edition. That I've decided on.

    2) Do I do Fallout 1&2, Tactics, Fallout 3, all of them combined, or break them down seperately. (Leaning towards Fallouts 1, 2, and 3 - allowing for Ghoul and Super Mutant characters - ABSOLUTELY no Deathclaw characters)

    3) Make package templates - so far I've got Vault Dweller, Wastelander, Tribal, Raider, Mercenary, Brotherhood and Enclave.

    4) Convert Perks et al.

    5) Convert Weapons and Armor.

    6) Other stuff.


    Think I'm missing anything?

    I think you've got everything you need listed; there's a good 80 year gap between Fallout 1 and 2 (And about 50 between 2 and 3), so I wouldn't worry too much about trying to integrate everything. And most of the perks can be easily translated into relevant skill levels and minor powers (ie +10 Power and Energy Defense, only vs radiation, +2 Damage classes vs. opposite sex, +10 PRE when talking to Children, Karma can be handled as a Reputation) I have to confess, I'm coming from the other direction (Played New Vegas, Fallout 4, then 3, just scratched the surface of 1 and I have 2 in the offing and boy, Wasteland looks neat...) so I'm not as familiar with the older games as I really should be.


    If you're looking for lore notes, Oxhorn on Youtube has done a whole whack of Fallout videos, starting with 4 and now he's well into Fallout 3

  3. Sorry for stepping in:

    It helps that the really powerful weaponry, such as the Gatling Laser, Fat Man (or the Nuka-Pult, as I call it) and plasma weapons tend to have ammunition that is both expensive and scarce, and the weapons themselves are rather heavy by comparison. If the PCs are not paying points for their gear, it should be easy enough to keep the really damaging stuff under control. And if you want to enforce the breakage rules, you could always add Jammed or Burnout as limits on the weapons, with the rolls degrading as the weapon keeps getting used (Say, drop by 1 point per game week unless the PC spends at least an hour on weapon repairs)


    How are you handling Radiation damage? My instinct (when I tried to do a full conversion a few months ago) was to treat it as a Drain on the PC's REC and Stun, and keep a tight limit on how high they could buy Power Defense. 

  4. Re: Since CoH is gone...


    I figured I'd give it a try just to see what would happen' date=' and maybe it was the world's worst "April Fool's" type joke.[/quote']


    I think one of the people on the Massive Online Anthropology Youtube channel had it right; people would be flying to Korea to punch NCSoft in the face if it was just a joke.

  5. Re: Tokusatsu HERO...building a setting.


    For what it`s worth, the Zen Team from the 4th ed Allies book had their heightened stats and powers bought as Only in Hero ID, plus they had an OIF Instant change. Maybe set up a list of basic abilities (stat boosts and armor) as a sort of package deal?


    For the Sentai saide (Apologies in advance; I`m not as familiar with the Kamen Rider series), I would probably add in an accidental change back to normal when the Sentai in question takes a certain amount of damage. Powers are typically martial arts or gadget related (natch), but you do see some odd ones too every now and then; Kirinranger from Dairanger could reverse time and give himself a do-over in combat.


    Just a few thoughts.


    EDIT: Youtube is, as always, your friend. I'd recommend checking out Ibukichokan's channel for the 'WTF moments in Tokusatsu' and 'Tokusatsu Moments of Awesometicity!!!' playlists.

  6. Re: Rifts HERO?


    Just our of curiosity, how would you simulate the lost of magical ability when a Rifts mage wears heavy armor? A limitation on the power framework, or a disadvantage on the character, such as a Susceptibility (3d6 Drain on all APs in magical abilities) or a Physical limitation?

  7. Re: Tuala Morn


    At least he didn't have an outrageous French accent, no?


    GALAHAD: Is there someone else up there we could talk to?

    BROWNIE: No, now go away or I shall taunt you a second time-a!


    Good heavens, don't encourage us!

  8. Re: Tuala Morn


    It's a blast, to be sure. And we had a bit of a twist this past session...


    Anyway, Lloyd and Partha, along with the prince and the few surviving defenders after last episode's mass clash, pull back to the castle to talk strategy. What Loengrins survived left their armor behind and rode for help.


    The Vulkring send a demand for the king to surrender. After considering the options (Lloyd suggets courting the help of the faerie; which was back burnered, to the best of everyone's knowledge) The King sends the Prince and a small band (9, including Lloyd and Partha) to beg help from the king of Seanclough.


    Keep in mind that Conhaile and Seanclough are deadly enemies. Still, the Vulkring threaten us all, it is reasoned.


    So, after a harrowing trip (where we meet a brownie who's rather ticked at all the Big Folk stomping around and destroying their culture; he does confuse the Vulkring band pursuing us, though, with the promise that the group leave him some milk the next time they're through), they make it to the land of Seanclough.


    A few successful counter tracking rolls later, and the band makes it to the castle. All goes well, granted an audience with the king. The prince request help and makes his offer. Which would be good if that treasonous backstabber...



    The king of Seanclough had already cut a deal with the Vulkring. Even had one in the throne room. The group's healer bolted, a wise move, all told.


    That's when the fight breaks out. My notes are a bit hazy, but Partha managed to take a few down, while Lloyd managed to smash one across the head with his shilleleigh, then got several spears for his troubles. One by one, the Conhaile band is worn down; the Prince slays several attackers, but is knocked out (the king wants him alive). Partha manages a fighting withdrawal.


    A bit of backstory; we're using luck chits, and Evil Steve (Partha) drew the one gold chit (Out of a bag of...100?), which lets him, in effect, be the GM for one scene. Which he used now. SO it turns out that the healer who bolted had managed to keep herself clear of the guards, and drew enough of them away that Partha was able to drag the prince outside, steal a large number of horses, and ride off, Lloyd's bleeding self and the Tualan Parkour herself Kerry.


    Phew. Actually, QM had planned to have us get captured instead of escaping. I'm sure we'll pay for that in upcoming weeks, though.



  9. Re: Tuala Morn


    Most recent session (May 7, IIRC):


    Mass combat started. And...well, Lloyd wound up pinned to the ground with a spear through the shoulder (ow!), but I get ahead of myself...


    Picked up where we left off. Partha had drawn a line in the sand, and one of the Vulkring stepped up to fight. The duel was short and bloody; the Vulkring drew first blood, while Partha, bloodied, managed to stun him, then follow up for a good finisher. Naturally, the Vulkring were sore losers, and charged.


    Mass combat started. Lloyd gave a good demo of Two Weapon combat (Sweep, three hits, all arm shots. Looking back, I should have used a white lock token to move it up a notch. Ahh, hindsight) I recall Partha managed to get some good shots in, but no details.


    After those initial shots, the GM had us roll 3d6. Partha with tactics, took some hits, but was still swinging. Lloyd...well, he didn't, and wound up with said spear in said shoulder. Again, OW!


    Both sides' druids started casting, as the Vulkring giants charged. Partha, incredibly, takes one down. First with a shot to the foot, then with a massive strike to the leg. The Giant went down, and, after a few moments of shock, the Vulkring charged. Was enough time for Partha to get a souvenir from his victim, though .


    The Tualan druids' spell went off, covering the battlefield in mist (Charm of Making, anyone?). The Tualans withdrew, back as far as the river that marked the border to Con-Hail (sp?). Which left the Tualans on the wrong end of a siege. Hopefully, more next week.


    Summary: The siege went against the Tualans, but the Vulkring had to work for it. Plus the Tualans saw that the giants the Vulkring brought are not invincible. With luck, TechnoVulkring is not pleased.



  10. Re: Tuala Morn


    Most recent session (March 26, 2009) recap:


    (POV: Lloyd)


    Were found by the royal guard, which afforded us a good night's rest and some decent meals for a change, in between some trading of tales and not a few jibes. It was a fair sight better than running, riding our horses into the ground, and cold, hastily-prepared travel rations.


    It was a two day ride to the castle, where we saw warbands from several of the nearby clans making ready for war. It turns out that the faerie had passed some words of warning on to the other Tualans, not to mention a few dire signs from the druids.


    The castle...well, I never thought I'd see it in my lifetime. We were passed through the gates and ushered in to meet the king by a rather large fellow named Boris, if I recall. There, we were welcomed and thanked by his majesty, and the prince and princess were taken in by the king; his wards now, so they'll be as safe as anyplace else. I hope. I can recall several fires on the horizon as we drew near the castle.


    We were given rooms, baths, and a fresh change of clothing. After all that (and a good nap), we were called to dinner. We gave an accounting of our journey, and Partha passed on a rough drawing of the rune that a Vulkring had on him. Nothing was said, but the druid we passed it to seemed quite troubled. Also learned that the Loengren had offered 20 of their royal guard to assist us, and that the prince (Not the one we escorted, but the battle-tested son of the king) had asked that we be part of his war band when we go forth to meet the Vulkring in about 4 days. Which is about when they'll be knocking on our front door, unfortunately. Dun Kaye (sp?) is to be the initial encounter, with the castle as our fallback point.


    We had a party, possibly a well-disguised farewell, I still can't say. I certainly wasn't alone when I awoke...


    Aside from fresh clothes, I stuck with my blades, and the shilleileigh Partha gifted to me. Good man, he. Five of him, and this'd be over already. Even if it took two suits of armor to cover that massive frame properly.


    Eventually, we make for Dun Kaye (again, sp?), where we gather. Our orders are simple. Hold the Vulkring back, and make sure the


    Unfortunately, so do the Vulkring. Partha wants to offer a challenge, as is proper. With all respect, I believe that the challenge was offered about a week ago, with red sails.


    meta: No combat, just a bit of roleplaying. Fun, a nice change of pace from all the running and fighting. Which we'll get our fill of next session, it looks like...

  11. Re: Tuala Morn


    The fine detail has worn away, so the order and specifics might be out of whack. My own fault, for waiting so long to do this. QM/Evil One, corrections are definitely welcome.


    After spending a night in The Whispering Woods (and being watched by every Fae critter contained therein, especially one rather creepy Bone Faerie(?)), we woke to find ourselves transported to the far end of the wood. The village we had been through the prior night had already been razed, leaving nothing but ash and a tower of smoke.


    We hurried on, suffice to say, prince and princess in tow.


    We survived, grabbed the horses the Vulkrings left behind, and made for the next town. We managed to meet up with some of the village inhabitants, who were guarded but let us stock up after letting them know of the oncoming horde. Our host let us resupply, called out everyone to get ready to flee the village and hide. We left shortly after, he offering directions to us on the best way to proceed.


    Encountered a Vulkring raiding group, 5 strong with horses. One shaman too, and managed to part the river separating us and them. They charged, Partha got ready with his spears, the prince readied a sling, the princess and Lloyd aimed arrows. The princess did spectacularly, landing a few telling blows. Doubtless the Vulkring's comments about what they'd do to helped guide her shots. She pinned one through the foot, and (later) managed to take one out. Partha made a spectacular shot throught he face of a third. The prince...well, slings aren't known for armor piercing shots. I did some melee with a shilleleigh, a present from the well-armed Partha, who opined that my dagger wasn't quite a match for the more massive weapons on the battlefield. We won, barely, and continued on for some time. We came to a clearing, where we rested and were discovered by a group of the King's guard.


    To be continued. We hope...


    Meta note: Nearly got killed with a vitals shot, until the GM reminded me that I did have a blue luck token, which I used.


    We were using the hit location charts, which both gave us an edge and made combat a lot more hazardous for us.


    Does Steve Long bless dice? I think I might need some.

  12. Re: Order of the Stick


    Okay' date=' I don't like the splitting of the party and multiple storylines, but *this* has me interested! V's obsession with magic as the Be All End All drove [insert gender-nonspecific word here'] to make the "deal with the devil" to save [insert gender-nonspecific word here] spouse and children. I want to see where it leads!! :thumbup:


    Given the barely controlled power V's tapping, plus the stricture (no divine magic)...


    Bad end, almost for sure.

  13. Re: Tuala Morn


    Nearing the end of his apprenticeship, Lloyd MacCallahan was one of the first to spot it, his instructor and Huntmaster.


    Vulkring ships, red of sail and fairly loaded with raiders, bore down on his home. His warning came only moments ahead of the war-horns which bade the citizens to flee for safer lands, the soldiers to man the walls.


    OOC Note: Our town druid just got KO'd (Either magical backlash, hostile mage, which would be -darn odd- considering it's the Vulkring coming at us) and took a nasty spill off the wall he was standing on. The ships, slowed by his magic, resumed their drive to our shores.


    So yeah: Soundtrack just went from Celtic folk to Folk Metal. This will not be pretty. Here's Lloyd's character sheet:


    Lloyd MacCallahan Player: Patrick O'Shea

    Val Char Cost

    13 STR 3

    15 DEX 15

    15 CON 10

    12 BODY 4

    13 INT 3

    11 EGO 2

    15 PRE 5

    12 COM 1


    5 PD 2

    3 ED 0

    3 SPD 5

    6 REC 0

    30 END 0

    27 STUN 0


    7" RUN 0

    2" SWIM 0

    2 1/2" LEAP 0

    Characteristics Cost: 50

    Cost Power END

    5 Luck 1d6 0

    3 +2 PER with Sight Group (4 Active Points); Concentration (1/2 DCV; -1/4) 0

    2 Running +1" (7" total) 1

    Powers Cost: 10

    Cost Skill

    6 +2 with any three maneuvers or a tight group of attacks

    5 Climbing 13-

    3 AK: Home region 12-

    4 KS: My Tuath 13-

    5 KS: Tualan Flora and fauna 14-

    3 KS: Fae/Faerie Lore 12-

    6 Navigation (Land) 14-

    3 Riding 12-

    1 Security Systems (Only for natural/wilderness traps -1) 12- (3 Active Points); Limited Power: only for natural/wilderness traps (TuMorn p.124) Power loses about half of its effectiveness (-1)

    3 Stealth 12-

    8 Survival (Temperate/Subtropical, Urban) 14-

    7 Tracking 14-

    7 WF: Common Melee Weapons, Common Missile Weapons, Homemade Weapons, Off Hand, Sling

    10 Two-Weapon Fighting (HTH)

    3 Shadowing 12-

    5 Breakfall 13-

    Everyman Skills (TuMorn p.132)

    0 Acting 8-

    0 Concealment 8-

    0 Conversation 8-

    0 Deduction 8-

    0 TF: Equines

    0 PS:Tualan Hunter/pathfinder (Custom Adder) 11-

    0 Persuasion 8-

    0 KS: Tualan Heraldry (Custom Adder) 11-

    0 KS: Tualan Legends and Lore 8-

    Skills Cost: 79

    Cost Talent

    2 Environmental Movement (no penalties on fighting in hip-deep water)

    3 Absolute Range Sense

    3 Bump Of Direction

    3 Lightsleep

    Talents Cost: 11

    Val Disadvantages

    5 Geasa: Cannot use a blade longer than 1 foot

    5 Rivalry: Other Hunters: Professional (; Rival is As Powerful; Seek to Outdo, Embarrass, or Humiliate Rival; Rival Aware of Rivalry)

    5 Reputation: Father was expelled from clan: , 11- (Known Only To A Small Group)

    15 Psychological Limitation: Must redeem family honour: (Common, Strong)

    10 Psychological Limitation: Hunts pictoi when he has the chance: (Uncommon, Strong)

    5 Watched: Clan: 8- (Mo Pow, NCI, Limited Geographical Area, Watching)

    10 Hunted: local caterans: 8- (As Pow, Harshly Punish)

    10 Psychological Limitation: Distrusts seers/prophets: (Uncommon, Strong)

    5 Psychological Limitation: Overconfident: (Uncommon, Moderate)

    5 Psychological Limitation: Dour, rarely accepts praise: (Uncommon, Moderate)


    Disadvantage Points: 75

    Base Points: 75 Experience Required: 0 Total Experience Available: 0 Experience Unspent: 0 Total Character Cost: 150

    Height: 1.75 m Hair: Black

    Weight: 64.00 kg Eyes: Red


    Appearance: Slightly taller than average, slim, light coloured hair (dirty blond), some minor scrapes and healed-over injuries.


    Personality: Though young, he was old enough to witness and remember his father's attempt to kill the druid, as well as the fallout from Colin's rather dramatic exile from the clan. He's taken it upon himself to try and redeem the family honor, to the point that he may take on quests that are beyond his abilities.


    His distrust of prophecy comes from his memories of his father's exile, plus his fear that he might be told that he may die with his family name unredeemed. He won't go out of his way to be rude, but he may try to excuse himself quietly.




    Background: When Lloyd was 8 his father, a spearman named Colin MacCallahan, tried to kill a Druid, Galen O'Sainglen. All he knows now (no one will discuss the details with him) is that his father, who was known for being proud (a polite way of saying he was an arrogant S.O.B.) received some sort of prophecy from the Druid, got roaring drunk, and managed to kill the horse the Druid rode in on, and was on the way to following up on the druid when Colin was tackled by pretty much the rest of the village.


    Enraged, Galen not only placed him under the Glam Dicin, but cursed him to never pick up a sword or spear again. Such was the power that the curse also carried onto Lloyd, who still bears it to this day.


    Lloyd was subject to some shunning after this, to the extent that no other Spearman wished to train the boy. Garret ConBarra, a Hunter and a little more removed from the immediate family and clan, was able to, teaching the youth the craft of hunting. Deirdre, his mother, never really recovered from the shame; the only time she shows any life is when Lloyd completes some task, bringing the family name one step closer (she believes) to redemption.

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