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  1. Re: [Campaign] Champions of Vancouver Aside from being Hunted by every super-team in the area, plus Demon and any other evil magicusers out there? Plus the police, whatever passes for PRIMUS in Canada (And PRIMUS, too. Oh, they're just looking for the excuse. Golden Avenger? yeah, I can see a change in headgear for him...) And think of the hassle of trying to explain this to my DNPCs. "Mom, Dad? I..uh...I kinda went evil today."
  2. Re: [Campaign] Champions of Vancouver Lucky...maybe we should shell out for some half-decent battle armor? At least we won't have to worry 'bout Blitz popping a crown on someone's head to 'make the fight interesting.'
  3. Re: [Campaign] Champions of Vancouver Yeah, it was. I think the problem, at least as far as Pyre-Archer is concerned, is that he wasn't designed as a brawler, which is what was called for in that kind of fight. He's a sniper/blaster who can hold his own against low ranking thugs and midrange baddies. Add in No range modifier and some stealth training? Hey, let the hurting begin. A 'name' level villain like Black Paladin would, in all likelyhood, reduce ol' PA to a small burn mark on the floor. Which is why that Order offer sounds so appealing... -- Pyre Archer -Hmm...would 'Leave Dent in Wall' be a Cosmetic Transform, or a Minor one?
  4. Re: [Campaign] Champions of Vancouver Well, there was me and Windsurfer... Had a good time, even if it did involve being thrown through a doorway via Morningstar Airmail Express. Took no body damage, but went to -1 STUN from one hit. Short battle. I'll leave the full recap to QM. Did happen across an interesting angle to go after: hooking up with the Order. I kind of fumbled the reaction, but now that I think about it...I do have DEMON as an Enemy... Pyre-Archer -It's not the knockback. It's the knock-through that gets you
  5. Re: [Campaign] Champions of Vancouver Lots of fun that day. Didn't accomplish a whole lot, as one of us observed. But we had fun. And the bar scene was neat. Future note: Check to see if 'Follow him' or 'Go where the last guy went to' will work on voice-activated transporters. GIGO in action.... Pyre-Archer -Oh, QM? Good luck on that thing next weekend.
  6. Re: [Campaign] Champions of Vancouver Oh, I don't know about that; we could have had a *ripping* session of 'watch Patrick roll up a new character';) But oh, the XP I could have pulled in if I took him down solo...not to mention the trauma, hospital stay, psychological therapy, raw throat from cursing the rest of the PCs for not showing up and me for trying to grandstand... Ah well. Any chance we can got something on this weekend?
  7. Re: [Campaign] Champions of Vancouver Don't think of it as giving QM ideas. Just think of it as campaign longevity insurance Hmm...Reverend Temperance still out there? Though i don't know how an anti-alcohol crusader with an artefact from South Central Hades would work.
  8. Re: [Campaign] Champions of Vancouver Don't know about Gabriel, but that would open up the floodgates of religious debate, yes? Proof that angels do exist to the whole world? I can't help but visualize a battle where we're trying to keep someone from taking the Crowns to benefit their own extremist religious agenda. Satanic cults, doomsday religions, failed saints/angels/cardinals/etc., atheists, ... Great. A recurring plot hook. Or Yellow Luck token bait. Your choice. Pyre-Archer
  9. Re: [Campaign] Champions of Vancouver Meanie. Okay, so it looks like we're doing a Dark Seraph hunt next. Well, my character is into the occult and mysteries of magick and the arcane, so he should be happy enough. I just hope I don't pull an Anakin....But that crown is so shiny....
  10. Re: [Campaign] Champions of Vancouver Oh, I don't know that it's all that overconfident. Trash-talking is a fine old tradition, from the eldest days of heroing to the dizzying heights of professional wrestling. As long as he doesn't start screaming "Whatcha gonna do when Angel-mania runs wild on you?" and ripping his shirt off. Then I'd start worrying. And for some odd reason, I can almost hear QM doing a Chinese accent. Which might mean that I'm asking for it. Or I'll just get a Marvel-esque second origin for my troubles. That's always good punishment for someone too full of themselves. -- Pyre Archer -'Whaddaya mean I'm a cross between an Atlantean and an alien sorceror?'
  11. Re: [Campaign] Champions of Vancouver You realize that that's practically begging the GM to have Dark Seraph show up with Mechanon-Linux (Or XP), Stormwatch, and whatever passes for The Mighty Thor in the Champs of Vancouver 'verse. Thought it might be worth it, just to hear the GM try to talk pseudo-Shakesperian...
  12. Re: [Campaign] Champions of Vancouver FUn game this week; To our illustrious GM's surprise (And mine, being a bit out of touch with the CHampions Universe), we managed to do a fair job reducing the ranks of the Crowns of...whatever. Dark Seraph is left, wandering about. The problem is, Dark Seraph is out there, wandering about, madder than anything. I smell a recurring nemesis. The triple 6's paid a visit to that unworthy, which no doubt spared the team a good bit of hurting. The new Guy, Wind Surfer(?) had a nice turn seeing me eat a Body Drain, then going Enraged, pulling off -two- NCM ram attacks. What was that, a final move of 60"? With the second one pushed for more damage. Ouch. Sadly, third time was not the charm; A failed 'Death from Above' attack missed, allowing the erstwhile airbender to auger into the sandy shores of Laka Okanagan [sic]. Whereupon DS took both him and me out with an Explosive EB. Flicker managed to draw him away while we were pulled to safety. Good bit: On recovering, we were greeted with the sight of several of the locals keeping one of the bad guys (Temblor?) subdued. With a baseball bat. I love Canada:) On getting back, we found that the timeline had been messed with, and Flicker found that his secret ID was now another person. Who was now trying to integrate 2 sets of memories, and ressurect his alternate ID. I hate you, Marvel Comics ;-) And, with the close of that session, we bid farewell to Flicker's player; Hope the new digs work out for you! Pyre-Archer -Not sure what the forum rules on real name use are, so I'll play it safe.
  13. Re: [Campaign] Champions of Vancouver No, not at all! It was a perfectly reasonable response to an unknown SPB with a flaming bow and arrow. Just caught me off guard, that's all. And also put 'Mental Defense' on my list of things to look into Seriously, though, it's not a problem.
  14. Re: [Campaign] Champions of Vancouver Thanks I'd forgotten how useful presence attacks can be in a fight. Or in preventing one. Anyway, thanks again for the help in revamping my character. Patrick
  15. Re: [Campaign] Champions of Vancouver Hey all, first time poster to this 'board. Name's Patrick, I played Pyre-Archer on the 14th. It was an interesting introduction to the campaign; In the course of the three(?) hours we played, I managed to: -Utterly tick off my character's DNPC girlfriend, -Get ready for a fight against 15 Viper Agents, only to be overshadowed by an angel's massively overpowered Presence Attack:D , -Have said angel download my entire life story in one phase (P2P telepathy...scary), -Get my character re-done and re-statted so that it fit, rules-wise and mathematically, and looks a lot more survivable. And survivability is always a Good Thing. I had fun. And I learned a few things I had forgotten (alright, a LOT of things:) ) about the system. And what's changed from my older, somewhat beaten upon Big Blue Book.
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