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  1. Yeah, I'm just glossing over the "normal" 400 point'ish characters, as they really can't hamper the PCs too much. I basically stop to roll dice when it's a bad guy I've built, or it's a mob of "normal" super-bad-guys. If the PCs doing something silly, I'll roll that out. It's been working fine; I've got mature players, who are in it for the story, so they don't need to play out stomping some henchmen. I haven't decided how I'm going to play out the "war" against the Empress completely - likely, I'm going to focus on some specific battles, "turning points" in the war and story tell the rest... We'll see.
  2. In our 7th exciting episode --> The heroes discussed plans with Col. Rage and the Peacekeepers. Col. Rage described Project Citadel, and how UNTIL was working with various groups to prepare for the coming invasion. The heroes decided to start by speaking to the Milky Way's Core Lord (who they saw in the memories of the bands, as he created them). They flew to the center of the Milky Way and encountered Laktarian (in my gameworld, Laktarian looks like a baby Buddha). As wielders of the bands, Laktarian did speak to them; however, he also explained that he would not help them, as invasions by conquerors were not something he troubled himself with. He explained that the bands were created, to be wielded by heroes, and that if he ever needed aid to protect the very integrity of the Milky Way, he would call on them. He did offer that there were many ways to tip the balance, and that the heroes should go to Somewhere to find more information. Capt. Force realized that "somewhere" was an actual place, so asked where it was; Laktarian put the place into their brains. After some more discussion, the heroes left to find Somewhere. When the heroes arrived at the coordinates, they found the head of an ancient android, the size of a small moon (akin to Nowhere in the MCU). They landed and were astonished at the plethora of alien species walking around... Acting like tourist and walking around in awe, they also saw some aliens in uniform; eventually seeing what appeared to be a human. They approached and asked his name (they both have Universal Translator) - he introduced himself as Bin-Dar'in, a Marshal in the Inter-Galactic Quasar Corps (the IGQC; my analogy to the Star Guard - are cross between the Nova Corp and Judges from Judge Dredd). He also shocked them when he explained that he was a human from earth, from 500 years ago! When the heroes started peppering him with questions, he offered to buy them a drink at a bar. The heroes sat and spoke with him for some time, learning about his history, the IGQC and the larger galactic community. Eventually the heroes explained that they were trying to make contact with rebel forces aligned against the Empress, so they could learn intel from them. Bin-Dar'in explained that all three major factions (The Exrandal’rian Revolt, The L’sandron Army, and The Ta!ra Freedom Fighters) all had agents in Somewhere. The heroes asked about each, and he explained what he knew, which was only the basics. Capt. Force felt that the L'sandron's sounded like a good place to start, and Bin-Dar'in explained that a Pawn Shop owner up the way, was a good place to start. The heroes went and spoke to Mandron, the owner of the Pawn Shop. After some discussion, and Solar taking offense at his surprise that she was an Earthling, he eventually offered to reach out to the L'sandrons, and that they should stay at a hotel a couple levels up, and they would contact the heroes, if they chose to. The heroes went to a money exchanger - who explained that Narrai money could be exchanged for 1000 to 1 in galactic credits, Earth dollars were almost worthless, and he might exchange them for 10,000 to 1, as Earth was not part of the galactic community, and thus their money was of little value... Capt. Force went into an alley, gathered some trash, and used his band to transmute it into Narrai dollars - with that they went back in and exchanged it for 1000 galactic credits. They then went to the hotel and got a couple rooms - they also ate at the hotel restaurant; after Solar called Bin Dar'in and asked what she should eat (since she had no idea). The scene played out with their food was pretty entertaining in itself... After a couple days of them milling about, using the IGN (Inter-Galactic Network) computers in their rooms to read and learn about much of the galaxies history and various aliens, including the Empress; they were eventually contacted by the L'sandrons. They went to meet, and after some discussion, offered to help the L'sandrons with their efforts, in exchange for intel and learning about how they fight the Empress. As a test, the L'sandrons offered that if the heroes would transport a shipment of arms to the L'sandrons, they would have the chance to speak to one of their cell leaders. Capt. Force used his band to shrink the huge shipping contained down, so it could be put in his pocket, and they flew to the coordinates, with Solar making them invisible. Meeting with the cell leader, the heroes accompanied them on several raids and assisted them in a couple battles, in order to see what the inner workings of fighting the Empress entailed. They also collected samples of D-Soldier armor and weapons, along with a computer and communications equipment from the Empress' Legion, and teleported it back to Project Citadel for study (especially by Silvercloud, as he could use it to make effective weapons against it). After basically conducting a successful reconnaissance; the heroes returned to earth, with ideas and thoughts on how they would use this information to begin to counter the Empress' invasion plans. And that, is where this exciting episode ended!
  3. In our 6th exiting episode --> Our heroes (including The Aqua Man NPC) spend the beginning of the game, with Wuxing - training and learning how to control and use the bands. The result to symbolize their training is that they spend some of their points and purchase CSLs for using the bands. The PCs then approach the UN through Col. Rage and the Peacekeepers. After much discussion, they eventually get a "Red Notice" (warrant) from the UN for the capture and arrest of Khan Manas II. They work with the UN's intelligence agencies to learn what they can about the Khan and Kyrgyzstan. What they learn is that Khan Manas II has a powerful team of henchmen; The Forty (based on Kyrgyzstan history), The Leaders of the Orda (which means Horde) of Manas: Led by Battle Steel - his most decorated soldier, who the Khan has bestowed a suit of very powerful Z-rad powered battle armor. The Knight of Chains - a Z-rad powered individual with armor that provides great defense, and animated chains that surround his forearms, which can be used for various attacks and defenses Crag - a Z-rad mutated mountain of a man, who is incredibly resistant to damage and hyper strong - but, he is a well-trained warrior (martial-brick) Baba Yaga - the most powerful Witch on Earth - able to wield very powerful Z-rad powered "magic" The PCs decide that a surprise frontal assault on his palace is the simplest approach. So, they fly down from orbit at max speed and land at the palace front door. As they begin beating the Khan's normal henchmen, they are initially confronted by Crag, and battle him. The battle raged for a while, as Crag is hard to damage; eventually, Solar used her VPP to gate Crag to a desert in China. The PCs then entered a large room, with two sweeping stairs around half the parameter (the big fight scene from Matrix 2, with the Merovingian's henchmen). Suddenly they were assaulted from an unseen assailant, who was attacking them with magic. Eventually, Solar turned the air into a blue gaseous substance with her band, allowing the PCs to "see" Baba Yaga, even though she was invisible. With a single strike, Capt. Force knocked her unconscious (injuring her as well). At which point the Knight of Chains and Battle Steel entered through the upper double doors and began to battle the heroes. This battle raged for some time, but both were eventually defeated as well. Finally, the heroes entered a large super tech room, with Khan Manas II sitting behind a desk. He was supremely confident... Capt. Force scanned the Kahn and learned that his suit was actually a containment suit, and that he was a being of pure Z-rad energy. The heroes started to approach, and Khan Manas II tapped an icon on his desk - at which point two huge nullifiers dropped from the ceiling and drained the heroes of several hundred points of Z-rad. Both heroes were severely crippled, with only Solar having a small portion of her VPP still at her disposal. However, both bands were only at about half their power. Solar used her air band to hit both nullifiers with a powerful blast of air, destroying them. Capt. Force used his band and began transforming the Khan's containment suit into lead, in order to trap him in his suit. It took two phases, but he was able to do so and eventually the Khan was trapped! The heroes used the Khan's own defenses to hold off the Orda of Manas, while their Z-rad powers returned; then simply turned invisible and flew away with the captured Khan. They even saw Crag returning (via great leap) as they were leaving... Eventually turning the Khan over to the UN. While they were in the Khan's systems, they learned that he learned about the Empress from his moles in the UN. He eventually contacted a Herold for the Empress, who gave him a frequency to communicate with her. He had agreed to be her Vassal, ruling Earth; in exchange, he would work against earth's defenses, sabotaging the earth's chances to resist her. The heroes then decided that their next move would be to investigate the rebel forces that are against the Empress. And that is where our last exciting episode ended!
  4. I have always found the "How do the characters meet, and why do they join up?" question to be an issue. I've been running / playing RPGs for ~40+ years now. Back in the day, it almost always started with "the PCs are all in an inn & tavern" and then there is a fight... It always felt artificial to me, and rushed. Everyone at the table knows their characters are going to join up, because they are the players of a party... So, I stole from Dragon Age Origins (the PC game). I run a small scenario for each PC solo, to give a brief "origins story" to that character, and let the player ease into their PCs personality, as well as see how they play, before the "game starts" - in case they need to modify something, or even create a new character entirely (if it turns out they didn't enjoy the type of character they thought they would). Then, I have a scenario that brings the PCs together, that is story driven, with a plot driven reason the characters join together as a team. There is a gazillion reasons why, and if done in the tone of the campaign, it only adds to the story. That "characters meet" game is the "game start", and because of the origin play through, the players generally have a much better grasp on their characters when the intro game is played. I have used this process for all my various games now for years, and it has worked out very well, regardless of the genre. I have even just skipped the "characters meet" game, and after the origins solo games, just tell them how they came to be a team, and then start the first game as the new team - this has worked well also. As for the rest; everyone here has given some great advice, and more details of your players and your experience and RPG knowledge and types of games played in the past, will help us tailor the advice for you more. There is a big difference between "My players and I have played RPGs forever; I usually GM, but this is my first GMing experience with Champions" vs. "We're all novice TTRPGers, but we've all been playing WOW together for years, and none of us have ever played a superhero game" vs. "We're a bunch of miniature based war gamers, who decided to try Champions", etc.... Lastly, I will mention a pet peeve of mine; especially if you're a fairly new GM, or novice TTRPGer period. Make sure the players characters all "fit together". For a seasoned (read old) group, it can be fun to have a "Punisher" type in a group of "Capt. America/Superman" types, for the party dynamics - but, for novices, having players playing characters that would as likely fight each other as the "bad guys" can be tough. Talk about it as a group ahead of time - are we going to be hard-as-nails anti-heroes? Or goody-two-shoe boy scouts? A little diversity is fine, but too much can be too much to handle. It will also inform the type of game you're going to run. Just some thoughts.
  5. In our fifth exciting episode --> The heroes traveled back to Earth and collected the imprisoned Europaite Drone, and asking Golden Girl to join them again. By this point, Silvercloud had built a powered armor suit capable of sustaining her in space. The team traveled to Europa and returned the drone, though Capt. Force was disappointed, as the Europaites didn't really seem to care (again their alien culture being difficult for a Narrai {or Earthling} to comprehend). Golden Girl was successful in at least getting the Europaites to understand the concept of 'cooperation' a little better; though, they made it clear if everyone would just open their minds and join the collective consciousness of the Europaites, everyone would 'cooperate' so much more efficiently. While they were busy speaking to the Europaites, an alien they've never seen before, with 6 eyes, dressed in purple and black, with a staff, that has a ball of energy at the top, lands next to them all. He releases a bag on his belt, and throws it at Capt. Force's feet; the bag contained the mummified heads of Kings {with crowns} who had turned down his liege. "I am Garras Dron, Herold of Tyrannon the Conqueror - I am here to broker peace and offer you salvation." he announced. Unfortunately the Europaites immediately attempted to command him mentally; with the striking of his staff on the ice, black tendrils lashed out and disintegrated the Europaite warriors that were present... Solar put the Herold in a spherical force field and Capt. Force explains that the Europaites didn't mean it as an offense, and the heroes successfully stop the situation from escalating. The heroes and Garras Dron spoke for a while; with Garras explaining the offer: the heroes of this sector of space would fight the Empress, and when she thinks she won, and eventually shows up in person, they would ambush her and kill her, liberating this sector! They would of course then become one of Tyrannon's controlled sectors - but, they would be free of the Empress' yoke! What a great offer! The heroes didn't see it as such a great offer... Though, they did good to keep that close to their vest, and not show their hand. During the conversation, the Herold explained that "Already, the Tyrant of Earth makes plans to be the Vassal of the Empress and rule Earth, and a ruling House of Lyrissi barter with the "Air band" to assume complete and maintain control of the Lyrissi system with the Empress. So, he explained, they were already losing... The heroes convince the Herold they will consider his offer, and he extends them a communicator to contact him. The Herold leaves, and Solar follows him (as she is much faster) - he eventually arrives at a huge amassed fleet, with a flagship larger than Earth - she takes that as her queue to return.... The heroes return to Earth and speak to Col. Rage; they learn the reference to the House of Lyrissi, is the House of Pan Tuo - which is one of the ruling houses of Lyrissi - they have not made public that they have the Air Band, but in the pit of vipers that is Lyrissi, many know. The house assumes (having no idea who they are messing with), that they will be able to use the band to barter with the Empress, and retain control of Lyrissi… "The Tyrant of Earth" - is Khan Manas II, of Kyrgyzstan (based on an alternate history I created). Basically a cross between Vladimir Putin and Dr. Doom. He is a petty dictator, who politically out maneuvered all his opponents by 2011 and took over Kyrgyzstan (which became independent in 1991), then solidified his rulership. (Though no one knows it, he wears what appears and is assumed to be powered battle armor, but is in fact, a containment suit, because his Z-rad powers are so uncontrollable.) The heroes provided specs to Silvercloud and asked him to make containment suits for a few of the Europaites, so they could come to Earth for a summit with the sector's governments, to try to start building the political bridges needed to unite the sector against the Empress. They also told Col. Rage to "do his thing" to start interfering with Khan Manas II attempts to communicate with the Empress. They also had Solar use her Detect (from her VPP) to find any surviving Lemurians; which she did on several Pacific Islands (Tasmania, Samoa, among others). They also asked Col. Rage to find the most powerful Lemurian. They then decided they needed to 'procure' the "Air band", to secure it. Using Capt. Force's contacts in the Narrai government, they met a contact, Zypherian of the Lyrissi on a secluded mining asteroid base. Capt. Force asked Solar to use her Detect Power (from her VPP) to find the band; she did, on Lyrissi 3 (there are 3 habitable planets in the Lyrissi system). Zypherian offered a way to sneak them into the compound, but no further assistance - the heroes agreed. The next day, a House Pan Vox shipping container had arrived and Zypherian explained that the shipment would get them into the estate. The heroes climbed aboard and they were indeed deposited next to the estate. Solar used various enhances senses from her VPP to locate two very strong Z-rad sources; she then used Clairsentience from her VPP to view both. In the first they found one of the android Herold's of the Empress in a negotiation with the House Pan Tuo leadership. In the other, they found the band. Continuing to use Clairsentience, they reconnoitered and determined the best way to the vault. Capt. Force used the "Earth band" (remember, basically a 500 point VPP for any matter that is solid) to shrink himself very small, so he could ride/hide in Solar's pocket. She then used her VPP to inviso them both from just about any and all detection types, and they carefully flew to the point of entry of the vault. Capt. Force used his band to simply create a hole in the middle of the stone door, and knowing it would set off alarms, Solar flew in circles around the room until she had reached her maximum flight speed, then simply grabbed the band and they flew out of the estate. The Lyrissi on the grounds attempted to give chase, but could not perceive them (as she still had her inviso going), and the Herold attempted to give chase as well, but Solar was far too fast for him to catch her, once she could engage her FTL flight - and they successfully escaped. Arriving back on Earth, having discussed it; with her own VPP generated mental defense, and Golden Girl helping as well, Solar put the "Air band" on, and did not go insane... They then spoke to Col. Rage about the Lemurians; he said he had found one, but he was gonna be difficult. His name was Arthur Curry (The Aqua Man) - but, (just like the scene from Justice League), he wanted nothing to do with joining a group, or fighting a war... With that, the heroes decided to have a "memory movie" - they called together The Peacekeepers, Col. Rage, and the ambassadors (including 3 Europaites in containment suits); Golden Girl convinced Capt. Force to give The Aqua Man another shot, feeling if he saw the threat, he would join. So, they included him as well. Once they had everyone together, they used mental projection and showed everyone the memories of the bands, the first battle with the Empress, the scenes from the Eurupaites Oracles of her preparations, the fight with Outrider and his ships, and finally the scene of the other cosmic conqueror that Solar had seen. It was finally enough to get everyone to understand what they were up against. Capt. Force then asked Wuxing how he would fight in space, and he smiled, simply turning his body into pure photons... They asked The Aqua Man how he would, and Wuxing explained that he could use the power of the band to encapsulate himself in a water bubble and propel that through space. The heroes decided, now that they had a team, they needed to train, and since Wuxing was the only one who had trained and prepared to wield the band, he should teach them. They also decided they would have to deal with Khan Manas II... And that is where this exciting episode ended!
  6. "Good" and "evil" are simply a group of societal norms subconsciously agreed upon by a society of people, and reinforced by additional behavior (including laws and enforcement, etc.). So, most bad guys in real life, rationalize their negative behavior. Even most mentally ill serial killers, rationalize their behavior. Hitler, rationalized his behavior. I am not saying any of them were right, or should be "understood" or sympathized with in any way; only that it is VERY HARD to actually find an example of a "villain" from real life, who actually saw themselves/their behavior as "Evil". So, to me, when I see "Utterly Evil" as a complication; I read it as a being who is the polar opposite; they literally cannot conceive of being "good" - so they're every action is "Evil", and they cannot hide it (at least not for long). As a complication for the character, there needs to be some ramifications - some consequence - so for me, I read it like their behavior is so bad, and they enjoy it so much, they cannot hide it and everyone, even the "normal" bad guys or mentally ill, see them for what they are - and that is so alien to the human mind, that they would likely either seek to destroy them or flee them (fight or flight). The Cenobites from Clive Barker (Hellraiser) and the Horror's from Earthdawn (TTRPG) are examples of beings who know they are Evil, and actually feed off the anguish they cause others - and in both cases are completely alien to the human mind.
  7. Be Valorous & Courageous in your pursuit of Righteousness at all times. Show Benevolence & Selflessness in thy actions. Conduct thyself Politely & Respectfully, to those deserving. Thy word will speak nothing but truth. Uphold thy Honor by being true to these edicts, at all times, even in secret. Oppose Evil, in all its forms-Defend the innocent-Avenge victims of Evil. "Reveal to us the metal of thy character; suffer the courage of thy convictions.” Sir Robert The True
  8. I voted for Wrongfully Convicted, Divinely Conscripted (Champions)- primarily because it holds the PCs accountable to being "heroes" - I like that idea... I had to read your longer descriptions however, because just based on the short explanation for the vote, I would not have picked it.
  9. In the MCU as an example, and including the Netflix series; while they often showed modern cell phones, tablets, computers, etc. (with the assumed apps as well) - and the heroes even used them (especially in the Netflix series), it never impacted the movies one way or another - they were just there, like they are in real life - and didn't change a thing. That is how I handle it in my game - the tech has stayed current, but it doesn't change anything. In fact, if you read any of the recent episodes of my game <link>, you'll note that I gave one of the heroes an "UNTIL super-phone", that works interplanetary (I didn't even attempt to explain it) - and it has only aided my game... In the last episode in fact, they did an intergalactic video call, which I again didn't even attempt to explain.... It was cool "window dressing" though, everyone liked it... I also find it interesting, the whole vigilante concept from movies/TV - it was quaint years ago - but now, with PMCs (Private Military Contractors or Companies) on every corner, and any private firm able to employ them, not to mention high-end security specialists (used to be called body guards back in the day), who specialize in "full-spectrum security" (meaning social media, hacking defense, drone defense, physical defense, etc.), not to mention all the websites that think they're making the world safer ("outing" supposed pedophiles, sexual predators, etc.); I find the concept that a "super hero" would be labeled a "vigilante" a little absurd. I think it would be really interesting to see how the modern world would actually react; citizen arrests are still "legal"... Mercenaries have been around since ancient times, and no one has really done anything to curb that activity, in any meaningful way ("Soldier of fortune" indeed). I think the government would react more like they did in the MCU and DCEU - feeling threatened by supers, as if they were a military risk or threat to national security. That would lead to an interesting response over time I imagine...
  10. In our fourth exciting episode --> Capt. Force explains to Solar that Narrai Prime and the other planets/moons/asteroids the Narrai have colonized in their system have 24 times Earth Gravity (25Gs) - which is why the Narrai species is so heavily muscled and dense; this requires Solar to use some of her VPP to increase her density in order to survive. Our heroes fly to Narrai space, and go to a mining colony where Capt. Force's original mentor in the rebellion (from his backstory) lives. They discuss what all is going on with the pending invasion and the artifact from Coullum The First (the Narrai hero from 7500 years ago, who had the "Earth" band). The mentor does some electronic digging, and finds that the rebel cell that operates in the Great Go-Shibbi desert on Narrai Prime, have reported a recent expansion of an archeology site, where some of the Science Caste have recently erected barriers with military support, and that they heard it has something to do with Coullum The First. Our heroes travel to the desert and are surprised to find a wall erected around an area, where the sand has been excavated from; in this area are ruins from long ago, dominated by a large arena with a large statue at one end. Solar uses her VPP enhanced senses and sees the "Earth" band in the palm of the large statue. The heroes land at a large tent erected near the arena, and encounter the lead scientist of the dig. After speaking to him for a few moments, it is clear to the heroes that he is being affected by the band. He describes how Narrai have come from all over the system, in order to attempt to claim the band - whenever anyone sets foot in the arena, another Narrai always steps in to fight them. The scientist is super excited to study this phenomenon and admits he hasn't really reported everything to his superiors in the Science Caste, because he wants so badly to be here to study whomever actually can claim the band. He further explains that every time there has been a victor, but every time that victor claims the band, they have gone insane, and have had to be killed by the military. As they are discussing this, 3 Narrai assault ships land outside the enclosure. Leading a squad of heavily armed and armored troops into the enclosure is Sgt. Roc-12, one of the most highly decorated Special Forces members in the entire Narrai military. He is clearly making his way directly to the arena; and the scientist is almost giddy with anticipation. Capt. Force steps in front of Sgt. Roc-12 and asks him why he is there. Sgt. Roc-12 explains that he is there for the band. Capt. Force asks if he is aware there will be a fight to claim it, and Sgt. Roc-12 simply says, "Of course there will be." Capt. Force also asks if he is aware that if he does win, he may go insane if he claims it? Sgt. Roc-12 acts almost insulted, claiming that will of course not happen to him, once he claims it. After a quick conversation, the heroes realize that it may not be a good thing either way, so Capt. Force decides to follow Sgt. Roc-12 into the arena. As Sgt. Roc-12 enters, a random Worker Caste Narrai in the stands gets up as if he was going to enter the arena as well, but when Capt. Force enters, he simply sits back down. Once Capt. Force enters, a barrier springs up, encompassing the entire floor of the arena. Immediately Sgt. Roc-12 draws a fighting knife, and prepares to fight. Sgt. Roc-12 tries several times, but never lands a blow - initially Capt. Force martial throws Sgt. Roc-12 into the barrier; when that doesn't do enough to slow him down, Capt. Force then does a nerve strike, which also only slightly injures Sgt. Roc-12. Eventually, Capt. Force has to use his "Killer Laser" punch (his highest HTH attack), which knocks Sgt. Roc-12 across the arena and into the barrier, almost knocking him out. Capt. Force finishes him off with another nerve strike. As Sgt. Roc-12 falls, the barrier comes down. His squad moves to take him to medical, and Solar flies down to meet with Capt. Force, who has taken the band from the statue. As they are discussing their next move, several Narrai assault ships begin arriving, and the troops that arrived with Sgt. Roc-12 appear to get radio messages, and start to secure the perimeter around the arena; apparently the Narrai military isn't so good with Capt. Force just leaving with the band... Capt. Force makes the hasty decision to slap the band on his wrist... A massive influx of Z-Rad power courses through Capt. Force's veins, and he experiences the origins of the band, and their time they were together, then the rest of the entire history of the "Earth" band, up until now. The band makes a mental attack, however, Solar remembered to provide mental defense to Capt. Force, and because of that, he was able to survive the bands assault, and keep his sanity (barely). But, before anyone can do anything, a massive ship wormholes into low orbit, launching hundreds of fighter ships. The ship then fires a beam to the ground, and something travels down the beam, landing with such impact, that the 3 assault ships that had landed are destroyed, as are several of the military members who were nearby. Once the beam stops, and the dust settles, there is a huge Narrai-like warrior standing there. He yells above the din of destruction, "I am an Outrider, of the Black Order; The Empress demands the band, hand it over barbarians, you don't even know what you're dealing with…" The Narrai military begins attacking this new fleet, while Outrider calmly stalks into the enclosure. Capt. Force scans Outrider, and discovers he is massively powerful, and will likely be a difficult fight for both our heroes. Capt. Force orders the military nearby to evacuate the enclosure, and tells Solar not to hold back. Solar is the fastest of the three, so she flies up to Outrider. After much discussion of various options by the players, it is decided that Solar will use her VPP to increase her density to maximum, and then put the remaining point in a straight increase to her STR; this gives her a total punch of 55D6! Solar rolls her punch, and hits. She then rolls her damage; doing substantial damage with the punch alone - then we calculate the knockback, in which Outrider crashes through several vehicles and other structures, before eventually hitting the enclosure wall, almost 90 yards away. This damage results in knocking Outrider out completely! Capt. Force then uses the "Earth" (solid matter) band (which has a massive VPP of 500 points, restricted to only work on solid matter), to Transform 2 meters of all the alien fighter ships, into bubble wrap... Causing all 500 ships to crash at once. With this, the massive ship beams the unconscious Outrider back aboard, and wormholes out of Narrai space. Having survived the battle, the heroes grab one of the enemy pilots (a lizard like alien), and take him with them, to the capital city of Narrai Prime - there they speak to the ambassador they originally warned about the Empress' return. After explaining that now everyone can see what the threat is, they call for a video conference with Col. Rage from Earth, and the ambassador from Lyrissi as well. Once they have them on holo-vid, Capt. Force plays a replay of the battle to the group, then explains that everyone should now see how they need to work together. Col. Rage agrees and says they will continue to prepare and keep the two bands on Earth safe. The Lyrissi ambassador explains that they do not know where the "Air" band is... Though they agree they will search for it. The heroes discuss their next move; Capt. Force decides he wants to ask Golden Girl to accompany them back to Europa, returning the drone that was left on Earth and see if he can convince the Europaites to join cause. They then figure they will need to follow-up with the Lyrissi, to determine what the status is of the "Air" band. And that is where this exciting episode ends!
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