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  1. Better than all the generators I found on the web!
  2. This isn't so much about xCV caps and game balance. In some thread there was discussion about "reversing" the 11- concept. It's more an issue of 11- base giving you only 10 numbers with which to maneuver, so some one had talked about simply making it 11+, which give you theoretically an unlimited number range to work in. I don't remember the details, but that was part of the "why" xCV's had to be managed so carefully, where if you had a broader range, it would be less of an issue. Again, I don't remember the details, hence the thread asking the question. If no one remembers or knows
  3. So, I've read in various posts about how people have tried different house rules to address the 11- to hit methodology. It appears, per many conversations, that the mechanic of 11- is just not very adaptable to various situations, and that if your defense or offense is too high it can seriously unbalance a game. What I'd like to know, is what mechanic modification have you made to address this?
  4. I voted other. What I really like, is a "theme" book; with tons of plot line elements that a GM can either weave together to make a whole campaign, or just use to help fill in a game. Material on a place and cultural element. Example: Chicago Underworld. With information about the city, and all the organized criminal elements within. Each section, besides giving great ambiance and themetic principles for a GM to pull from, also has local NPC's for use in that area, and plot elements of what those folks are up to. Making it a "living document", by just posting about what's going
  5. Luther Vandross & Cheryl Lynn If This World Were Mine
  6. Triple post for the win!
  7. I have not read this thread. I just wanted everyone to know that when I just read the title, I read "bikini combat ideas"... I was like "Oh, this aught to be good..." I thought someone was going to get serious explaining how female super-heroines costumes worked! Major disappointment.
  8. I'll also add the "tactician", who thinks they can always plan every encounter down to the second, and if everyone just does their job, and the dice don't go the wrong way, everything should always come out smelling like roses. (And these planning sessions can take longer than the actual combat...) Conversely, I also have had the "combat monster" variant, who can't take more than the basics of the plan, then when the others are taking too long, they kick the door in. He wasn't always looking for combat, but when the time came, he couldn't be bothered by more than the most basic planning.
  9. I have a couple who are the "MMO'ers" - players who learned to play from MMO's, and so "grinding" or "farming" is what they think the combats are; opportunities for XP. A mission? It's a quest, and if they don't think it's part of the main story, it's a "side quest". Their entire focus is building their character, but not in the lawyer or rapist way, just wanting more and more XP, so they can get to the "end" and have a "maxed out" character... MMO'ers don't translate to the best players, if the rest are old school P&P RPG'ers... Their drive to just "keep going" doesn't give my oth
  10. Phoenix could have killed the Beyonder or Galactus; it's not a question... Rachael by the way, so the "weaker" Phoenix at that. Both are in the comics, and in fact after Galactus scolded her about it, made a significant change in how she used her powers...
  11. Pay attention to the price/age...
  12. I know I would say for my players, it's more about their character's story arch, and the eventual limitations of a gameworld to inhabit characters that are eventually Uberpowerful. Because we play every other week/once a month minimum, for about 6-8 hours straight, and our campaigns tend to run a year plus, by the time we've gotten deep into the game, the characters are usually fairly high-powered for whatever gameworld we're in. So when the storyline ends, it's kinda weird to have these super-legendary uberheroes just kinda wondering the countryside. It is usually about finishing a stor
  13. Thanks. Now that I've got my juices flowing, a couple ideas came to mind; first, the concept of Magneto vs. Prof. X, and the mutant issue. That could work in my campaign world, with some twists. Talking Star Wars, got me thinking of the Emperor and Vader, which led me to Thanos and the Infinity Gauntlet and what Marvel is doing with the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU); which I think has got me on that same track your talking about. So, just posting all this mess outta my brain-housing group has helped me, so thank you all. Any additional ideas/thoughts are still welcome.
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