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  1. The Adventures of Brisco Country Jr. may be the only series that's close to Wild Wild West (TV series) in theme. Though it wasn't influenced by spy series, The Adventures of Brisco Country Jr. did have mad inventions, mad inventors, dastardly villains, and steampunk technology. It was good mix with the Western genre and I enjoyed it very much.
  2. Perhaps you could draw inspiration from the Flash Gordon movie from the 1980s. The various cultures on Mongo reside on floating islands in the planet's atmosphere.
  3. I'm rereading the Raymond Chandler Philip Marlowe novels - I just finished the 1st, The Big Sleep, and I'm half-way through the 2nd, Farewell, My Lovely. Every few years I read a few Robert E. Howard stories: Conan, Kull, Steve Costigan, Solomon Kane, et al. REH's writing is filled with action in every sentence and just jumps off the page. Very pulpy! I also enjoy Karl Edward Wagner's Conan pastiche, Kane.
  4. I appreciate your recommendation too. Loyalties and Favors/Debts is a way to do it that I hadn't considered. I was leaning toward Complications. And I wasn't planning to build an actual alignment system in Hero, but provide three general Psychological Limitations guidelines for Law, Balance, and Chaos. Each allegiance would have a Complication Frequency that would provide general guidelines for how frequent (CP worth) the allegiance limitation affected the character in the campaign sessions.
  5. Thanks for sharing the link to the Michael Moorcock characters. I was considering using a Psychological Complication from HS6E1 for the Allegiances and building a few rough guidelines for each of them: Law, Balance, Chaos. I see this as a Psychological Limitation under Disadvantages for Corum, Psychological Limitation: Sworn To Uphold And Serve Law, To Oppose Chaos (VC, S) Where I'm going with this is that I've always wanted to run a fantasy game where allegiances to Law, Balance, and Chaos (L/B/C) hold more influence on characters than the Good vs. Evil axis. I can imagine a player character party, or even NPCs or other beings that would be encountered, as having a group loyalty toward one another out of their allegiance to L/B/C. With this you could have a PC group that contained both good and evil characters, but their overriding fidelity was based around the L/B/C axis. I wanted to do this in D&D / AD&D with the nine alignment system, but found it rather restrictive. The BRP Stormbringer/Elric! RPG was one where we did it some years ago and it worked well since Allegiance is an inherent part of the system. I want to do it in HERO to see how well it works. My current challenge is finding a local gaming group that is interested in this type of fantasy game.
  6. I'm very much interested in a Elric- or Planescape-like multiverse RPG using HERO. Have you considered implementing this game with HERO, and if you have, have you thought about the way to implement alignment or allegiances in HERO? Specifically the Law, Balance, Chaos spectrum from the Moorcock Eternal Champion multiverse rather than from the AD&D nine alignment system used by Planescape.
  7. I'm late to this thread, but would like to throw in another "A" book -- The Anubis Gates by Tim Powers Powers is one of my favorite authors. He builds very rich fictionalized secret histories (alternate histories) that blend into known actual histories. The Anubis Gates is one of his best and is now considered a photo-Steampunk novel that involves time travel, a werewolf protagonist, an occult magician as the big bad with his colorful mooks, Charles Dickens underclass and street urchins all wrapped in Victorian London. Powers is able to blend various disparate mundane and phantasmagorical elements into wondrous stories woven into the historical tapestry that we think we know.
  8. I wasn't aware there was a GM Screen for 6th edition. Please provide more information about it. Thanks,
  9. The official 5th edition GM Screen is a part of the HERO System Resource Kit and available in the store for $5.00.
  10. I gladly pledged my support for the Champions Now Kickstarter campaign and look forward to Ron's unique game design perspective in this new incarnation of the venerable super hero RPG.
  11. I just subscribed and have some catching up to do with past episodes.
  12. I totally agree. Champions Complete and Fantasy Hero Complete are very concise and compact. If you want examples and numerous situations where rules can apply then you can always look it up in the HERO System 6e volumes 1 & 2 PDFs.
  13. It's difficult to say which specific Traveller HERO book this PDF in the store contains especially since the description doesn't list the total page count. If the total page count was listed then it would be easy to know which book or books this is. I have the CDROM for Traveller HERO and can tell you that the 5 books for Traveller Hero have the following total page counts: Book 1: 163 pages Book 2: 159 pages Book 3: 12 pages Book 4: 22 pages Book 5: 11 pages The PDF for Book 3: Starship Construction in Charted Space states that it is an "Unofficial Guide" along the top page border. The first 4 books taken together would be the first three volumes of the little black books from the Traveller boxed set. Book 5 would be a short psionics supplement that adapts HERO System psionics to the Traveller HERO universe. Hopefully this helps. Let me know if you have other questions about the contents of the Traveller HERO CDROM.
  14. I gladly signed up for this campaign at the three-deck Life of the Party pledge!
  15. Traveller HERO is available on CD-ROM from Far Future Enterprises. I ordered and received a copy of the Traveller HERO game material today! It's available from FarFuture.net http://www.farfuture.net/FFE-CDROMs.html I'm glad to see all of this available again. Here's a list of the CD's contents: Guide to Traveller HERO Core Rules Traveller HERO Book 1: Adventurers in Charted Space Traveller HERO Book 2: Adventure in Charted Space Traveller HERO Book 3: Starship Construction In Charted Space Traveller HERO Book 4: Starships in Charted Space Traveller HERO Book 5: Psionics in Charted Space HERO Fifth Edition System Reference HERO Fifth Edition System Basics HERO Fifth Edition System Wikipedia HERO Sixth Edition Character Conversion Summary Starships Golden Age Starships 1: Fast Courier Golden Age Starships 2: Sword Worlds Patrol Cruiser Golden Age Starships 3: Archaic Small Craft, Launches and Gigs Golden Age Starships 4: Ship's Boats and Pinnaces Golden Age Starships 5: Cutters and Shuttles Golden Age Starships 6: Corsair Golden Age Starships 7: LSP Modular Starship Sourcebook 1: Grand Fleet The Spinward Marches Spinward Marches Cluster Book 1: The Bowman Arm Spinward Marches System Guide 1: Datrillian Spinward Marches System Guide 2: Flexos Spinward Marches Adventure 1: Call of the Wild Spinward Marches Adventure 2: Range War Supplements Special Supplement 1: Robots of Charted Space Special Supplement 2: Robot Adventures Special Supplement 3: Patron Encounters Special Supplement 4: One Crowded Hour Special Supplement 5: Short Adventures TNE-Operation Dominoes 1: Moonshadow Resource Folders Three additional resource folders are included on this disk: HDC Folder- Various Detailed Files HDP Folder- Prebuilt Lists HDT Folder- Templates
  16. For a horror sci-fi settings take any pictures you have and run them through the Google Deep Dream generator. The results are usually a weird phantasmagoria of unsettling images. I could see them used for a War Against the Chtorr setting.
  17. Chris, Thanks for the links in your signature. I downloaded "How to Play HERO System." It's very clear and thorough.
  18. I'm a newcomer to the HERO System and just finished playing in a short Valdorian Age 5th edition revised campaign that finally gave me exposure to the beauty of the HERO System. I purchased the two Big Blue Books and Fantasy Hero Complete and Champions Complete and have attempted to read through the combat section of Volume II: Combat and Adventuring. It's a thorough system that is consistent in design. I have no problems with crunch and have played RPGs for decades of various levels of crunch. I remember reading the AD&D 1st edition Dungeon Masters guide while a teen and it was very confusing. However, I stuck with it and along with actual play sessions learned the game rules and quirkiness of Gygax's system. HERO is at least internally consistent in its design out of the gate, and this is appreciated. I like the default cinematic theme to the system, as opposed to a more realistic default universal system like GURPS -- which I've played lots of since its 3rd edition. I'm continuing to read through the Big Blue Books so I can be intimately familiar with the system, if not completely understand it without having to look it up in the book. I hope to run a Champions game this year with my kids and HERO is the system of choice since it is structured to handle any situation and with varying levels of power in the player characters. Viva HERO!
  19. I'm another newcomer to the HERO system and appreciate the detail that is available in the two Big Blue Books. I've played in a short Valdorian Age fantasy campaign which was using 5th edition revised, but it appeared that there were minor changes between 5E Revised and 6th Edition. I have Fantasy Hero Complete and it provides a good structure for the game with very few examples. I like the examples in 6th Edition and will check out the examples in 6th Edition Basic for additional examples. Combat is very detailed, and more examples or actual play, are extremely helpful.
  20. I'd love to get a copy of this. I run Traveller right now for a small group and play in a Fantasy Hero -- The Valdorian Age -- campaign. I've played all other iterations of Traveller except the Hero version.
  21. I just ordered Larger Than Life today and can't wait to see the PDF. The hardcopy will arrive, but the PDF will keep me until then.
  22. I'm interested in a Print on Demand version of Hell's Half Acre too. Western Hero is one of my favorite books, even before I started playing HERO System, and I'm happy to see a book that expands on it.
  23. This mystery adventure looks totally cool. Can anyone say if it's four-color, gritty, noir, or other? The cover image is disturbing to me so I'm guessing gritty. I love mysteries, and it's totally rad when the mystery genre is crossed over with supers.
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