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  1. Re: What Fantasy/Sci-Fi book have you just finished? Please rate it... The Host by Stephanie Myers. I give it 5 out of 10 mainly because I'd never thought about the idea of a "Body Snatcher" alien (Puppet Masters style) being semi-possessed by the human it's riding in. Past that, it's a soap-opera that uses the personal angst of a small cast to wrench out the "life on the lamb" style drama while eschewing some of the larger questions I had about this world dominated by alien invaders. I'd have rated it higher if it had indulged my mean streak and really gone for a much darker ending that questions whether humans can co-exist with an alien species whose way of life is inherently immoral. And no one cussed! Goddamnit, Stephanie! People running for their life cuss from time to time. Lack of Carlin-worthy expletives in the dialogue distracted me, I'm sorry to say. (Although, Ms. Myers does write mainly teen-level fiction I understand. What's this Twilight book of hers anyway? )
  2. Re: Cybermen Considering the fright I got from episode 6 with the Dalek, I simply cannot WAIT to see the terror that will be the new (hopefully) upgraded Cybermen! I have been very pleased with the new Doctor Who, I just hope the loss of Eccleston and Piper won't ruin what I consider one of the best doctor/companion relationships since Tom Baker's Doctor and Ramona.
  3. I was GMing a Vampire game, my player (Charles, Toreador) and his ghoul follower were ambushed by a Sabbat gang and their pet war-ghoul. The War-ghoul had just flipped Charles' car and was sweeping it back and forth, pummeling the parked car Charles and his ghoul were hiding behind. The Sabbat gang leader watching the carnage and full of bravado yelled out, "My pet can do that all night, joker!" Feigning confidence, Charles handed his ghoul his .50 Desert Eagle and said, "Drop him". His ghoul stood up from behind the car and fired at the war-ghoul. The roll to hit was a three (max damage) and so was the hit location roll. The war-ghoul's head exploded and his 600 lbs fame slumped to the street. Charles lept up from behind the cover of the car, pointed at his own ghoul and yelled, "He can do that all night too!"
  4. Hey guys, thanks a bunch. You've definately given me a better idea of which direction to go. I think I'll leave it (as per Star Hero) that some races will simply count as "Alien" class of mind. Though, I think I'll allow a Jedi to train to affect those minds (5pts per race sound reasonable?) [additional note: Star Wars d20 says that Jabba and Watto made their Will save rolls verses Luke and Qui-gon. Did someone fall asleep at WOTC when they edited that thing?] Also, it seems that the "Telepathy vs. Mind Control" has been settled for me. Yoda, Obi-wan and Darth Vader do a LOT of talk about feelings as opposed to thoughts. It would seem that a Detect vs. Emotions might be more appropriate than a TP "emotions only" power. MD would block a mental power, but not necessarily a Detect. Solves the problem I was having, even if it's not kosher in 5E anymore.
  5. In trying to simulate what I've read and seen in Star Wars, it seems appropriate that Jedi would have Mental Defense to keep Dark Jedi from using Mind Control and Mental Illusions on them. However, it seems that Jedi are all open books when it comes to Telepathy, or at least the use of sensing emotions with it. I was wondering if anyone agrees with this observation or not. Also, if my observation is so, should it be simulated with a limitation on MD such as "Only half verses Telepathy" or some such? Thanx.
  6. two more mostly useless suggestions: 1.} 1D6 Minor Transform to turn any impure water into suitably potable water. 2.} 1D6 Minor Transform to turn any organic matter into the same matter, only edible. This does raise a question, however. Do you think this would allow a character to survive on his own feces and urine? Eww.
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