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  1. Gray. For her wolf form and play on Ashley. I also was thinking Feral, but all of your descriptions focus on people's sanity; that might imply the most sane of the group is the least stable. Depending on her level of self-deprecation/sense of humor, RBF (always by acronym)! Metal Ivan You say he hides his mechanical nature, and nothing in your description indicates his shtick, so I have no suggestion. Lock-On, in both the sense of his focus and his literal target Doug Easy Ivan? He is pretty chill...
  2. Edge Doug ...of the knife blade.... or sanity?
  3. Interesting use of Unified and Lockout to represent a Multipower-like construct. One possible monkey wrench: Naked Advantages cost END, so the Costs Endurance limitation is inappropriate (making the Increased Endurance Cost a lot scarier). Doug In 6E, they apparently they cost END even when the base power does not (6E1 p314)!
  4. Costs END Only to Activate is worth -¼. What you describe sounds significantly less limiting -- especially in the context of an END Reserve which doesn't drop to zero when your character is knocked out. So no, I don't think a -¼ limitation is appropriate. It feels like -0 at best. You could combine the two: Costs END Only to Activate (-¼) and Turns Off When END Reserve is Empty (-0). I recognize this does not build the power you've described, but it has the benefit that no one would bat an eye at the value of the limitations. Doug You could treat is as the "boot up sequence" of the otherwise low-draw systems.
  5. I googled "medieval population density" and the first hit was on-point: https://gamingballistic.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/11/Medieval-Demographics-Made-Easy-1.pdf The topical bit: The "least populous" example above is 40 people /sq mi, so your 2.5 looks rather low. Doug
  6. Seems fine to me. I'd agree with the comments that Turn Mode and Bulky make sense. (Can the martial artist really use his/her full DCV while riding it? I can see it on a flying carpet, but less so when straddling a motorcycle.) Doug I assume the player is prepared for the Winter Soldier to grab the motorcycle away if it's really an accessible focus?
  7. I'm not a map projection nerd, but I still feel compelled to point out that shape is not a circle. Doug It'd be some weird ellipse thing on a globe.
  8. While we're in COVID isolation, my group has been using roll20. My personal experiences: What is needed to play is a map people can see with ways to add or hide things. More importantly for me, a way for players to move their things on the map. I started out using jitsi.org for group teleconferencing with a webcam pointed at the battle map, but it was simply too confusing for the players to explain to me how they wanted to move their characters and what to target. It's a lifesaver to have a shared map where they can move their characters exactly where they want and see exactly where the baddies are. Everyone being able to ping the map is also incredibly important. With roll20, each player has an assigned color, and can click the map for a sonar-style ping. So they can say "What do I see near [ping] that building?" And while I mostly troll the Internet for art, it's extremely handy when the site itself provides a library of ready-to-use stuff. A way to talk. Not sufficient for me. We also want to see the other players. Not just for the social aspect, but also to know if the player is "at the table" when it's their turn. This doesn't need to be built in -- a separate zoom/skype/jitsi window would be fine. A way to share pictures/art. I don't share art at all. And that is it. The only reason for any of the other stuff is if your players are dishonest enough that you cannot trust them to roll their dice or keep track on of their character sheets. I find a chat log that persist between sessions super handy. Being able to chat directly to a player instead of physically taking them aside is great. roll20 also lets me talk directly to one player (muting me and the player I'm talking to for everyone else). Actually, now that I think of it, I might have shared a picture or two by posting a link in chat. Dice rollers aren't needed, but: The players like them, so why not? (I have three players who use the site, two players who roll on their table) Having visible rolls isn't to prevent cheating, but to catch honest mistakes. At a shared table, someone will probably notice if you forgot to include a die. Or wonder why your numbers are so low. With a dice roller, someone will notice "dude, did you forget to include the +5 damage from your feat again?" It's a time saver for me as the GM. If I can push a button to roll the attack/damage for the baddies, it speeds up combat so much. To expand on the last point, I require some sort of macro system to make the button and it will do math for me. Partly this is because I'm a programmer by profession, and partly it's because I can't use integrated characters sheets, rulebooks, etc. I'm playing D&D 4e and roll20 doesn't support it. If we were playing 5e, all that stuff would be integrated. When the site understands the rules and has full data on the characters from their sheet, the nitty gritty stuff is handled by the computer. Players can spend more time on tactics and roleplaying than worrying about math and resource tracking. I still want players' character sheets, but we store them as PDFs in a google drive. If a player is absent one week, another can reference it. Also, the "crunchier" players can look them over and make optimization suggestions. E.g., "you might want to look at magic item X". Actually, I use google drive for a bunch of documents associated with the campaign (like handouts), but that predates our use of roll20. TLDR: I want a shared map where players can move their things, a map that supports pings, a chat log supporting whispers, and either a macro system or rules & character sheet integration. Video & voice is nice but can be a separate application. Likewise a place for shared documents or a campaign wiki. Doug YMMV. This is not an endorsement for roll20, which also has a lot of behavior that's incredibly annoying.
  9. Assuming the drain/aid/blast/entangle is more active points then the character's strength, apply Linked at the -¼ value: Greater power is Linked to lesser power; character can use lesser power without using greater power, but can only use greater power if he also uses lesser power, etc. I'm also a fan of simplified constructs like this 🙂 Doug
  10. And if the drain/aid/blast/entangle can only be used on combination with the kick/punch (not by themselves), you would actually put a Linked limitation on them, not a Trigger advantage. Doug Since you mentioned being worried about making it cost too much.
  11. Just slap a limitation on the difference: 25 Natural Magic 5d6 Blast 10 Empowered Magic +3d6 Blast (8d6 Total), OAF: Amulet (-½) In a power framework, these would go in the same slot. Doug
  12. I think you can keep it simple: Cycling Blast Base Level 5d6 Blast Cycling Blast Powering Up +3d6 Blast (8d6 total), Not on first attack of 4-attack cycle (-¼) Cycling Blast Moar Power +3d6 Blast (11d6 total), Not on first two attacks of 4-attack cycle (-1) Cycling Blast FULL POWER!!! +3d6 Blast (14d6 total), Only on last attack of 4-attack cycle (-1½) Doug Cycling Blast UNLIMITED POWER +3d6 Blast, Only vs Mace Windu (-2)
  13. Sounds like he's a fan of the Running Guy 🙂 https://www.writeups.org/running-guy-tick/ Doug He's faster than ten fast men!
  14. What are you talking about? Ewoks are the most tactically advanced fighting force in Star Wars! https://www.wired.com/story/ewoks-star-wars-tactics-endor-moon/ Doug Also relevant: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mAOX_CHU0JY
  15. Hmm, I'd never heard of it (live in MA). Looks like the closest one is in PA. Doug
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