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  1. Copyright infringement covers way more than plagiarism. What's being described is very clearly a derivative work, and only copyright owners have the exclusive right to produce derivative works based on their copyrighted materials. It may fall under fair use, but don't hold your breath. Looking at the four factors: Purpose and character of your use - 👎 Even though it's noncommercial (posted for free), it doesn't sound like you're adding anything new. Nature of the copyrighted work - 👎 You're deriving from a creative work rather than a factual one. Effect of the use upon the potential market - 👍 Even if every Hero player used your modules, I doubt that would reduce sales of the originals by even 1 module. Amount and substantiality of the portion taken - 👎 I doubt you can get around copying large portions of the original work (e.g., characters, locations, monsters, encounters, rewards, etc.), even if you're not copying text verbatim. You can always do what a lot of other people do: hope you're too small to be noticed, and post it anyway. :-j Doug
  2. For example, a super-hacker writes a virus that crawls electronic databases and purges all data on supers (or subtly adjusts it so the biometrics no longer match the secret identities). This has no effect on physical records like photographs, but when was the last time you took a picture with anything other than a phone? (Alternatively, you may think Clark and Superman are the same person, but there's no facial recognition match. It's proof that it's just a superficial resemblance!) Doug
  3. How did you come up with your 'handle' (forum name)?Let's pretend it's my name mashed to fit into eight characters. What was the first tabletop RPG you played?Who can remember? Probably AD&D for a few sessions, but I really got into RPGs after playing Champions (4e). What was the first tabletop RPG you GMed?I think it was Champions, but it could have been Fantasy Hero. Something in the Hero System (4e). What are you currently playing/GMing?Playing: D&D (4e) and New World of Darkness GM'ing: D&D (4e) I have no motivation to move to the next edition of D&D, so when my current D&D campaign is over, I'm planning to run Champions again (6e this time). Watching the Marvel Cinematic Universe and Arrow/Flash has made me eager to return to my roots. Doug
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