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  1. That one could be just as much of a problem, though - say he annoys a grouchy old lady and she grabs his ear, or starts smacking him with her handbag... better hope he can pull that reflexive murderfist response! I'm not saying to just do it out of the blue like a jerk, of course, but including an NPC who doesn't like supers and thinks the modern generation is too disrespectful etc. is perfectly fair game, and blowing the RP (or at least some social checks in lieu of RP as it's entirely unsurprising if a gamer is not a social genius IRL) and having her become irate is legit too. People like that pester the heroes all the time in genre media, if perhaps mostly because bad things tend to happen when they try it on villains.
  2. Didn't Western Hero just get a new release? I'm sure I saw something about that... maybe it was just an official PDF version without a system update?
  3. Not... every "weird" character concept is sex related, right? I mean, even my two were "tentacle monster but without the rape" and "her nickname was F-Bomb" but... we can be creative without involving procreation? Reaching back further, one of Ten-tickles' precursors was called Traveler Among Strange Angles, an academic who discovered hints of intelligent life in other dimensions, became obsessed with studying it and proving his hypotheses right when they were ridiculed, and eventually mutilated himself to better fit in and fled to our dimension when certain deeds that had been necessary (if distasteful, at least until his morality shifted closer to the strange beings he had discovered as well) at the time but which were completely unacceptable among his own kind led to an angry mob descending on his isolated laboratory just as the means to finally open a portal suitable for physical transport were completed. Traveler had a generally similar schtick of only communicating telepathically, though with the more explicit SFX of forming glowing ideograms around himself and then blasting them at the target(s), but a less refined humanoid form that was more a matter of having cut the trunk of his treelike natural body in half partway up to become "legs" and vivisected and stitched his two major tentacles back together around an implanted framework to form arms with defined shoulders, elbows, and fingers. I figured that was a little too much body horror for a supers game that wasn't Rob Liefeld 90s style Rustiest Grimiest Bloodiest Pouchiest Iron Age (Yes, TASA wore a bandoleir and several arm/leg/etc. bands with pouches for personal items, since the defunct extra stomach his species normally uses for such a purpose was in the part of his body cut in half. Even Ten has a utility belt like that, but hidden under the flowing cloth of his sash) and cleaning out the Lovecraftian madness eventually turned into lampshading H-anime cliches for humour. Though I did resist the urge to name Ten's Armor Piercing attack "Penetrating Tentacle" somehow, up to now. Seriously, though, there's gotta be more stories to tell than this. We're gamers! We live for our weird game night stories! I know you've got 'em, so come on, spill!
  4. Wait, Lucha Libre Hero? Really? That's awesome. And not just because I've always wanted a story where a Luchadore beats up Bane and takes his mask for shaming the spirit of Lucha (he uses guns, and both uses and sells drugs) and that's why Nolanverse Bane has that goofy fang-face instead of looking like the comics and animated versions.
  5. If he's the GM and the general concept has been approved anyway, why not just use a VPP, when it's the kind of situation it's designed for? Multiform can certainly work, of course, and might even end up more cost-efficient depending on what a VPP Pool and Control Costs end up needing to be to cover all the bases. Edit: Thinking about Multiform got me thinking about a Kamen Rider build, and raised a point that could easily apply with powers-form-a-book: What about having a vehicle in some but not all of a Multiform's slots? For a Rider I was thinking that it could be justified by saying it still exists but advanced forms are too powerful/physically strong/etc. to use it safely, but for powers obtained from a book it could be some kind of force/energy projection, a Summon in game terms perhaps. Does it sound legit?
  6. Oh, that is SO getting yoinked the next time I do an actual speedster build. I've got a big grinchy grin and can barely resist the desire to cackle and rub my palms together just thinking about it.
  7. Oh super very NO on just one player having that kind of power, no matter the relative point cost. Like I said before, probably the only way it would ever get in game is a "Speed Force Masquerade" sort of deal where anyone relevant to the plot is just as fast and they have their own society of some sort going that only indirectly affects the Slow World, or something like that, and at that point it's campaign SFX and properly a freebie since everyone gets it. Even for a PBEM it would take up too much of the GM's time and attention from the rest of the players, and while it could work in solo mode if you're just going to write prose you might as well not bother with game mechanics as such, whether it's your OC Wheelz the Donut of Steel or just plain Flash fanfic. It was just an attempt to explore the envelope of the system, pretty much.
  8. It's entirely possible that's my misunderstanding, but while however many actions you get per turn are resolved on the specific phases they fall on for game purposes, do they not supposedly still fill the whole twelvish seconds in-universe? Perhaps this is another artifact of my perspective being to look at what happens in character and only then poke at the parts bin of mechanics to see what can make that happen, rather than pulling some shiny factory-fresh rules out of their wrappers and slotting them together, then trying to figure out what in-character effects will tie them all into a theme and signature schticks. Putting it like that sounds sort of derisive, but I'm trying not to be - it's just that the latter seems to be the standard approach for Hero veterans, but it's more alien to me than ... than a gate to Qliphoth, to use a Champions setting reference. That at least I could toss a paper airplane through with a note conveying my Champions Online character Lady Cthulu's disregards (If that cow Ao'Qepoth thinks she's going to conquer Earth and take all the chocolate for herself, she has another thought coming! ) but coming at character design without designing the character first is just bizarre. All of your other points were interesting too, but I don't really have anything meaningful to say about them. Basically I just nodded along saying "Okay, yeah... yeah... that makes sense..." etc. I do appreciate you taking the time for the analysis though!
  9. Those two problems were addressed, between shifting over to a Speed Force dimension and using Transdimensional senses and Strength to affect "the real world," and adding Spatial Awareness as tachyon perception with the Discriminatory, Sense, and ... whatever the third adder was that I can't remember to be what he's perceiving things with. Being in the Speed Force presumably also takes care of relativistic mass causing problems with local gravity, too.
  10. All right, we're clearly thinking at cross purposes - "he is fast, so he can do this" versus "he can do this, so he is fast," and "he's using massive END so how could this even be played" versus "he has Life Support: Does Not Age and centuries to recover END between uses, my god this is even more abusive than I thought and can never be played." Beyond that, some web searches (ignoring everything with a rem.uz address because I'm still being stubborn about that 🙄) reveals that what I need is APG2, which (at least judging by the reviews and a Q&A thread from a couple years ago) essentially does exactly what I came up with here, in pages of detail because that's just how Steve rolls. "It's horribly expensive and probably no GM will ever allow it" sure sounds familiar at any rate As for Hero not having "I win" buttons... well, that's obviously untrue, as in nearly any point-buy toolkit type system, and most others as well. Nixing those is (part of) what the GM is for, because otherwise all you need to have one is an attack that's far above the defence levels of the campaign, or an NND whose special defence isn't available.
  11. I don't really see why you think I haven't defined what I want to do "in Hero system terms." I want a character who acts and reacts ten trillion times faster than normal. Period. No make an Xd6 attack and call it "punched 500 times in a second" if he wants to punch you 500 times he punches five hundred times, and probably takes a break every two or three to read a book so his knuckles don't get sore. If he wants to run to NYC to pick up a genuine New York Thin Crust pizza, he doesn't break out Life Support: Does Not Require Food (8hrs, UOO) he runs to NYC and buys a pizza. Why is this hard to understand? e: Sorry, I lost my temper a bit. Expletives deleted.
  12. Being literal is the point, so you actually are fast enough to see light move like the camera in that video, so you have three hundred thousand years per second to do whatever, even if you'd usually use far less than that for any purpose that involved interaction with slow events. Though I did forget to account for only having SPD 2 normally, so add another +10 to EDM: Enter the Speed Force to account for being spread out over six phases rather than just happening in one, making the final result 357cp. edited: Life Support to avoid aging instantly and needing all the food and water in the world, plus the Absolute Time Sense and Eidetic Memory talents sound like good investments for the highly limited remaining point budget, too
  13. Wow, nothing? I guess that means I get to try weaving a silk purse on my own then... Alright, standard modifier for powers is +5cp to double non-damage effects, but looking at the time chart it's more like x4-5 per step after you get to an extra turn so call the base effect one turn per external phase and +10cp per step after that. That still ends up being something like +130cp for a subjective century in a phase, but you're getting a century in a single second so it's hard to complain. Even that is only a factor of about three billion to one, not ten trillion, though, so we have to go deeper (foghorn!) 317,019 years precisely, so following the 1-5-25-100 pattern that's 500, 2500, 10k, 50k, 250k, close enough to five more steps, so 202cp total on EDM, plus Spatial Awareness: Tachyon Perception (32cp) given the Discriminatory (+10cp,) Sense (+2cp,) and Targeting (+10cp) modifiers along with Rapid x13 (+39cp,) for 93cp and a total (still not including Transdimensional on whatever needs it though) 295cp. Let's see, Transdim is +1/2, so that makes our non-photonic Tachyon sense cost 139cp. I'll be merciful and say normal STR is "indirect" enough to just get Transdim applied on its own instead of requiring TK with Fine Manipulation and a bunch of skill levels to make the roll meaningless, so just 6cp there for a minimal superhero STR of 13. 202+139+6=347cp Ouch! But it is just barely possible within a standard 400pt build, if you don't raise Characteristics much above the baseline and let your actual ten-trillion-times-normal super speed be the whole of your powers. Well, we knew going in this wasn't going to be cheap. I guess you could just ignore the photon speed issue much like it ignores air friction and put Rapid and Transdimensional directly on Sight to save a hundred or so points, but when the point is to be able to dodge laser beams like they're nothing but snails that seems to violate the internal logic of the power, let alone our measly earth-logic, and even when powers make no earthly sense I still feel they should have internal consistency. What do you think, does it pass the sanity test? It would break the game completely to actually use, but as a construct within the rules, I mean.
  14. Well, that's why she's an archvillain. Fortunately she's also a patriot; in one campaign outline I wrote the fallback position if the party couldn't stave off an alien invasion was that Gaia would appear and have the remaining orbital defences allow a path through so the invaders would make their beachhead in Australia, so her most loving creatures could give them a taste of what to expect from their new nieghbors, so to speak. The Dread Emu would then have claimed the #4 spot in causing casualties among them, after snakes, spiders, and sheep, but edging out drop bears and gympie gympie shrubs (Dendrocnide moroides,) other human efforts only taking #6 combined.
  15. I want to say something about CLOWN being an absolutely essential organization to include, but basically I've seen the cover of their book and that's it.
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