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  1. If there isn't one, perhaps some of our old hands could make one? It does sound like a very useful thing to have.
  2. The Growth and Shrinking powers are more granular, dealing with a linear increase in height rather than doubling, with less things rolled in automatically if I remember the explanation someone gave in another thread recently, and accompanying lower cost for intermediate heights. I'd prefer to calculate mass as the cube of the linear dimensions rather than the listed... doubling I think? But that's not a (puts on sunglasses) big deal comparatively.
  3. It would work for spells currently boosting stats, but you don't have to connect them to one to store or to use them. It's a very flavorful and unique system, but a pain in the butt to try to convert to anything else. Charges or a separate END reserve for each spell is really the only way I can see to accurately manage that, which would probably mean an entire page or two just for that in practice, but I knew going it it would be impractical. I [i]have[/i] played the game, even if it's been about a decade since my PSX got stolen, and managing it is bad enough when the computer automagically tr
  4. @Sveta8, it's not generic magic energy, you get one specific spell from a draw point, and I think only one specific spell from an enemy type at a certain level range - like, right outside the starting base there's a draw point for Heal spells. You can get a few of them off of it and then it's depleted until you've walked a certain number of steps, for example. It's not a general "magic energy" that you can then use for any spell - that wouldn't be unusual at all, since the normal system in FF games is that your HP/SP recovers at a save point and it translates pretty directly to the Hero standa
  5. Possibly the least popular entry in the long running series (though opinions, as ever, vary) in no small part due to the very different approach it took to magic and improving your character, it's nonetheless one of the games I find the most interesting for precisely those reasons. To briefly explain it, spells in FF8 are collected from points in the environment that naturally collect magic energy, from enemies during battle through the "Draw" action (they can also be cast as the same action rather than kept,) or by refining unneeded equipment, and stockpiled for each character. That much isn'
  6. Has butt storage really spread so insidiously? Does no one keep local files anymore, that they can't even save two images? Woe, woe, the end of days has befallen unheralded! All is lost, all is lost...
  7. Oh, I certainly don't dispute any of that, but it is useful to have a baseline to look at, and I at least find a line on a graph easier to work with than a series of inputs on a spread sheet or web site - and while not as much of a concern nowadays I suppose, I still tend to operate on the assumption that internet access may not be available everywhere I want to be. (There are still a few cell phone dead spots in the back of beyond and the twistier valleys, if nothing else.) That is a handy site for when it is, though.
  8. Isn't it more limiting to have the Linked power only work on a successful hit, than every time the other power is used to attack, though? Between the concept being "recovers when the enemy is damaged" and the basic principle that you can always add more limitations for free if they're not worth at least -1/4, that sounds like the Limitation version should be fine. I mean, it's making the healing power less effective than just having it available at will whether or not there's a handy target you don't mind hurting, so it should cost less, no? Doing it the way you said, you could heal by firing
  9. Thanks for the explanation, Duke! I can see where you're coming from with that... I think my preference would be to calculate height from the doubled mass or mass from the linear increase in height rather than specifying them separately, but I can see how that would not appeal without a calculator at hand if you're dealing with intermediate values at all. The car was probably Prowl, who is actually a Datsun 280ZX, but that just means he looks like a Porsche who decided he had too much junk in the trunk and went on a diet. He was pretty much Prime's second in command as much as a
  10. The traditional answer in TF fandom for where all the robot bits go to make room for passengers and a normal looking (or not, it varies from one episode to another) engine etc. is "subspace," along with how Soundwave and Megatron go from thirty feet or so as robots to handheld, and how characters can just suddenly be holding their guns. In at least one G1 episode, the character's gun is actually shown appearing with a purple flash rahter than between cuts or pulled from behind them. Merlin being an actual wizard present in Camelot and... I think Mirage? having been one of the Knights of the Ro
  11. What's this? I'm not starting a thread to ask a silly/obvious question this time? Inconceivable! So, what we have here are a couple of charts plotting character height and mass, from a Hero System General thread that ran on /tg/ a week or two ago. Actual science (and the Hero default) has mass change by the cube of linear height while maintaining normal proportions, but the square and, for Shrinking, linear values are also included as the way large or small characters act in comic books often coincides more with their visible space on the page, and because even that still feels lik
  12. Nah, but CC and the BBB are the only corebooks I have. (Though yes, I did also get the two APGs, Martial Arts, Skills, and 5eTUV along with Champions Powers...) I can't check FREd or the 6e pair to quote from, so I specified my sources since there may be a difference. And of course, "the GM says you can" (or can't) overrides anything the books may say, but they are intended to be the general go-to answer for a baseline. Certainly! I hold very strongly to the idea that while the party may be in conflict with the antagonists, and PCs may even have arguments between each oth
  13. Well yeah, that's what we've been talking about. I guess there's no reason you couldn't prepare a Vehicle sheet for the character's alt mode if that's what you mean, though it doesn't seem like there'd really be any advantage to doing so when you'd still need the normal character sheet at the table anyway. Maybe for the GM who has an NPC transformer secretly acting as the party Supermobile and letting a PC drive to keep their cover, i guess? I suppose you could also treat it like a Summoned Vehicle, but that seems to be adding even more complexity for again no real gain.
  14. No, actually, or at least not in Champions Complete. It specifically says that you cannot have a Vehicle (or Base, Computer, etc.) as an alternate form, only a Character compliant with the normal rules and campaign point caps/RoX (though the latter is worded in such a very confusing way that I had to have someone here explain.) I don't have the 6e corebooks or FREd, but checking the BBB the wording is not so direct in 4th edition, it just says "the new form should be built with the same guidelines as the base character," which I take to mean "built as a character rather than a vehicle" as well
  15. As for the "turns into a car" bit, that's Growth and some extra Running with OIAID (edit: and a Shapechange for the "normal car" disguise factor) since it's only a change in degree of how the character can act, not even the basic function of what they can do. Adding a few features to specify that passengers and cargo are carried securely in car form rather than hanging off the back like a baby koala, and what is a fair way to represent those for Turbo Teen compared to Teen Wolf who's just as strong, fast, and tough in his Alternate ID but does not have genuine textured Naugahyde, Super Sport t
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