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  1. This is from a MSHRPG. We had landed the groups plane on a jungle airstrip in South America. Denis (GM): Six guerillas come running out of the jungle at you as you come out of the plane. Dangerman (me): When the lead one get's close enough to me, I make my move. Are they carrying guns? Denis : . . .er, no. Dangerman: Machettes? Denis: No. Dangerman : So they're running at us without weapons? Fine, I wait until the lead one gets close enough and do a Jackie Chan type of manuever immobilizing him with his own jacket and using him as a weapon and shield against a couple of the others. Denis: They're not wearing jackets. Why would they be wearing jackets? Dangerman: What then? Are the nude? Denis: They're guerillas. Dangerman: Spell it for me. Denis: G-O-R-I-L-L-A-S. Dangerman: What the hell are gorillas doing in South America? Denis: They're indigenous. They live in the jungle. Poor Denis had his facts a little off, but got it all back on track once he found out that there are no apes in South America and corrected the whole thing to make it a plot involving the Red Ghost.
  2. OMG. Whatta dork. The couple of people I've seen with two different colored eyes, I'd call it a few extra points of comliness, maybe because it's exotic. This guy wants DF for it, then he gets like one normal eye and one hideously glowing eye or the second eye id the size of a pool ball.
  3. Well, a monster something anyway.. With his one charge armor and one charge sword, I'd say he way definitely a one shot wonder. Man, somebody taps your armor for a 1pip stun attack and it poofs. I let their attacks past right through his armor and no damage after the first attack with the sword.
  4. I'm an alternate personality. Check the IP address. It's YOURS!!!! Que Twilight Zone music . . . . On a more serious note . . . I guess there is a limited number or player personalities out there and when certain combinations get together, similar actions occur.
  5. We were looking for new playing in an old fashion 250 game back around '91. My friend put up file card at the local game store and got a call from a guy named Phillip. My friend said he didn't think this guy was going to work out because he sounded like a grade-A paste-eater on the phone, but I figured we might be wrong (Axiom #1: Go with your gut). Phillip shows up for the supers game with one of the characters that ticks me off to no end, the displaced D und D character. Two main reasons I loathe this particular type of character, 1) It's trite and shows an inherent lack of imagination for a supers game and 2) everybody I've ever seen playing this type of character has always played it badly. So Phil (I tend to shorten up peoples names whether they want me to or not), hands me this "Golden Paladin" with limitations on the armor and sword like 1 charge and independant. He had managed to get everything down to (-5). I tried explaining it to him, but he insisted that once he turned on the armor and the sword (He defined the armor as summonable and the swords "on" was drawing it), that all he needed was one charge. He got whiney, I let it pass, he started acting like a spaz in game, the other two heroes beat him down royally and his character wound up in jail. We didn't see "Phil" again.
  6. Re: Re: character concept question Heh. "On a scale from one to ten, I'm an eleven!" --Automan
  7. Break out your Fred Wertham instead. Much more entertaining implications.
  8. To quote Eddie Murphy in the Distinguished Gentleman "Dick is good! Dick is good!" OMG, now I get it. This is some sort of double entandre." Heh, the reason this posting is so ground breaking, Blue, is that Dick used to get caught by the profanity filter thinking it was a phallic reference instead of a name.
  9. Maybe the real idea here would fit well into a book with a lot of other smaller ideas. Those few pages of expansion on the disadvatages in Allston's genre book were very welcome.
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