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  1. Re: Name That Band Hero! Hmmm...your stuff is pretty obscure...I'm thinking Webb Wilder!
  2. Re: Name That Band Hero! Supertramp America
  3. Re: Name That Band Hero! Or these??? hehe...all from the same album... Flame - Fiery Energy Projector B.A.D. - Brick Hellion - Martial Artist Tormentor - Mentalist
  4. Re: Name That Band Hero! Thank goodness you said it and I didn't have to.... Back to our regularly scheduled Metal programming.... Anyone done these Metal Gods?? Rapid Fire - Speedster Steeler - Brick The Sentinel - Power Armored Leader Painkiller - Healer Fever - Mentalist
  5. Re: Name That Band Hero! Cool...I'm only missing Killers....hard to find.
  6. Re: Name That Band Hero! KISS it is....wow, what gave it away? Those were pretty obscure tracks. Manfred Mann, I think...
  7. Re: Name That Band Hero! Weezer... Here you go...Band's been done....different tracks.... SILVER SPOON Torpedo Girl - Female flying speedster Killer - Psychopathic Martial Artist Hate - Rampaging Brick Charisma - Female Mentalist, Leader of the group Mainline - His touch can drain or aid characteristics Spit - Energy Projector who projects from the mouth Or this one...Pretty easy, I would think... HERESY Death Rattle - Aztec themed Martial Artist Burnnn - Cherokee Flaming Energy Projector Death Trap - Sioux Entangler Medicine Man - Leader/Mystic Hollow - Cheyenne Density Manipulator Domination - Navajo Mentalist Why is it most Metal bands translate to villain groups? Hehe.
  8. Re: Name That Band Hero! You're right...way too easy. Metallica. Here's a villain group that'll stump you more contempory types... WAR ENSEMBLE Angel of Death - Flying Unholy embodiment of evil Temptation - Female Mentalist able to unleash unbridled lust Disciple - Spellcasting disciple of Hell. War Zone - Leader, Power Armored Brick/Energy Projector Threshold - Teleporter Silent Scream - Ultrasonic Energy Projector Bloodline - Mutant Biokinetic able to control blood and organs
  9. Re: Champs Worldwide: Whaddya want? Personally I think that this type of approach is interesting enough to warrant its own sourcebook. As far as World Wide Supers goes I would like to see South and Central America get some attention. Deadman
  10. Re: Element Control Tweaking I wholeheartedly agree with each. I would allow all of these as long as they really fit the conception. I generally allow all of these in as well. A prime example would be a character with an Invulnerability EC. All qualify under the conditions I stated previously. I like your list, it is very concise and really has no room for misinterpretation. I always fall back on the GM's right to refuse anything he feels may be abusive. Thanks for sharing, Deadman
  11. Re: If AVLD, why not DVLA? That works great! You could also make it complete immunity, with regard to say, Knockback, by default and add a limitation that removes that protection. Someone else suggested that Missile Deflection could be a derived power of Invulnerability. If I may take a shot... Missile Deflection - Invulnerability to All Physical Ranged attacks (60 Active Points) RSR: OCV vs. OCV, -2 Per Additional Missile (-1/2), Only if Aware of Attack (-1/2), Nonpersistant (-1/4), Only vs. Direct Attacks (-1/2), Gestures (-1/4) Total Cost=20pts. Not too far off with regard to the Real Cost but adding Ranged Energy Attacks would double the cost. There should also be a way to Reflect the attack. Maybe an adder or inherent Advantage. Another problem would be deflecting attacks aimed at others, though I suspect that Usable On Others could be added in to facilitate this. Anyway, what do you think? Deadman
  12. Re: Element Control Tweaking What normally ends up happening is the characters purchase most of their attacks in a Multipower or completely separate. They use the EC for constant powers like FF or Flight. I don't allow MPAs unless they are paid for separately such as one in an MP and another separate. Such as? Thanks for the input. Deadman
  13. Just wanted to get some input on how I use Element Control in my games. I've been playing the Hero System since '81 and have adjusted my House Rules with each revision. The second edition (printed in '82) had a different way of constructing ECs (one that I still use). It went something like this... When using an Element Control the first power (highest cost) is bought at full points, each subsequent power cost half. As with the current rules I scrutinize each EC carefully to weed out abusiveness. With this rule in place the example EC (5ER pg. 316) would look like this. EC - Ice Powers 60 Ice Darts: EB 8d6 Armor Piercing (+1/2) 26 Ice Armor: Force Field (20 PD/15 ED), 0 End (+1/2) 25 Ice Bonds: Entangle (5d6, 5 Def) 25 Ice Slides: Running 20", 1/2 End (+1/4) 12 Ice Wall: Force Wall (12 PD/8 ED); 4 Charges (-1) 148 Total Cost According to the example above you save a whopping 1 point but I allow a lot of leniency with regard to what powers can go in an EC. I allow Special Powers, No End cost powers and others. I also let low cost powers in as well; for example I would let a character buy IR vision in the above for only 2 points. (I know I am a sucker!) I find that this helps reward characters that have a good central conception and gives them a pretty good cost break. I have found some problems; such as the speedster that wants to buy his Dex, Int, Con, Rec and Spd in the EC (which by the way I don't allow) using the justification that they all represent his Speedy metabolism. My question is...What drawbacks should be inherent of the EC? I do use the Adjustment power drawback but the effectiveness is not doubled (because there is no base cost per se). Personally, I like the way it works out and it can be used for my villains as well I welcome your comments, Deadman
  14. Re: If AVLD, why not DVLA? Thanks, that would be my first! You would think that a guy who has been playing this game since '81 would have more than 10 posts anyway.
  15. Re: If AVLD, why not DVLA? Forgive me if this has already been covered. I did not read the entire thread. Has anyone addressed the possible additional effects of the damage? The way I see it, a major difference between the Desolid school and the DR school is Knockback. With Desolid the attack is simply ignored, while with DR the attack hits and damage dice are rolled. If a person has 100% DR to the attack in question this does not necessarily mean that he is immune to the KB effects of the attack. If Fireboy is hit with a fiery blast that does KB, does he still go flying? If the answer is yes then you have to take a second look at DR. If no then Desolid is your solution. Personally I like the way that DR works as opposed to Desolid. Damage Reduction reduces damage by its name and function, while Desolid implies intangibility. I like the ideas that have been thrown around and I think that if the two schools come up with nearly the same active cost it would be pretty well balanced. If I used 100% DR in one of my games I would require at least a -1 limitation on the commonality of the attack. Take it for what it is worth. Deadman
  16. Re: Code VS Killing Poll I can't buy into the idea that all Supers don't kill. I generally play with an eye toward realism and such a statement screams of the days where good and evil is black and white. I do agree with the statement that there should be repercussions for the act (Legal preceedings, revenge, etc.). With that said, I actively discourage wanton heinous acts by the "Heroes" in my games and promote them acting like heroes. But I must say that I want my players to play their characters like people and that means that they can be driven to kill if the situation warrants it. Someone posted earlier that comics creators shy away from killing so that they can bring back the villain in a later story arc. This holds true for the game as well. There is nothing worse than spending hours developing a villain only to have him slain by a bloodthirsty PC 2 minutes into the game. In a nutshell, I try to prevent the heroes from killing for the same reason that most normal people do not normally kill. Not out of some predefined aversion but rather knowledge of the ramifications and a moral sense of wrong doing. Of course your mileage may vary,
  17. Just thought I'd chime in with an article I did for Haymaker quite some time ago. Most of it still applies. http://www.deadmansland.com/hero/files/strength.pdf Let me know what you think, T
  18. Hi Everyone, I have a little problem I'm hoping someone can help me out with. I recently formatted one of my old Hard Drives, everything went fine until I discovered to my horror that many of the old resources that I had on that drive had not been backed up. One of the items I am missing is all of the New Millennium conversions that the old Hero Games had posted to their site. This is not to mention a multitude of characters that I had done over the years. If anyone has this archived I would appreciate if you could help me out. Thanks, The Deadman
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