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  1. Hey...if you gotta necropost, I think this one is worth it ;^)
  2. Re: ampullae of lorenzini Sorry Christopher...I should have quoted. My post was in response to this one:
  3. Re: Planets not orbiting stars MMMMMmmmm...Baycon....
  4. Re: ampullae of lorenzini Yes, but they'd still sense it.
  5. Re: ampullae of lorenzini I would go this way, except for the "weak" part. That sounds like cheating. It should have 'Microscopic' on it. Otherwise, it implies that it does not detect strong fields. 'Sense' or 'Discriminatory' would depend on the character.
  6. Re: Pulp Era City Guides Wow.
  7. Re: Hero Games books on Android It's the best I've found, and I've tried a few losers. The features that make it stand out for me are: - A very nice 'reading mode' that streamlines things similar to an ebook reader...very easy to read and retains most formatting (except for imperfect but still usable tables) - Easy switch between full page and reader mode - Excellent bookmark presentation that is accessible from the menu from any page Only problem I've noticed is a search function that's too slow to be useful in the big rulebooks. In my opinion, though, the bookmarks more
  8. For what it's worth, I found an app that works well for me for using my Hero book pdfs on my Android: 'Repligo'...$3.99 in the marketplace. It has a full-page mode and a more readable mode that nicely streamlines the text into one column at a readable size wit images and tables intact. You can also access the bookmarks from any page, and they're organized well. Recommended.
  9. Re: Hawaii Hero Yes, there is a big Japanese influence here.
  10. Re: Hawaii Hero The bear thing mystifies me. No bears in Hawaii...very few mammals at all, in fact.
  11. Re: Hawaii Hero Is your Hawaii campaign still going?
  12. Re: Hawaii Hero Just found this thread while looking for a player to join our Oahu champions group. For the record: SPAM and portuguese sausage (linguica in most places) are not the same thing. They're not even very similar, other than both being processed meat. They are both, however, very popular and available at McDonald's for breakfast. 'Lua' does not technically mean 'bathroom' in the Hawaiian language, although many people use it that way. It is a colloquialism that grew from a bad translation, I believe. Many locals use it, though. 'Bathroom' in Hawaiian is 'lumi ho
  13. Re: Project XIII: images from my campaign Thanks!
  14. Re: Project XIII: images from my campaign Grendel above is reposted after revising the character build.
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