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  1. Shield forms. Adding any weapon requires adding a WF for it. Shields aren't armour. People don't realize the destructive power of a shield...
  2. It's like "street level" fantasy. Otherworldly hunter stalking the streets at night. The local law can't seem to stop it. The axe gang are starting to consolidate power near the docks and the organized crime family isn't happy about it. A sickness is starting to spread in the slums that is particularly resilient. Local politicians don't seem to care, maybe the heroes can help...
  3. Thank you for all the work you put into making an excellent product. As with all creative endeavors, you eventually have to reach a point where you say that it is "done enough", otherwise it will never be finished. Don't sweat the small things. I have bought multiple copies for players *because* it is such a solid product. Keep up the good work.
  4. One of the major differences between real world pantheons and game pantheons is that in a high fantasy setting you have (or had) that set of gods literally involved personally with affairs on the world. It would be difficult for a society to ignore the existence of a god in that respect. They might all have different ways of worshipping (due to culture), but it isn't unreasonable to think there would only be one. The only time I did multiple pantheons was to say "this is the meta idea of each god, name it as appropriate for your need". Same gods, different names and/or aspects. It worked ok. Most of my players haven't ever been that interested in exploring the spirituality/religion of their characters.
  5. Sorry for taking a bit to respond, but I had to really think about this one. For context, I meant more like a Darkness type effect for the thief, but skill additions are a completely legit way to "spell" that out... My take on it is that, with exceptions, maybe you don't allow skills as spells. Or maybe you do. The cost would be pretty high though, as the demand would be high. Maybe it takes a vial of blood from a master of the craft, which also severely limits supply. I don't see this necessarily being something that couldn't be avoided from being game breaking. On the other hand, I'm starting to see a "spellpunk" setting coming together. Factories filled with poor producing goods by being given a skill potion every morning. Work, consume, sleep, repeat. Never getting ahead because you never actually learn a trade. Spell/item creation with toxic by products. "Power stations" built on top of magical hot spots transporting it to cities or bottling it to sell independantly. High speed mass transit gliding along ley lines. Skill potions wouldn't be that far from the Shadowrun/cyberpunk idea of skill wires. In which you can literally buy a skill at a decently high level with money. Actually, you have to buy your spells too, thinking about it...
  6. Yeah, the intricacies of a good murder mystery game are worthy of their own topic in the forum. And some players just aren't wired for them.
  7. That sounds like an awesome game... O.O
  8. Methinks there is a difference between mana and manna Technically a D&D based system is all 0 END spells. But I get what you're saying. Requiring an external source of "magical power " could also be an interesting way to charge for magic though. "Oh, you have the attack core spell? If you buy this elemental fire power stone, it will really light your world up..."
  9. You make some valid points. I am not trying to argue that there is a *need* to balance the two. I am saying, what if we did this? Whatcould it look like? The wizard would buy "Fire Combat Spell Familiarity", then go buy a 1d6 "Flame Blade" spell (1 1/2d6 with INT 10) with cash. There is no point differential, because they paid for the same thing as the martial guy. Maybe spells would need a "Real Spell" limitation. If you don't spend time every day maintaining your spell memory it starts to degrade. What about an INT minimum for spells? Seems like a logical progression if we treat spells/magic in a similar manner as gear. But really, otherwise, what are the limitations that weapons have that spells do not (or could not in this case) possess? How often does the limitation for Real Weapon actually come up in game? Could a wizard duel look like people doing Spell Disarm, Spell Dodge, or a Spell Haymaker? I know, I am getting a little on the extreme side, but the question is still valid. Why not? Is there really any reason other than genre conventions?
  10. "Magic fuel" gave me this image of people selling mana batteries that you use to power the spells that you bought and learned. Not incredibly good with spells? Buy this "wand of light" with a special slot for a mana battery. A whole industry would be built around it. At some point anyway. That world might not be to quite that point yet. Had never heard of "The Case of the Toxic Spell Dump", but it looks interesting. Will have to add that to my list.
  11. Potions would definitely work. I would probably do it as a GM controlled list, but that's me. That being said, I have wonderful players that I can trust to stick to the spirit of the game and not try and cheese it.
  12. You have some good points on weapon speed, but I would point out that being trained with heavier weapons also includes the techniques to maintain threat. Heavy weapons are typically wielded in arcs and have enough reach that you are back attacking again before the opponent can close. Any opponent trying to block these weapons with a lighter weapon are going to be blasted off the line as well. They are definitely slower, but that doesn't mean they are ineffectual. And I don't really know where I'm going with this. I just melted my brain on a six hour discrete math final. I will readdress when my thoughts are recovered. I know I had a point somewhere...
  13. Some sort of "drop X DCs per range increment" wouldn't be too horribly complicated. I would be afraid of getting into Chartmaster levels of weapons vs. armour complexity. But people still love and play the game, so *shrug*.
  14. Most definitely, tweak away at the rules! Depending on the tone of the game I'm running, sometimes I want those gritty realistic rules and other times I don't bother to stat something out because the specific game mechanic is unimportant. Yeah, I could "build a starship with FTL travel" or I could say "it works, you arrived, travel was otherwise uneventful". With armour and weapons, there is a lot of granularity that could be added. One of the things I've been thinking about is how to differentiate characters in a sword and sorcery type setting. Being a specialist in one specific unique weapon is one way of accomplishing that. But we would need more development of weapons to make them unique and interesting
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