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  1. The current game I'm running magic is incredibly commonplace and works under a specific set of rules. In the empire, magic has reached the level of science. Most common people can use basic magical items made for every day convenience. Lights, stoves, water purifier, money verifier, etc. All of these things are simple, handful of uses, and needs a recharge type of effects. There are no "permanent" magic effects. If they wanted to "buy a torch" while in the empire, then they are simply going to buy an alchemical item that generates X amount of light for Y time. I wouldn't even bother to stat it up. If they are outside it (which they mostly are, since they asked for a travel and see the world game) then they buy an actual torch. Because of this, most of the generic stuff is kind of hand-waved since it isn't important to the story we're trying to tell. The PCs are all magic users, each with their own specific set of rules their magic operates under. Because they are reliant on their own abilities so much, not a single one of them has asked about buying or acquiring ”magic items”. Could also be because they don't have an Invester/Alchemist in the group. Granted, the whole point of the setup is to see what happens when a group of people with a solid preconceived idea of how magic operates meets things that break those rules. Eventually they are going to come across something that appears to be permanently enchanted. Magic that doesn't operate correctly. Those specific things, as magic items, serve the story first and might also not need to be statted up.
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