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  1. Some gunslinger type talents? Speed reloading, hawkeye vision, trick shot for a PRE boost, ability to track someone with rapidity (some kind of altered sense?). Honestly though, not really sure. I've never run a western game before. Though I think I would use such a source book for a Firefly-esque sci-fi western.
  2. Sometimes I shamelessly steal other people's equipment lists with prices (there are a ton free online). I might base it on modern equivalent pricing. And sometimes I price based on how much I don't want the thing in my game. Current game I just said screw it, everyone has the Pathfinder equipment guide, we're using the prices from that. Oh, and you can always go with an equipment pool if you think managing money isn't fun.
  3. If you're just talking minor effects, I don't see a reason your fellow players should have a problem with it. As with everything though, an honest and open discussion with everyone involved is always the best route. Communication is key to any healthy relationship, and that goes for the relationship you have with your fellows. Personally, I would use your concept as a springboard for some good roleplay interaction between my character and yours. Perhaps play out the "learning to accept the leader" story arc that is fairly common in the fiction. As for powers, I run 6e, but they are pretty similar. It sounds like some Aids, maybe with Requires a Roll on Tactics or Leadership (if you want to really represent that super skill level). I did like the the Invocation limitation from above, but with communications technology being what it is, I don't know that I would limit to must remain in LoS. If your building this character with mental powers, you could consider a Mind Link for your group and limit to only people in that. Basically simulating a "group think" kind of deal and allowing the ability to pass your orders/directions easily. Just some thoughts.
  4. Maybe a Triggered Heal END with some seriously reduced recast time? You could bring the cost down by limiting "for the Hammer End Reserve Only" and "Limited to amount of damage absorbed” or some such. I'm personally tempted to say this is something more in the realm of effect description than needing an actual mechanical description. You don't even have to hurt them, just hit them. How often would you not have the flame running? But then, my players would smile, nod, and roleplay if they went to attack and I asked them, "It's been a while since you hit anyone with that hammer, do you think it just went out?" The strict mechanics being less interesting. But I'm blessed with players that want to create a story. YMMV.
  5. theinfn8

    Dome City

    Interesting. Is the city unified under one "government"? Does the dome enclose just the city or a bit of biome around it? The city could be a failed utopian society attempt and be kind of a post apocalypse setting. There's still some pretty advanced tech hidden within the city, which is fractured into small warlord domains. The Skulls could have control of most of the city, but not the part that would give them the tech they're seeking. Your heroes could either fall in with The Skulls accidentally on arrival, neutralize their opposition, and then realize their mistake (in typical comic style). Or they connect with the "good guys" out the gate and need to help them defend against attacks that are part raid, part search party. Just some random ideas to get the gears moving.
  6. This does bring us back to the possibility of a sword and sorcery piracy campaign. You want to get around to all of these awesome places with ruins and danger and adventure, put the PCs on a pirate ship. Have boat, will travel. Piracy has definitely been around forever. Not sure where to look for ancient Mediterranean pirates, but I think there are some Arabic source pirate materials. I'll have to putz around the interwebs now...
  7. I have broken down in the process of writing a small... campaign path(?) using only FHC for new players. Giving a unified format to explain the powers that won't require understanding the whole book and giving options to upgrade parts of the characters as you work through it so new players can see how you spend points and "level up" (as it were). Each scene focuses on an individual aspect of the game, working with Normal Damage (no weapons or improvised), then Killing Damage, then a skill challenge type scene, and so forth. As with most projects drastic life changes have made me put it to the side. As far as other system's mechanics, my current game, the players enjoyed the Traveller character creation system so much that they wanted a Fantasy Hero adaptation. So I complied, with their understanding that characters would not end up as a completely equal point value. They are happy with the results, so who am I to complain?
  8. Didn't have access, had to ditch it to live, was too busy chasing someone to be bothered, and even the occasional not safe to be wearing any. Rust issues aside, while chainmail isn't the heaviest thing in the world, I certainly wouldn't want to go swimming with it on (should I get knocked of my boat while pirating). Especially if I was wearing Conan sized chain.
  9. There are definitely some exceptions to note with regard to magic. Since we are looking at the works of REH and pulp in general, let us not forget that Solomon Kane had a friend that was a shaman and used a magic staff gifted to him by said shaman. Not all magic was demonic, otherworldly, or corrupting. It just makes a great scape goat and villain for the hero to overcome.
  10. Moderately more valuable, but the rules also say the GM should put a limit on the amount of damage. Without pulling the book out, I vaguely recall a recommended(?) 3 damage cap on the damage. And depending on your effect, that might be the better way to go. Just don't forget that Change Environment is single target at its base level and is not meant as a primary means of creating damage. You need to tack on AoE, AVAD, and all that other stuff. If you're combining multiple effects from the table, that could get expensive fairly quickly. I always envision CE damage as kind of a side effect (like poltergeists whipping loose objects around an area is meant to impair vision, but it could also cause a pt or two of damage if you got hit). The damage is more of a secondary part of the main usage. Because of that, if the target even has 1 rPD, the damage part of it is basically ignored. If the point was to have the objects hurt people, then it should be a Blast/RKA with AoE (and maybe IIF for the necessary "ground clutter" in my example) and some kind of time advantage for the continued use. And maybe the vision impairment is a side effect of the damage and would be linked that way.
  11. Interesting. I was just at Robert E Howard Days in Crossplains, Texas. They had a panel on the topic of what exactly counts as sword and sorcery, what aspects it must have, and which of Howard's creations is the actual birth of the genre. If you're looking for historical parallel for inspiration, there is of course the Roman empire. If you set your world with an empire in decline you can easily throw in pirates, proto-vikings, barbarians, the Roman based proto-knights in England, ancient Egyptian civilization to the south, with jungle adventure even further south (or head east into Persia and India). Shrink the distances down a little. Take a lot of literary license. There's a lot to mine there. I've also always been interested in working out a game based on Xenophon's recounting of the march of an army of Greek soldiers caught deep in enemy territory. Would be a hardcore fight, some politicking, and a little bit of resource management. Sounds ripe for a gritty sword and sorcery style game. Just replace the army with the player group. Short version: https://m.warhistoryonline.com/featured/behind-enemy-lines-march-10000-greek-hoplites.html Read it yourself: http://www.gutenberg.org/ebooks/1170 Or watch The Warriors, I think it's loosely based on the story and is an entertaining watch either way.
  12. Not that you would see this in FHC, but one of the examples in 6e1 uses 1 pt of Killing Damage at a 5 cp cost. Really, that only means the difference of a pittance of stun, but that would change the defense required. And the example is listed as AVAD, defense is LS: Safe Environment [High Pressure], so you could always take that route as well. It does make sense that 1 pt of Killing Damage in a CE would cost 5 cp. As that is what it would cost to buy it straight up.
  13. I like your player's concept. I agree with you, VPP does seem like the best route. I would also make the time to switch something that needs to be done out of combat. I would sit down with the player before hand and express my concern that the concept has the potential of overshadowing the other PCs and ask them what things we could do to make sure that everyone still had fun. I would come to the table with some ideas, but ultimately I want the player to choose to self-limit so they have buy-in on what they are playing. Treating players with respect and dignity FTW.
  14. How "high tech" we going? Laser chainsaw! Could also give him a ranged blast (or a limited range blast that is extending the length of the blade), the ability to block energy blasts, a tunneling effect wouldn't be out of the question.
  15. In San Angelo (the real one) options are even more limited. It's basically Pathfinder or D&D5 here. When I brought in other systems I had to market aggressively. "Oh, you're not doing anything? Why not come over to this room and grab a pre-gen and we can pink mohawk this shadowrun..." But it worked.
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