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  1. I wanted a single thread for all my Palladium conversions as I update them, so here they are. This is for characters, classes, rules, anything from any of the Palladium games to Hero rules. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Other Strangeness/After the Bomb Chameleon Mouse race - http://mattcave.mypressonline.com/PDFs/CMOUSE.pdf Casey Jones - http://mattcave.mypressonline.com/PDFs/CASEY_JO.pdf King Author - http://mattcave.mypressonline.com/PDFs/KING_ART.pdf Leonardo - http://mattcave.mypressonline.com/PDFs/LEONARDO.pdf Heroes Unlimited Black Scor
  2. Veritech Logan: http://mattcave.mypressonline.com/PDFs/VLOGAN.pdf
  3. The Gamma World racial and occupational packages I created are archived here: http://mattcave.mypressonline.com/champions.html#packages
  4. Nice work. I did a B-1 Battle Droid once, but never an Astromech. http://mattcave.mypressonline.com/PDFs/B1.pdf
  5. Never made a Dalek in Champions. I might have to try. It might require several levels of Dalek over the years. In the meantime, here is Crimebuster! You might find him useful. http://mattcave.mypressonline.com/cscrimebuster.html
  6. I'd just buy back a stat, and apply the focus limitations to it. For instance armor that gives you 03 DEX would be -9 points with OIF (-1/2) for -6 points. So you just make the armor 6 points cheaper.
  7. Some Destroids: http://mattcave.mypressonline.com/PDFs/EXCADEST.pdf http://mattcave.mypressonline.com/PDFs/GLADDEST.pdf http://mattcave.mypressonline.com/PDFs/MAC2DEST.pdf http://mattcave.mypressonline.com/PDFs/RAIDDEST.pdf http://mattcave.mypressonline.com/PDFs/SPARDEST.pdf Battle Pods: http://mattcave.mypressonline.com/PDFs/BATPODOF.pdf http://mattcave.mypressonline.com/PDFs/BATPOD.pdf Variable mecha: http://mattcave.mypressonline.com/PDFs/VAF6C.pdf http://mattcave.mypressonline.com/PDFs/VF1A.pdf http://mattcave.mypressonline.com/PDFs/VHTANK.pdf
  8. Here are some teen super villains from my web site: Malefactor, the son of Doctor Doom: http://mattcave.mypressonline.com/csmalefactor.html Raze, son of the Wrecker: http://mattcave.mypressonline.com/csraze.html
  9. Here is that Maxima converted to Hero 4th edition rules using the standard conversion between the two systems. http://mattcave.mypressonline.com/PDFs/MAXIMA.pdf
  10. This is the version of the Hulk I made for the 250 Point Project. It's pretty powerful for the limits I worked under. http://mattcave.mypressonline.com/PDFs/HULK.pdf
  11. Back in 1986, Dragon Magazine number 111 printed an article by George MacDonald called "Quantum, Power and Super-Power in the Champions Game." This article detailed the subject of making a character at different levels of "power" for your Champions game. As an example George created a character named Quantum (no relation to the mutant hero in the BBB). Quantum is a woman who gained super powers thanks to an accident with a device created by Doctor Destroyer (read the article for details). George presented tables of Quantum's stats. She ranged in five levels from a starter heroine,
  12. In my mind the Blade films are secretly part of the MCU, but they remain hidden beneath the surface. The MCU is a sugar coated topping on the Blade world! http://mattcave.mypressonline.com/csblade.html
  13. Okay, updated all the files on the site, so all links work now!
  14. Okay, I just went though and made sure all the PDF files are uploaded. So all links work again!
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