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  1. Thanks Chris. (is it ok if I call you Chris?) That looks like a good resource that I'll plan to pick up as soon as I get paid. Cheers. C.F.
  2. Hello all, I'm looking for feedback or input on a Homebrew world I'm working on creating. The idea originally started as a revision of the D&D 3.0 book Deities and Demigods. I've played D&D 3.5 with players gaining "Divine Rank" and going up against gods and other powerful foes. (The final fight was basically every Good-aligned god against every Evil one). The issues I have with D&D are probably the same ones that drove many of you from D&D to HERO. Arbitrarily fixed mechanics, classes, spell lists, and so on. I wanted the flexibility to have a relatively smooth, even prog
  3. How did you come up with your 'handle' (forum name)? Just a joke based on the movie "Mystery Men" What was the first tabletop RPG you played? D&D back in Junior High... maybe 1990? What was the first tabletop RPG you GMed? The first game I ever GMed was a verbal-only storytelling game (no dice or paper) in a fantasy setting that my best friend and I called "Megaventure" when we were in the fifth or sixth grade. I DMed D&D 3.5 in Iraq during OIF 3 and have had semi-regular groups for D&D since then with a friend who's also a veteran and his kids and their friends (mid
  4. Thanks for the feedback, I suspected I wasn't accounting for anything so I've been reading up in UMA and the Big Book. I came to the same conclusion (#3... I agree it's underpriced below 12). I'm looking to start on a home-brew world for Fantasy Hero and my last time playing was years ago. I'm pretty good on fact retention but some of the fine details have begun to blur again so I find myself not understanding what should be simple. I can't imagine a system better suited to what I'd like to make than HERO so I'll keep reading until I get it all down. Thanks a bunch for the response, it's reass
  5. Hey guys, I'm trying to wrap my head around an idea presented in UMA. I have a number of questions and I think having answers to some or all of them along with justifications is likely to correct what I'm sure is confusion or misconception on my part. I'm beginning a 150-point heroic campaign with magic, and one of the character concepts is a martial artist. They want to take the 5 point Defensive Block Maneuver (1/2 phase, OCV +1 DCV +3, Abort, Block) and then add the Ranged (Limited Range) +1/4 advantage to it with the intent of being able to block attacks for other teammates. I have a n
  6. I agree, DCV is the easiest. The one thing I'd suggest is making it limited or conditional in some way so players can use creative tactics to overcome it (maybe). Once you figure out "He's 5 3/4 Feet to the Left of where he looks" Your DCV Bonus should erode or vanish. Ooo! What about: Forced Kentucky Windage: +8 with DCV (40 Active Points); Side Effects (-2 DCV every time user is struck; -1/4)
  7. I'd look at "Must be able to breathe" As a Limited Power (I'd say -1/4 is about all I could justify given most people's enthusiasm for breathing). As for "The user's blood must be able to flow freely inside the user's body", I think this is probably just SFX unless I'm misunderstanding this restriction. After that: The power to destroy vampires and 'zombies' could just be an EB/RKA(HA/KHA) with Limitation only vs. undead (I'd say -1 or -2 depending on the commonality of undead.) "Able to split a rock without harming the frog which sat upon it" maybe is a NND Does Body Melee attack. It igno
  8. Thanks for the 5th ED rewrite, but I managed to Kludge in the Damage Over Time using custom advantage and counting on my fingers, lol. Edited from the notes vis-a-vis Uncontrolled and Visible, how does the new revised power look overall? Welcoming all input.
  9. Great ideas guys, I forgot to mention I'm restricted to 5ER (barring troubleshooting Hero Designer) at the moment but I found a good way to write the Transform (I needed a bit of hand wave to overcome the lack of damage over time but custom advantages always work as intended As to the HKA (in this case) linked to a triggered summon... it's quick and easy but I want this to be a progressively worse condition that actually results in permanent unconsciousness, not death. This is basically simulated by a 0 END persistent 1d6 NND EB that fires once a minute until you get the plant infestation
  10. Hey guys, I was hoping to crowdsource a power build; It's a complicated idea and I need to make sure the rules on it are formalized and closely model the intended effect. I'd rather have a long, complex (compound, whatever) power that works right at maximum resolution than an elegant shorthand with a boatload of DM fiat. Here goes: The overall goal here is to create mindless minions of the Druid Apocalypse. I'm designing a sort of wood-zombie, where specialized plants grow into a living thing, rendering it effectively dead but adding Strength, DR.... possibly Automaton template once it's a
  11. Thanks guys, I'm looking at the specifics on the VA/VSFX route, if that doesn't pan out then I think it's probably going to have to be a VPP. I'l look at the various methods and see which is simpler at the outset and long term. I really appreciate the feedback.
  12. Hello all, I'm trying to sort out how to build a suite of poison-based powers for one of my players and I'm having trouble figuring out an elegant way to put the idea together. Basically the idea is a sort of "one from column A and one from column B" power set where one column selects the delivery method from five options and the other column selects the toxin in question. I know that may not be entirely clear as stated above so here's what I'm attempting: Column A (Delivery Vector): Dart (more range, possibly armor piercing) "Loogie" (less range, bypasses any armor that isn't sealed by
  13. I have a quick question, folks- In the 5E version of duplication, it recommends characters with duplication effectively buy duplicates with a nonfunctioning "copy" of the original's duplication power. Quoting: "Duplicates do not have the Power Duplication themselves, nor any ability to create other Duplicates, unless they pay for it separately. However, unless the GM permits otherwise, for ease of use all Duplicates must pay for the cost of the base characters Duplication ability. Otherwise, the Duplicates would end up with more points to spend on other abilities than the base characte
  14. I looked at the "conversation bonus due to mental powers" method, but if I were to use that method I'd feel ethically obligated to role play all the conversation to give the PCs a fair shot at resisting revealing dangerous secrets. Once I role play the villain grilling the players, they will know what his goals are and the "insidious knowledge he should not have" bit goes away. I will say that if I were a PC mentalist, I'd definitely try to get social skill success boing from mental powers. It's a great idea for PCs and I plan to use it sometime. C.F.
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