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  1. Well, in Dune, the upper classes seemed to have little issue with poison knives etc... and that is a classic "swords in space!" novel.
  2. A ban can be reccinded, or over ridden. I suspect it was to avoid quack treatments, or the like from getting too wild...
  3. A sad, but nessisary act. Lets hope that temp, does not become permanet
  4. War slugs! Lol The Big ones have howda's for big guns and or thrones for kings/queens....
  5. We went to shelter in place as a voluntary action some time ago as I live in a retirement home. So far it is just needing to adjust, and find alternate ways to do things.
  6. Wait, did I miss some parts? I thought this was about a mutant Fish, that could talk to people...????
  7. Sorcerer, with a splash of Warlock....
  8. Also while being a critical part of the team, they are often the smallest..."Do you even lift Bro?"
  9. Most "top chefs" will wash their hand constantly while preping, to avoid cross contamination. My girlfriend, like many before her, was weirded out by how much cleaning I do while cooking. I even clean utinsels while waiting for a boil.
  10. I live in a "indipendant" living facility. We are locked down, people are actively fearful, From what I hear, it is a "bad" flu in the young, but deadly to over 50's and very young children. I've cancelled the Wednesday D&D game till summer comes (or a vacine)
  11. If only we could harness that flow...We could create Free Energy!!!!
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