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  1. I also started on v.1 I consider Buffy to be street level because no costumes, though rather than fighting "normal" criminals she fights monsters...so "Urban fantasy Hero"?
  2. This, I consider Buffy a classic "Street level Champions" character.
  3. Dark shadows of the Tardis..."There are rooms in the Tardis you must never enter Rose" "Oh Doctor, why ever not?" "There are shadows in every family tree Rose, it is best not to speak of them..."
  4. I just watched Shadow. It is kind of a chinese version of Kagemusha, but with enough changes to stand alone. 4 out of 5 bumbershoots.
  5. After that mixed meta statement, I am hoping for a polar express(tm) to make an appearance.....:)
  6. I heard that the coach was watching an old episode of Seinfeild, when he got a spark of inspiration...........
  7. Exactly it's totally Not a play on "Exiters"
  8. This could cause young actors in Hollywood to face exploitation like that of comic books, finding they signed away the rights to themselves for all of time.
  9. Yeah, I'm not buying it. Clint Eastwood seems to make deep and quirky movies no problem. And made a Western! When all said that genre was dead and buried. Martin S. made his name making Gangster movies, the superhero films of the day. Nobody in "Hollywood!" has any grounds to wear the artist figleaf. Likely never did....
  10. On a more "serious" note, the Niners found a way Not to lose. If this keeps up it might just be Niners vs Pats that would likely be a decent super bowl.
  11. I was thinking a brand new team The Exeters"....?
  12. You live local, you could just commute to the con. Just don't nod off driving home. I used to live in the bay area, and I gamed with a bunch of folks in Berkeley. College towns are always good spots to find gamers...🙂
  13. "It's Over Willey! I have the high ground!"...?
  14. What!? I just starting showing a mild interest....Lol But they built the team correctly, on the Line. Then got the rest of the parts. Defense and running, then pass...a formula old as time, yet "new" each time it is found.😄
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