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  1. Yeah, it was not a Bad movie...but it suffered from Hollywooditus, and I think it harmed the story. It could have been an awesome smash bang adventure, with a new cosmic hero...but it was not.
  2. So, you live in this massive fortress? What? No, that is just a huge trap for supervillians! I live over here, in this nice well hidden nook.....
  3. Not really she remembered her rage against being oppressed, then powered up and saved the day.
  4. Have you smelled fertilizer? Why is a cat a source of poison?
  5. Some of that is because the people in charge wield for the most part unearned power themselves. You write what you know....
  6. They should change it to Telly, the Telescope!...?
  7. Sadly it is modern times, so the decay of the core story is faster than olden times. I did not have to watch a western than was written to show how capitalism is an inferior social construct, and cowboys were a construct of Patriarchy.
  8. This is the computer version of that most sacred of transactions..."Promise a pot of gold, then provide a bucket of sh#t". The company should be held acountable for the same penalties as "swating".
  9. "Curse you! And your foul use of tactics!"
  10. Perhaps it is the opening to the hollow earth!
  11. If I was a super vill, that is exactly where I would be located.
  12. Depends on how it is done. Are the Avengers a government branch? an NGO? Something else? What governance is in place? I am sure that the "money" people would Want to control opperations, but each super has non replacable skills. Having a self run super team is far better than Not having a super team....in a world where world, and galaxy threatening enemies pop up without warning. (We are lucky they seem to choose NY to appear instead of sentinel island....)
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