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  1. "It's not just the tools that last a life time" was shot down as an ad campain.....;)
  2. Where is Will Wheaton? Did no one consider Will!
  3. True, it may be that they are breaking new ground. But I suspect that male artists have been subject to the same reasoning in the past. Though maybe only writers, rather than graphic artists.
  4. Reverse the genders, and there would be no story.
  5. Of course you can Be Catholic, it's just if you practice any citizen can sue! ....etc..... This is the most severe violation of the constitution yet tried. The persons responsible should be charged for violation of their oath of office.
  6. "I speak for all the trees being cut down,I speak for all of plant kind! I am Mourning Wood! ...Why is every one laughing?
  7. Duplicity, the Evil twin. A Shapeshifter.
  8. Whisper Shadow, a Ninja (Female presentation) who interacts with the mains by secretly helping them, or directly, but in disguise. It is not clear if she is helping them, or secretly manipulating them. Has been recast several times. has a small fan base of her own, with a Vast amount of "Fanfic" writen.
  9. Some times you just need to be a Daydream believer! Ice Ice Baby! Neptune has a lot of....
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