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  1. Not to worry, I hear they have a "cunning plan"....
  2. The first time I remember seeing it in fiction, it was in a quasi dystopian city where the youth gangers had powered switchblades that buzzes and hums.....
  3. This be Merica! We all be kings here!
  4. I liked it too, except for the massive number of uber powered mary sue characters leven those out and it works just fine. More of a problem with some of the books though.
  5. Anytime the hero gets a critical sucess, doves fly up, in the shot!
  6. I don't know if it is an "act of war", it could be excused away as "colateral damage" he was meeting with the leader of Hezbuallah, on foreign soil. Time will tell....
  7. Maybe a suprise casting, Annd a gender swap...Milie Cyrus!
  8. Thanks for the article, but this not new knowlege is it? I thought findings of this sort became known in the 70's? Maybe I am remembering incorrectly, but this just seems like mugging for the camera....
  9. Now you've jinxed it! Now nobody knows what will happen! 🙂
  10. I used that as a game idea once a company of cultists were launcing several com-sats for just that reason. The good guys interupted the summoning though...
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