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  1. I hear Ryan Renolds is available, and he likes comic books..;)
  2. I remember thinking she was "da bomb" in Mod squad. Sad she is gone, but glad she had a long and happy life.
  3. "Eyes on Cap" +2 Overall, UBO x "lots" Mega scale" Requires incantations "Cap is depending on me" or "Cap is still standing!" etc...? Lim: must have met Cap in person at some time....?
  4. I went to a golden corral last week and I found it a pleasant experiance. I thought it would be a economical way to feed a growing family.
  5. To be perfectly honest, if she had just asked for permission to use the image. It would likely be yes 99% of the time. But photogs get bullied by the folks they help publisise all the time. Some have had enough of that. just adding more context. I agree with you.
  6. Saw it on Sunday...my pearl of "wisdom"...Mad titans come and go, but the (thunder) Dude abides!😄
  7. Origin story waiting to happen...😁
  8. Dang! They almost detected the Martian Mole Folk!
  9. Didn't Briget Nielson play a Galaxina character in a cheap sci fi movie?
  10. Crouching Tiger, Big Lewbowski?
  11. Oh, and howdy. Haven't seen you on Dakka in a long while. You'll be glad to hear Pyrovores get used these days, and even see play in tourneys.
  12. In my own game, I was having Primus replace the original program with Cybernetics, and a "mild" form of Cyberline called "Overdrive" with cybernetic drug factories implanted in the new "Bronze Avengers". Primus also started actively recruiting low powered supers to train and equip. That was 20 years ago. All the "Silvers" and "Golds" are retired or deceased. Alien DNA is the new area of research....duh da duhhhh!!! LOL
  13. Personally I was very disapointed when I heard Martian ape, and somebody did not have 4 arms! Joke....
  14. Seven princess brides for seven brothers?
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