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  1. Dang! This one shocked me...
  2. Good news, for most people Covid-19 is a serious illness, but nothing more. So here's hoping!
  3. I see the mistake, that should be Black Grapeless Seeds.....
  4. Buy the necklace they said, it'll look cute they said......
  5. "It started slow, then made sure to maintain it's pace". It is slow, but I like it. Lol
  6. Been watching Doom Patrol season 2, still liking it. Though maybe not as much, time will tell.
  7. I hear its a redo of the Philadelphia project, but the whole planet, they call it "Project Rapture".....
  8. This was in the Monster manual, or a article in The Dragon....
  9. My relatives still on the Res will be happy, for how ever long it lasts...
  10. Yes, I think this would add aditional charges if intent can be shown. Maybe, I don't live in Cal...
  11. Not a good compare...an island has advantages not shared by others.
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