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  1. I Think we want to assist Taiwan. The Ukraine I don't know much about. But Biden does seem to have connections there. I think Putin is desperate to distract the Russian people away from how poorly he has handled Covid also he wants to safely pose for the Chinese who he is likely starting to fear.
  2. Tossed mine when I joined. I am so old I still know Thaco off the top of my head. I wonder what Useful thing I can't remember because of that, likely whatever it was in the room I just walked into, then left .....
  3. Well, answer one: the location of the asteroid is known +/- 9000 miles. Or less dreadful, the asteroid is just the biggest hunk of a collection of stuff, and a chunk peeled off and entered the atmophere...or something else I did not think of....
  4. The skills go in the Cramming, the VPP buys OCV/DCV etc or running with the special effect of skilsofts....
  5. Dark spirits of the deepest waters I command you! Arise!
  6. I have been napping a Lot as well.
  7. Zarkonoids! Attack! The standard Zarkonite ray should be 7D6 AP, Rend. Bothersome, but hardly a threat. Then you can unleash the full power of the Omni-ray! The Zaronite ray is but One facet of Zarkinite technology! The basic Zeedroid can pack a powerful but restrained 6D6 AP cyclopes blast. Later Zarkonoids can be built like Android super vills...
  8. He discovered the Zarkon Particle! Then suffered a lab accident creating Zarkonite! The most perfect material in the universe! Everything he builds is "Powered by Zarkonite!" "You cannot resist my Zarkonite weapons forever! My victory is in...evi...table..."Regular robots are "drones' Special robots are powered by Zarkonite! These Zee robots will conquer the world! If you already have a weird glowey rock in your game it Could be naturally formed Zarkonite that he must steal and study! If somebody is weak to Zarkonite then Zarkonite rays are a real threat even in the 6 to 8 D6 rang
  9. Perhaps they can solve it all by...Reversing the polarity!
  10. I Think I would build it in two parts. First a "Combat Comp" that uses a VPP to "load" programs like OCV/DCV and the like. Then a "Skillsoft" suite of Enhanced Cramming say twice, so you can add two skills, one is likely to be a "mission brief" knowlage of the location etc, and the second a skill soft of choice. A small VPP of skill and tactics: Changes take time/chipset, should be fairly cheap, and the Cramming does the rest
  11. The Kekko Kamen anime had a simuler "Blinding pudenda" .
  12. This geode...it's Bigger on the inside!
  13. Just saw something about this today, said they were up to 4.8 sigma, almost enough to proclaim the new era of ..MADNESS! Or, something...
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