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  1. Grandpa Elon, doing what he do....
  2. Well, to a large degree it is a political problem, more than an engineering one. Even as a teen I thought of building Nuclear plants just to run carbon scrubbers, and fixers...but building Nukes to save the environment? Madness!! Planting trees is at least a start, and a macro=project like green sahara could do human good, and help the environment. Time will tell.
  3. Sadly that Is how a lot of theology has been solved in history.......(Shooting, stabbing, etc...)
  4. Got to hate those tanky Clerics, they ruin all the fun. Lol
  5. I heard that Microsoft purchased Bethesda...?
  6. When we found the Gate, we saw it as a Blessing, a way to open the stars to us. Instead it was a Curse, because it opened the Stars to us.... (cue opening theme music)
  7. Sounds cool. Hopefully you can "riff" your way to a good game backstory.🙂
  8. If you go with Lovecraftian aliens, you get to do Kaiju vs Mecha, and you don't have to worry about scavenged tech changing things. The discovered alien tech could be from the last victims of the "Threat". (You don't say their name, it somehow attracts them).
  9. That is why Mechs have Swords! Lol
  10. Chongs always had a way with the ladies...you are a lady, right?
  11. A student at their school starts playing "hookie". It becomes clear that a new super thief is opperating during those time, Mystery, intervention, etc drama follows.
  12. I was thinking non recognised member of the royal family. The Prince/ Rrincess/Queen Has a spouse...
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