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  1. Char sheet....Multiform, form one "good player", form two "Rules lawyer", Form three "Combat monster".........
  2. The Transformer...Is the house!
  3. Jay and Silent Bob are prototypical "Rebel scum". Law and Justice are not the same thing. Also in Mall rats Jay and Silent assist the main char...so..."lovable rogues"?
  4. Darth Mall, the Sith want to build the biggest mall in the Universe!....also Darth Mall rats; Jay and silent Bob turn to the dark side?
  5. My version of "Jill-Plus" had, if I recall right...an "Infiltration Package" Of Images -3 to 5 Self only, sight/sound and +3 Compi-sci, because it is a "known fact" that Cyborgs are good with hacking.... I think Str ran in the 30 to 40 range, plus "Commando martial arts" modified for her Cyborg phisique. And a built in particle weapon of about 13D6 in a game where 12D was normal. and 14D impressed other supers. Toss in +5" of running or so, and you have the basic outline for a Cyborg spy/assasain... Def was around 16 with built in emitters for a Viper force field of
  6. When the hunger for battle faded into hunger alone, the heroes worked together.
  7. When I ran with this concept, lo so many years ago...I figured much the same. That she would Hate being called "Half-Jill"...so Jill-Plus was born. I made her main attack a built in Particle weapon, so she was more of a ranged fighter.
  8. Silverado! The autobots go under cover at a dealership to fight crime!
  9. Retro virus for the condition that causes total, or partial hair loss.
  10. I watched it yesterday, with no problems. As a movie...I would rate it as average. A big step down from WW the first. Not terrible, but the villian was not convincing, the preaching interfered with the action, and there was way to much talking in general. On the plus side the action was exelent. If I had to pay to see it, I would have been mildly disapointed, but on cable? It was just fine.
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