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  1. Thanks, Saved me saying it. The "real" differance is back then people Saved to buy a house. Now days folks borrow, so they end up paying around 8 to 10 times income.
  2. "Darwin called, he said get a bigger pistol..?"
  3. I don't think this is a new concept. Though they may have some new views on how it went. When I last read this theory it was a roughly "moon sized" object crashed into the earth causing an ejecta cloud of moon like size to shoot off the other side...etc. Heck I think "worlds in colision" was the first try of this idea....?
  4. True dat, but if we have anti grav why the heck do we (in universe) still have airplanes? Like time travel often is, it's just bad writing...even if its anti grave why do they have so much excess lift? (i.e. Night monkey can stand on them...etc, etc...Lol
  5. I enjoyed Spiderman: aka best friend of Night Monkey. But the wacky antigrav drones bugged me to no end. Ignore that and it was a fine superhero film.
  6. The importance of being Enest, of Gor?
  7. H.P. Lovecrafts "A tree grows in brookland"..? Also showing "The rocky horror last picture show"
  8. Also things like being "official" can be added if wanted...
  9. One I've used that has gone well is "fame" as in streets and buildings on the map get named after characters. The street fronting the government offices is named after a character. A park built from the wreakage of that epic super fight gets named after the team. That sort of thing. I leave those changes in future games as "call backs" and back story ala Astrocity.
  10. Godzilla,the King of the monsters and I?
  11. Now I can mix "madness" honey with Corpse Honey(tm) and gain super powers!...???
  12. Thank you for this reminder of the glory of nature.😁
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