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  1. I don't know how I feel about this. On one hand McDonalds barely qualifies as food, on the other? It will bring around the "riff raf"? Classic English xenophobia not sure I should laugh, or just shake my head.
  2. I am from the Southwest, and this is real. One of my happiest days in Oregon was finding Hatch chilies (canned) in Safeway.
  3. But they probably should. Taken too far and you have people poisoning the well for narcisistic reasons, or having many GM's just not want to deal...
  4. I think that is what set it all off, though there are some who say that is a one sided narative and the actual facts differ. The usual internet muddiness. Going Only by one version of the events, it looks like the correct action. But I've listened to commentators say that it was something the player(s) imagened had occured...need All the facts to decide. But something like this should make it less likely to occur.
  5. I've been reading a lots of "loud" comments on the interwebs about this both pro and con. I am suprised that this raises so much reaction. By both points of view...I wonder how many are in the middle about this sort of thing?
  6. Pogo, Eel, Ariana, and Viewpoint...not to shabby, Pogo, and Ariana can let Eel think he is in charge, and Viewpoint can handle the media ...nice
  7. I don't think they'll ever know who, but it was almost certainly a sub....
  8. Yep, though you need a power to enter...maybe "Rattle snake Jack" with LS: Immunity to snake venom (or just Rattle snake?)
  9. Massive Meth issue. ODOT had to redo light poles because they were being scavenged for copper...
  10. Thanks, I just saw a video that the Queen was going to cancel Parliment...strange stuff...
  11. Minnesota, and Hawaii have something in common...they eat more Spam than most anybody else...lol
  12. Green frontier on Netflix. A police investigation of murders in the jungle. Add plant person immortals, mytic powers, Natzi mad science, and evil nuns...then it starts to get weird...LOL.👍
  13. 3 points...me and my buddies used to compete for the most useless "playable" char. I won out over the prev. champ Radio hearing man...lol Standard Super
  14. I play the Nightowl now, and again...his only "power" is LS: No need to sleep....but he has a utility belt etc.....?
  15. WE may be talking past one another, but she would not have served the interests on the people (IMO) my objection is that saying "Hillary was just fine as a candidate is wrong and counter productive. If the Dems put up another puppet there is the real danger of four more years of "not candidate x" to inflict on the electorate. If you can honestly tell me you think Hillary is a good choice, good on ya, run her again....
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