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  1. Risky business, can't buy me love, steel magnolias....
  2. Ah, I think I heard rumors of a "Parson's project" Though it might be unrelated....
  3. Could be Hydrogen, or solar, or nuke...
  4. Of course I'm the real director! Don't you see my designer bumbershoot?
  5. Kind of a tough answer. Champs Now! as far as I can tell is a "stand alone" version. Champs complete is (I believe) the current version. But if you have 4th of 5th, you can run great games with them instead. :) But if you want to buy support product Champs Complete is the way to go.
  6. Two, natch! Otherwise a Velocoraptor could grab it!😁
  7. Well, first pick a rule set. 5th is still doable, 6th is the current "main" set. It is the size of two phone books, and I do not like it at all, so tastes may vary. Also Champions now! is coming out soon, based on 3rd ed. and there is a champions complete that is a thinned down version of 6 (200+ pages) that I use and like just fine. You will likely want to poll the locals to see if there are preferences, then pick one. After that pick a locality, I always use the closest large city, and use highway maps etc.getting a collection of villians may be a time saver as well. Good luck! And good gaming!
  8. Last night I watched the newest version of Electra-woman, and Dyna-girl. It was "ok". Overall I did not regret watching. 2 1/2 out of 5?
  9. "If you build it, they will come"
  10. I don't know if we've really came much farther, even today. Nude woman in public? Brave protester, nude man? Dangerous pervert!
  11. It looks to be a dueling style, though plenty for the battle as well. Lots of attacks to the hands and half swording and thrusting. Very cool.
  12. pinecone

    Red Banner

    Well some I've used...kidnapping Boxers to make Cyborg super boxers. Kidnapping martial artists to steal body parts to make Frankenstein martial artists. Robbing a museum of some scrolls to do the above. Starting a super Wushu brawl in town, to leverage a comercial venture. Sumoming a giant demon to distract the local supers.
  13. I usually agree with you but, that first article is just statisticial flim flam. "confirmed cases" is a nonsense item when testing is so poorly implemented. I don'y know what answers are found in the data, because the data is garbage. Italy's numbers seem to be "chery picked" to reach a concusion that was prefered, rather than being an 'honest" overview of the data. Overall...hooey..:)
  14. I voted Ninja, but really it's all of the above.
  15. pinecone

    Random SF Links

    I think this is being built with military uses in mind. You could always use rockets or missiles if recoil is an issue. But it will likely be equiped with self anchors if it need stability.
  16. I did hear he had a farm.....
  17. heh, heh...Now we can infiltrate the Panda camp!
  18. You know, if they had proper gun control laws like the U.S. has.....there is no way to outlaw crazy. One can only hope they find the help they need before something terrible happens. My thoughts and prayers to all those who have suffered, and will suffer because of this occurance.
  19. I still cook with dry milk. I don't drink it because of not being tolerant.
  20. My fav is "Worrying is like chewing bubble gum, in the hopes of solving Algebra problems"
  21. Also "New York style" uses a much more "watery" base, so the toppings are less adhered to the crust....
  22. Maybe so, but You tube did make some folks "rich" you could make some mad viral vids and blow up....
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