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  1. drunkonduty's link above is fantastic (for me). As have been all the answers so far, to be sure. But that link, with the 5 or 6 viewpoints/essays given, really helps crystallize what I was wanting to know vis a vis worldbuilding and the comparison between fantasy and superheroes. I was of a mind that I wanted to create a world(s)/campaign that had superpowers but not have it be focused on superheroes, while at the same time not excluding them. I also wanted to have elements of urban fantasy. This discussion has helped me see that I probably do want to go with fantasy and incorporate my other e
  2. Being the first and largest genre of the roleplaying world, being easier to set up (as stated above--I like that factor, which hadn't been proposed before, and yet makes sense), and something that only just occurred to me (but which may not be a factor) -- there's the stigma of comic books and superheroes still being something 'for kids' and perhaps looked down upon. Sure, you've got the superhero movies of the last several years that increased superhero popularity and visibility, but there's still decades of that other perception to overcome. Despite their rise in popular culture, there are s
  3. Excellent replies! I've been especially pleased with the reviews of history. Although I knew some snippets of some of it, it's great to hear expanded versions. Learning is fun! I'm scratching my head a little at the assertions that fantasy is more black and white than superheroes. Superheroes=good/white, and supervillains=bad/black. The exact same can be said about the fantasy genre: our heroes (the adventurers) = good/white, while monsters/enemies = bad/black. It seems like a subjective thing. I do NOT want to drag this discussion towards politics, but is it possible,
  4. Being more a fan of the superhero genre, I've often wondered at the general (roleplaying) public's seeming preference for the sword & sorcery genre. I base my theory on the huge amount of fantasy rpgs out there, although superheroes have quite a few. I also look at the number of superhero MMOs as opposed to fantasy-based games. I have a working theory, which I'd like to open up for discussion. Superheroes are about Protecting the Status Quo, Upholding The Law, Opposing Evil, Black & White (all of this is of course my opinion, and is way simplified as well). All of this is d
  5. How would one model Parkour as a Movement power? There's elements of Running, of Leaping, the Acrobatics skill, maybe even Swinging. Would something like 'Flight, Only along surfaces' do the trick, with the SFX being running, small jumps, climbing, swinging, etc.? Or is there another, better, way? Have you run across this before, or created a version of it that you're satisfied with?
  6. If you're talking about a traumatic experience that could break or almost break a person (gender probably doesn't matter here, although the victim was a woman), then may I recommend Jimmy, a novel by William Malmborg. While the title character does engage in a few brief sexual actions, it's the manner in which the victim Kimberly is imprisoned that eventually breaks her will. I found the description of what she went through and the details of how she slowly broke down mentally to be believable, as written. The gore and sexual attacks are very few, toned down as far as details, and not at all t
  7. Tried to do a search for "upside down," but didn't get results anywhere near what I was asking about. Nutshell: working up a monkeyman-type HTH fighter. DEX 25, high Climbing skill (but no Clinging--yet), Extra Limbs in that his legs and feet can be used just like arms and hands (and no penalty for 'Off Hand,' so Ambidexterity), Acrobatics skill, possibly Contortionist, maybe but not likely Double-jointed. What I'm trying to achieve is to have ChimpBoy (name changed to protect the mischievous) fight just as well while hanging upside down as he would while standing on his feet, with no pena
  8. Now, see, I did a search, dangit! I guess 'cooldown' isn't the same as 'cool-down.'
  9. I am building a power that has several restrictions. In a nutshell, my hero can hurl only 6 thunderbolts per day, and cannot hurl a thunderbolt more often than once per Turn. The term I'm using to represent this delay between uses of the power is 'cooldown.' I did a search for that term and came up with this thread: http://www.herogames.com/forums/topic/91145-building-a-heat-sink/ My topic is different enough from what I found there that I felt the need to start another thread. Not to mention I don't have a copy of 6th Edition Fantasy Hero, so I can't reference page 162, as mentioned i
  10. Is the link for this site still the one in the original post, or is there another link now?
  11. Nah, that's not a bug; it's a feature!
  12. As the guy who instigated this whole thing, I should throw in another 2 cents of clarification. My concept/vision is that SuperCharacter uses Teleport as his only means of movement (aside from the normal Running, Leaping, Swimming). Let's throw out an example of what I'm trying to achieve: Badguy is hovering in the air, about 30 feet up, and 30 feet away from SuperCharacter. SuperCharacter has enough Teleport to get to the hex right in front of Badguy (30 feet in the air) as a Half-Move, then he attacks, perhaps with surprise bonuses, perhaps not. I envision SuperCharacter staying in exactly t
  13. Well, that's me, then. In between groups, I would construct dozens if not hundreds of characters, trying all kinds of different combinations to bring to life the superfolk living in my head. So mucho thanks to all of you guys! I'll be picking up both of them in the near future.
  14. I may be overgeneralizing, but it seems to me that there are three categories that HERO products fall into, with some overlap. There's settings books (such as Galactic Champions or Vibora Bay), there's character books (Champions Villains Volume One: Master Villains or Conquerors, Killers and Crooks), and there's rules books (HERO System 6th Edition: Character Creation or HERO System Advanced Player's Guide). I suppose that an argument could be made for a fourth category, examples books (Champions Powers or The Ultimate Brick), or even more general categories, but let's not keep splitting hairs
  15. That's an excellent question. Going off of the guardian, I'm going to say the main thrust of the wizard's mystic abilities is to imbue items with magical properties. Enchant them, I believe, is the proper term. He's never tried anything this ambitious, and a couple centuries down the road, he recognizes that the magical essence within the clockwork man has accrued much knowledge and experience, just from being aware of itself and from thinking about everything it knows of, and the relations between all of those things. So, he sends the guardian off on a journey across the world, appropriate an
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