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  1. I had a full head of hair and killer abs back then, and I still love music and a lot of the movies.
  2. The versatility of the Star Wars universe is a big reason why I like over the Star Trek universe for roleplaying purposes. It also has a lot to do with why I like the idea of super hero roleplaying games.
  3. I'm kind of a natural mimic. I will sometimes take on the speech patterns of people I am talking to without meaning to. One of my best friends was originally from Minnesota. If I'd been spending much time hanging out with him, people would start thinking I was a Yankee. I was talking to an Australian once. Before long, I was matching his accent. I hope he didn't think I was mocking him. I once worked in a factory where the majority of Hispanic mixed between Mexicans and South Americans. After a while, I started sounding like I was a mix of Mexican and South American. Apparently, in my
  4. I've used this as my avatar in a lot of places. I don't know if anyone else has caught the connection, but you are the first person to mention anything about it. Kudos!
  5. Hard to say since I haven't seen the show, so, any symbolic speculation would be difficult unless they writing the Romulans to represent the Protestant versus Catholic tension that occurs within Ireland, but I haven't heard much on the news about any recent tensions along that route; so, I can't imagine it being enough apart the cultural imagination to feature in TV show. The fact that TV show and movies use different accents or belonging to certain cultural groups to symbolically represent certain ideas is kind of a problem. Most villains are given either German or British accent
  6. I've been with WEG Star Wars for years, and even though I have recently started playing the FFG Star Wars, I still kept my WEG.
  7. I'll have to take your word on that.
  8. Thank you! I must need new glasses or spend less time looking at computer screens. I have looked past it so many time.
  9. I have a Facebook page that I am using for a discussion forum for Star Wars, roleplaying games, and writing in general. I would the link in my signature at the bottom of my posts, but I am seeing where I can add a signature, and I want to make sure there isn't a rule violation for doing that.
  10. The existence and other media also raises some discussions on the topic. Let's my Star Wars game gets off the ground, and I wind up inviting someone into the group who isn't that strong on Star Wars and is having trouble coming up with a Star Wars character. I think Star Wars is flexible enough to work with most science fiction, fantasy, or action and adventure. So, let's say this character is strong on Japanese anime. I am personally weak with anime, but if the player comes up with a good enough description of what they want to do and are willing to make compromises where necessary, I cou
  11. One issue about simply setting an campaign is in the far future or far past is having to adjust for technology differences, re-writing established lore, and such which undermines a major advantage to using a canonical universe.
  12. And, I would want to limit musical numbers to players who can actually sing.
  13. If my players want it and it won't ruin my story, anywhere the players it to is my opinion.
  14. My current view on canon and stories in general has taken a recent twist. I took some time to study concepts like The Hero's Journey and the Monomyth. Terms I have heard but have never understood. I still don't fully understand them but the more I study the more my interpretations of stories change, and for me, canon is about the hidden truths of the story and its window dressing. Also, the more I learn the more I want the players to have the opportunity of being the Big Danged Heroes of their story even if it means kicking Luke Skywalker, Captain Kirk, or Batman to the curb.
  15. Thank you, all for your responses! I wanted to bring this debate to wider audience as it does poses some interesting thoughts and question. I personally hold the view that canon should be relatively malleable while certain limits have to maintained with the limits being different from franchise to franchise and from individual to individual. I personally do not think that there is a single objectively true side to take. I also wanted to bring more minds into this because I can be opinionated, obstinate, and biased. (I know what you're thinking. How can anyone who uses an ancient Greek ph
  16. I am in a debate with a friend. I like playing games like Star Wars, Star Trek, and other franchised universes. I like playing and running those universes because they are pre-built and recognizable, but I also like to play around and twist stories to my own liking. I see no problem, but my friend has the feeling that changing too much and it will no longer be that universe. To some degree, I think he is right, but to what degree? How much can you change Star Wars, Star Trek, Marvel, or whatever before it stops being what it and becomes it is. I personally think that is a personal opinio
  17. This is definitely an issue I have been struggling with a strive to seek a game that I would like to run and play. I am a business major with interests in creative writing, theology, philosophy, behavioral sciences and so forth. As a person who is just trying to be the best person I can be, I place a lot of valuable in expanding my understanding of reality. As someone with creative interests, I also take that view when studying stories regardless of whether they come from books, movies, or whatever. The negative result is that I tend to over think things and make things more complex than t
  18. No, I haven't really gone as deep with the Hero System as I would like. There is really no opportunity to play the game in my region and am primarily pursue it because it fuels my imagination. Consequently, it is hard justifying too much time and expense for the system, but if there are already models to work with, like the supplements you mentioned or the books that Bushido mentioned, it would represent a good place to start.
  19. The Amazon Queen has come to conquer man's world and bring it under complete Amazonian rule. She will stop at nothing to complete her mission even if she has to destroy her counterpart and conquer her fellow Amazons to do it.
  20. If you are referring to me, I haven't heard of it. I got the idea from a book I read from in a Native American lit class.
  21. I happen to work as a housekeeper in an operating room. I've seen surgeons and surgical staff put it in long, hard hours and still keep going; so, I would think some sort of capacity to deal with fatigue. I figure maybe increased CON for the purposes or resisting sleepiness and fatigue and/or Life Support: Reduced Sleeping.
  22. Going back to the introductory adventure idea, another strength of Hero is the way you can use it across multiple genres. You could write the different adventures in different genres and to make a cohesive story you could make it surrealistic tale across time and dimension and the players wake up in different realities as different people with different memories. Once the adventure is done, you could even apply the XP to the characters the make for their first character in your actual campaign.
  23. I take the view that the character sheet is nothing more or less than a kind of contract between the player and the GM. If a player chooses to spend points on something, I treat it as the GM having the obligation to on occasion make that something helpful in player. If a player wants his character to be a grandmaster chess player, he can give himself PS: Chess Player 21- for free. If he wants to use his chess playing skill as an activation roll on his ability, he would of course have to spend points, or if he wants to spend points on the skill just because, I might right a scenario were h
  24. The Star Trek game I originally mentioned uses a similar function as fate, but there are two pools; the shared momentum pool for the players and the threat pool for the GM. Players use momentum to create advantage in play, and the GM uses threat to create complications. There are multiple ways of increasing both momentum and threat in the game. One way of increasing threat is that if you want a particular character to be a little more ominous the GM could add to the threat pool every time said character comes into the scene. I have had problems with players treating characters that were su
  25. This is something I have thought about. The problem with Hero System is that its XP to CP ratio doesn't allow for a lot of granularity when it comes to rewards for roleplaying choices, IMO. I have been looking at other options for rewards such as free background skills, free contacts, and free boosts to reputation for good behavior. My mind is blanking on terms right now, but their options where characters can have points that allow them to alter dice rolls and sneak out of bad decisions. I have considered offering resources as rewards. For example, if one of the players showed respect fo
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