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  1. Re: Ratios of Superpower Archetypes I actively try to subvert the common stereotypes of archetypes by origin. The 'asian mystic', 'Japanese martial artist', or 'native shaman' are so very overdone I end up building counter to that type when making NPCs. When it comes to simply thinking of ratios, I just don't. Whether a character from a region exists doesn't matter until a name and/or character sheet for them is needed.
  2. Arkham

    Rogue Syndrome

    Re: Rogue Syndrome Complications is the 6th Ed. term for Disadvantages.
  3. Re: What would you do if you were a mutant? It all depends on what mutant powers I got... Just a healing factor? Enjoy life and worry less about getting hurt. Wings? That'd be hard to hide and remain employed... Enjoy night-time flying and telecommute? Or do interviews for the Weekly World News. Weather control? Help in drought-stricken areas, and damage-control against hurricans and tornados. Uncontrollable eye-blasts? Get some rose-tinted glasses and hope everyone leaves me the hell alone...
  4. Re: Powers controlled by the Characters Emotional State Sounds like a simple Enraged/Berserk Complication. When his emotions get out of control, his powers go on a rampage.
  5. Re: Superman Averts World War II? Interesting idea... But what would it do to the Nazi ideology? Suddenly there is someone who is not even German that makes the entirety of their 'master race' look like toddlers.
  6. Re: Plague Doctor All focuses are either Personal, or Universal. Neither version costs anything, and both versions have their benefits and drawbacks. You simply state that they are a Universal focus. The benefits to each, a Personal Focus, if someone takes it from you, they cannot use it on you. But for a Universal focus, you can give it to an ally and have _them_ use it. It is essentially Usable By Others.
  7. Re: Question: Multipower with Dissimilar Foci The key point here is that the helmet and gun should not be in the same multipower. The character isn't going to take off their helmet to shoot. Make them seperate focuses ( focii? ). And if the gun can be used in different modes, then that can be a focused multipower. But they should not be together. If, instead, you had an "Arsenal" multipower with several guns, knives, swords and batons, then that multipower would be OIF, and each individual slot could have OAF applied.
  8. Re: Plague Doctor A few things of note: You cannot take an advantage on a VPP and have it apply to the powers inside of it. You need to apply it to each slot in the pool. If you take Independant, then by the rules, if it gets taken away from you or broken, then it is gone forever and you cannot get the points back. It is a disadvantage primarily geared towards Heroic rather than Superheroic games. If you take 1 Charge on the VPP, then you cannot Autofire anyway, since you only have 1 Charge! Gradual Effect: 20 Minutes means that if you are out of uniform and a combat starts, even if you get your gear on, you will still be without your enhanced stats for, in all likelyhood, the duration of the encounter. The mask: You have Only in Heroic ID, but you also took OIF on one of the slots. It would be more logical and a better point savings to simply put OIF on the whole list, and skip the rules-questionable doubling up of OIHID and OIF. 33 Body is excessive, perhaps instead of the extra Body in the suit, add some Regeneration. In a 250 point game (150+100) a 31 Dex is way excessive unless you are a Ninja. And even then, it is excessive at that power level. Same goes for 6 Speed. There is more to be said, but that's my first take on it... Edit: With your Power Strike, you are doing 13 Dice ( 65 active points ) in a 50 active point game...
  9. Re: Revisiting TAUNT Last time I built a character with a sort of 'taunt', I took a two-fold approach. First, a cumulative, penetrating, fairly small area Mind Control ( Attack Me ) linked to STR. So the more I hit someone, the more they and their allies wanted to focus on me. The second part was +4 OCV only to attack someone who attacked someone other than me last. So if someone is focusing on my allies, it is easier to hit them. Again, making them really want to hit me. Not the purely verbal taunt you might be looking for, but it certainly did the job.
  10. Re: I like Playing Bricks! Is that wrong? Happy Birthday TheQuestionMan! While I like playing a variety of archetypes, there is just something iconic about Bricks. Nothing wrong with prefering them.
  11. Re: Robin Hooding Superhero Crimefighters 1. Justice isn't necessarily the law, especially from the viewpoint of a vigilante. 2. Nope. 3. After making sure it doesn't cause insurmountable conflicts with other characters, sure. 4. Normal. Not worth any points. That is what most people have. It requires a Psych Lim. to be more casual than that about killing. 5. Ask Steve Long.
  12. Re: Mental Institute name needed The Revolving Door Home for the Criminally Insane. ;-)
  13. Re: Teleport and targeting sense Or you could just take Safe Blind Teleport on it, which is, I think, a +1/4 advantage.
  14. Re: need a name... Never restrict your creativity just because someone might be dumb.
  15. Re: What is the strangest super power you have allowed from a SFX? One player's character was a zombie brick. He had both a BODY heal, can reattach limbs, with the focus being a needle and thread. He used it quite often, as he also had about 24" KBR on an activation roll, with the side effect that if the KBR activated, it was because a limb was torn off and went flying instead of his whole body.
  16. Re: Are there ANY good plant/wood powers names?
  17. Re: Who are the copies/pastiches/tributes/captain ersatz in your campaigns? I have a plethora... Snuff, a gender-swapped version of Deathstroke, the Terminator The Paladine, a tribute to The Tick... but with a light sabre as well. The Rubber Bandit - A criminal version of Plastic Man The Red Rustler - The Vigilante, the Action Comics #1 version, but as he would appear in the modern age if he was first active in the Golden Age The Mud Tracker - a tribute to Man-Thing, but dirtier Madame Hex - A tribute to the DC version of Enchantress. Irrompible - a Captain Ersatz version of Wolverine... but Mexican The Hollow Man - a criminal version of Cloak from Marvel's Cloak and Dagger Highwayman - a direct tribute to the Gentleman Ghost Dr. Martini - Combine the scientist/president Lex Luthor with the personality of Thurston Howell the Third
  18. Re: Low-End/Less Flashy Superpowers suggestions needed... "Agent Tachyon" - Has the ability to see using Tachyons. Essentially, +24 Telescopic N-Ray vision ( blocked by water ). That should be far enough to see across most of the US without penalty.
  19. Re: Rings of Power Easy. Figure out what those mythical rings do. Look at the Hero System books for powers that would best emulate those abilities. Write them up.
  20. Re: Needing a Name for a Density Increase Super Heroine If you don't mind borrowing a name... Iron Maiden.
  21. Re: X Ray-ted Vision Yes, was refering to those with a clown fetish.
  22. Re: X Ray-ted Vision Mr. Blackwings - Ugly scarred grumpy blind man. N/A Hybrid - Robot teen-ager. N/A Mother Superior - Older woman who transforms into a hot young brick in a nun's habit. She would decline, though it would start her thinking about it. And might change her mind if they ask her again a year or so later. Arc Angel - Narcissistic shallow pretty-boy who is also a brilliant engineer. He would jump at the chance to show off, and would probably be a bit non-discerning about the type of spread he was being asked to do. Bingo the Clowno - Body-morphing clown detective. He would think about it, accept, and give them vastly more and less than they were counting on. It would be funny. Coulrophiles would be confused.
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