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  1. Hi, I'm Scott and I play Stratus in the game. Just to let you know, that we started out as total rank amateurs making this podcast and it takes 4 of 5 episodes for the production to improve 100 fold!~ We have great fun playing and recording the games (I'm not so sure how much fun Mark, the GM, has editing us down to a listenable podcast, but we've been doing it for nearly two years! Please listen in and let us know what you think - we can take constructive criticism - but as I said, the later episodes may have already addressed any concerns the fist bunch of episodes may exhibit! Have fun, we do!
  2. I'm one of the players, not the GM - plus, that nemesis is out the picture for the time being (so we think!)
  3. Hi, I've not seen Jessica Jones, I'll ask my fellow players! Thanks for listening, it's starting to evolve as we play and the audio editing is getting some 'enhancements'
  4. My friends and I are running a 5th edition Champions campaign. We all play remotely using roll20.net as our table top and skype to communicate. So we have decided to record the skype chat and post the results online! If you want to have a listen, have a look at www.chimpions.co.uk Cheers!
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