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  1. I use Google Drive and a shared folder with maps and notes. You can even add links to docs as a note on a location. However Obsidian Portal is designed for this and offers a service like this, but I do not know how complex it is as I do not use it. Roll20 can do this by having threads for recording details and making the players Co-GMs of an account. They could then edit in the initial thread for a location or organization and add posts when new major revelations are brought forth.
  2. It would let your character tell the distinction between different stainless steels for example. So if Joe Blow walks out and he sees a bunch of stainless steel he won't be able to tell the difference between 400 series 300 series 200 series Molly percentages. But somebody with discriminatory added to site would be able to make all of those analysis. At least that's how I see it
  3. Sorry to hear of the loss, both your personal loss and the community loss. If you want best money eBay. But if you want it to stay together a fellow herophile is the way to go. Libraries keep colections, but often books get damaged or stolen.
  4. If you want the full rules I suggest Champions Complete. A reasonable price and all the rules.
  5. At the time I was immature as a GM and simply caved in. Then passive aggressivly had bad guys target her more often. Now days, I would be more reasoned
  6. The only build I see get really abused is Focus man. Focus man wants a discount on all his powers, but then complains of the unfairness when the focus is interfered with. i one time had a player suggest that a symbiotic organism living in her abdomen is a focus. When I suggested no, there is no practical way to remove it then it is a special effect the player going pretty hot. Other things come and go, but Focus man or Focus woman is always there
  7. I never realized Sweep was melee only. I used to let my players use it with ranged attacks.
  8. Yes Multiple Attack is basically the old sweep from 5th Ed and earlier.
  9. Sounds like a change environment with a combined set of penalties to a bunch of rolls. I think it would get to expensive to be worth it, but could be modeled. Also while not covering what you are asking for the Powers book includes ton of gravity tricks.
  10. You could use Entangle to represent holding in place or a Strength/Speed drain to represent making it tough to move. Gravity is pretty weird because it does different things depending on how your character wants to use it.
  11. It is a campy but really fun movie. It perfectly captures a lot of gaming tropes in a good way.
  12. The morde sith from sword of truth. They are simply evil, it is not enough to take your magic, they take your very sense of self.
  13. I have used this sheet and it works well. For skills I have also used a roll high mechanic by changing it to a flat bonus and saying you need to roll over a 10.
  14. Back to the core topic, the trailer makes this movie look so awesome, I expect it to be on par with Civil War. Everything in it looks action packed. One thing I am worried about is Marvel has been taking a deliberately optimistic approach to their movies up until Winter Soldier, then Civil War. I keep hearing from others that this one has a different tone and I hope this movie will not continue that pessimistic view. While I love the MCU as a whole, I would hate to see it go the way of DC and get filled with super serious characters. I know everyone hates the Marvel Villains for being shallow or two dimensional. But that allows the director the time to develop the heroes and let's us see them in all their awesome. PS: Not knocking DC, I think Wonder Woman did a lot to bring the DC tone back to something I could enjoy. But to me MCU is simply superior. PPS: I think Civil War, Home Coming, Ironman, Avengers 1, and Guardians 1 where the most enjoyable. While Thor 1 & 2, Ironman 2, Ironman 3, and The Incredible Hulk are at the bottom to me. The others were great and enjoyable. Doctor Strange I bounce between okay and love it. But I cannot put my finger on why.
  15. If they can make some with a more optimistic it helps, like Wonder Woman I would be happy. All the brooding stuff just gets annoying after so many movies. We get it, you like the Frank Miller dark and brooding. But that is not the comics that lasted 100 years and still captures some of our hearts. Wonder Woman on the other hand had a hero being a hero because she wanted to make the world better. Yeh dark heroes are nice now and then, but after 6 movies we get the point.
  16. I would just call it change environment and include "pollution". Then buy lingering.
  17. I don't, but am subscribing because I want to know the answer.
  18. Awesome. I am green with envy. But the real question is did you sign your own copies?
  19. 1: don't have the link, but look for Killer Shrike's Hero Stuff 2: lots of people still play previous versions, no worries. 3: 75+75 (150) is a fine starting value. But honestly it can be any value you want. 4: If you post your characters people will definitely offer feedback. 5: I will not opine on this. 6: require all spells to take. Full Minute to activate, Gesture, Incantation, Trigger, Usable by Others. 7: Your welcome 8a: Hero alreadyin had an endurance economy, I would just ignore power points and use the hero endurance economy. 8b: I would do corruption as either a Complication or as a Side Effect. But most likely as a Side Effect.
  20. I would say anything more than 4" I would ignore the DCV penalty and instead apply that only called shots for head and shoulders hit.
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