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  1. Hi, this is great news...could you please tell me if you will be releasing Fantasy Hero, Champions and Star Hero in this format as well in the near fututre? I could order them all at once from Drivethru and save on shipping if so (I don't mean the 'Complete' versions, I mean the original larger editions). Thanks.
  2. Hey Steve, thanks for replying to my post. Artifacts are covered...that's great. That'll be useful toward building games around the deities etc. Cool. The books would cost too much to reprint eh?..I hear you. Shame. I guess people should have bought it more frequently when it was in print and it might still be. Oh well, not to worry. With pdfs and the high quality of tablets these days it ain't so bad. I watched a youtube video earlier...an interview with yourself in which you talk about the Mythic Hero project. You sound like this is something you are passionate about and that you have researched extensively. Sounds like you are the right man for the job Well...if and when you next Kickstart this...I will do my best to throw some money in the pot. All depends how my finances are going but for sure this sounds like a useful book that I would enjoy reading and using. Good luck.
  3. Hmm. Well you certainly seem to know your subject matter and based on the other books I have by you I really like the way you present useable information rather than just waffle. The page count is high but the quality of content matches. I like. I don't know if you already had this in mind but how about a chapter on legendary artifacts of the gods and such? Excalibur, the Ark of the Covenant, Thor's hammer...that type of thing. Might be useful to build games around or use in high powered games? Also if this is going to Kickstarter...on a purely selfish level...how about the add on or stretch goal of a print run of the 6th Edition Core rulebooks? They are next to impossible to get and priced stupidly where available. The 'Complete' versions...I understand the publishing logic of...having to keep entry costs to players low etc but with a Kickstarter print run you'd be financially covered...get enough money to do it...it happens...don't...it doesn't and you don't get left with a loss making pile of stock. Just a thought. Anyway, I wouldn't normally buy a book on gods etc because I can google most of the information I want but I trust you would save me a whole mountain of trouble and be better informed than most of the 'net. Good luck.
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