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  1. Okee Dokee Just figgered I'd let you know
  2. Finally got around to updating my Linux install to Linux mint 19.2 And got the following message when running HD (Build 20190826): WARNING: An illegal reflective access operation has occurred WARNING: Illegal reflective access by org.jruby.ext.posix.util.FieldAccess (file:/home/johnbear/Apps/HeroDesigner/HD6.jar) to field java.io.FileDescriptor.handle WARNING: Please consider reporting this to the maintainers of org.jruby.ext.posix.util.FieldAccess WARNING: Use --illegal-access=warn to enable warnings of further illegal reflective access operations WARNING: All illegal access operations will be denied in a future release I have not tested any older versions or tried rebuilding from source (Last update: May 30, 2019 )
  3. JohnBear


    Fwiw, When we (my group) started doing this, my custom sources weren't listed on that page. In fact, somewhere here in the forums (2015-ish), I even asked you why we couldn't have an option (in 5th ed) for HD to just ignore sources entirely. It's not worth me looking it up, but that was when I manually 1st edited the appPrefs file. Since then I'll often find myself editing it, either to clean out the schmutz that builds up or to rapidly change directory paths (search & replace is your friend). And since I'm already in Notepad PP or some other editor cause I'm working on a template it's just faster.
  4. JohnBear


    Reminder this is for a 5th edition game, not a 6th edition. From my windows PC (win 7x64): Side Note: I started using "c:\apps" as my custom "Program Files" when I first switched over to Win 7. A large number of my (older) programs didn't want to play nice with MS's new UAC security. So by creating my own "Program Files" I completely bypassed the problem. Works great for windows 8-10 too <grin> HD location: c:\apps\hero\herodesigner Shortcut (start in): c:\apps\hero\herodesigner Shortcut (filename): c:\apps\hero\herodesigner\HD6.jar From appPrefs: <SOURCES> <SOURCE>Other</SOURCE> <SOURCE>JJS_FH</SOURCE> <SOURCE>JJS_MECH</SOURCE> <SOURCE>DE_CHAMP</SOURCE> <SOURCE>Hero System Fifth Edition Rule Book</SOURCE> From my template: <SKILL XMLID="jjsFH_Superskill" DISPLAY="z.jjs.FH: SuperSkill" ALIAS="SuperSkill" SHOWDIALOG="Yes" MINCOST="4" FAMILIARITYROLL="8" FAMILIARITYCOST="4" EXCLUSIVE="No" INPUTLABEL="Skill:" OTHERINPUT="Yes"> <SOURCE>JJS_FH</SOURCE> <DEFINITION>(Fantasy Hero Ruleset Document by John Strasser: Superskills) Superskills (like alchemy, minecraeft, smithcraeft, botany, tanning, pottery, etc.) can be thought of as combinations of knowledge, science, and professional skills. Rather than buy 3 separate skills you now only have to buy one. You can use these as a replacement for any of the background skills where applicable. NOTE: Leave characteristic on 'General' to get an 11- for 5 points. Do NOT select the 'Professional' option.</DEFINITION> <CHARACTERISTIC_CHOICE> <ITEM CHARACTERISTIC="GENERAL" BASECOST="5" LVLCOST="3" LVLVAL="1" /> <ITEM CHARACTERISTIC="EGO" BASECOST="6" LVLCOST="3" LVLVAL="1" /> <ITEM CHARACTERISTIC="INT" BASECOST="6" LVLCOST="3" LVLVAL="1" /> <ITEM CHARACTERISTIC="PRE" BASECOST="6" LVLCOST="3" LVLVAL="1" /> </CHARACTERISTIC_CHOICE> <EXAMPLE>Minecraeft</EXAMPLE> <EXAMPLE>Smithcraeft</EXAMPLE> <EXAMPLE>Magecraft</EXAMPLE> <EXAMPLE>Alchemy</EXAMPLE> <EXAMPLE> </EXAMPLE> </SKILL> My guess was because for my custom powers I've included a "<SOURCE>JJS_FH</SOURCE>" line. Once we figured out why our templates didn't appear to show anything we started manually checking and editing the appPrefs file whenever we used custom templates as opposed to the default ones. And this held true regardless of if we created custom powers, skills, or anything else. HD apparently reads the list and then re-saves it to the file every time. So we just keep adding into the source list everytime we need to.
  5. JohnBear


    If this was something that actually "installed" I'd agree with you. Since this is only for a particular "user" I figured I'd do it this way. This'll be something I'll do for just about any programs I write or use if they're portable. I noticed this because if you want to add custom "sources" (for a 5th ed game) the only way to do that is to edit the appPrefs file directly. Otherwise HD ignores your custom powers in your templates.
  6. JohnBear


    Thanks folks, I'll do some more experimenting.
  7. JohnBear


    So following the excellent advice here, I created an "apps" directory (/home/apps/hero/herodesigner), unzipped the program, set the jar file to have executable permissions and viola! Everything works. 😁 Unfortunately...the program insists on saving the "appPrefs.xml " and trace.log files in the "/home/" directory, rather than in the program's actual directory. Did I forget something?
  8. I think you can reset that under campaign rules
  9. JohnBear


    Thanks folks. Gets me started. Oh and vi/vim brings back memories to my favourite DOS editor "edlin". I wonder if I still have my old FORTRAN code...
  10. Similar to Killer Shrike, I store all these pools in additional character sheets and then copy-paste into the characters perks tab (list with a 0x) on an as needed basis.
  11. JohnBear


    Hi Folks, I guess this is related to ChaosDrgn's "What do you code in" post... I've recently switched over to linux and have run into a quandry...Actually 2: 1) In windows I've been using either Notepad++ or Codelobster for most of my html/css/javascript/php work. Any recs on the linux side of things? I don't mind learning eclipse, I was just never able to get it working right on windows (plus there's also a bazillion versions - heck I might even dust off my c/c++ skills). But it definitely seems like overkill. Then again, maybe not. Like I said, while I don't mind diving in, having some lightweight tools also helps. 2) For those who are familiar with tux, where the heck would be the most logical place to install Hero Designer? Putting it in the HOME directory wouldn't work for me as I want multiple users on my machine (all me - I've just found it useful from a project management POV). /opt? /opt/local? /usr? Some other homebrew directory? For example on windows I actually created my own "c:\apps" directory and most software I have goes there.
  12. custom multipliers works even better
  13. This is pretty much what I've steered them towards. Especially using active point caps to give them a reason to broaden out the characters rather than become uber-archtypes of specific powers. So the air mage now has more "airy" powers & spells, the bodyguard/fighter has "found" religion and is now on the march towards becoming a paladin (with deity specific powers). Damage and armor caps I have also found useful in taming the arms race 12-15 DC damage, armor set a little below that and additional limits on hardend/penetrating/armor piercing have also worked in that regard.
  14. Thank you folks. Fwiw, I've already done just about all of the things you've mentioned as part of my campaign design (skill caps, damage caps, stat caps. etc...). And (as megaplayboy suggested) I've already done that too. And will be raising the caps as we go forward (again) And this wasn't so much me looking for ideas (now) as an observation that the books provided very little guidance. It would have been nice if they had showed how the sample characters could have looked when they were going against some of the sample villains. I could write a book on how I've had to battle and manage my *players* over the fact that too many of them designed (and often keep creating) superheros in a LOTR or D&D or Turakian Age style world rather than "adventuring" characters who advance and grow. The first game I had a character (a fighter type) come in with 5 levels of Deadly Blow (in daggers), DEX 20, STR 20, +5DCV, +4 OCV (daggers), +3(HTH), +5DCV (HTH), autofire, autofire skills, 2-weapon fighting, and so on. Without "magic items"! And the spellcasters were just as bad. For reference, in the bestiary, the "Demon Prince of Strength" (a 1300 pt monster) has an OCV/DCV of 11 And while this forum and the folks here really helped me "tame the beasts" it would've been nice to have some "official" indicators I could have shared with the players. For background several of my players have "RPG related PTSD". Their previous GM took the role that it was GM vs Players and his job was to kill them (his words). My approach is more of a "computer simulation". You are doing things in the world and the world reacts, with each NPC essentially living their own lives and pursuing their own goals. If the players interfere...well that's what hunteds are for. But this has definitely colored their gaming perspective. It's been slooooowly changing. This thread should be stickied somewhere as it greatly summarized many awesome ideas that are scattered around the forums. Thanks again. JB
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