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  1. VIPER uses snakes as little assassins, supercharging their bite This will probably be the go-to if nothing else. "Oh no! Mr. Politician, Mr. CEO, and Mr. Police Chief have all turned up dead from a snake bite!" VIPER uses snakes to spread terror ala Hitchcock's Birds then demands ransom This will most likely also happen, just because snakes. Lots of snakes. "Oh no! Grandma Mildred has been eaten by that giant anaconda! @steriaca King Cobra hasn't been introduced yet, but this would be something interesting to do in the future. @Lord Liaden I'm not sure yet about the method of c
  2. To my horror, GM'ing has taught me that I'm actually not all that creative. Case in point: this VIPER plot. After a series of mishaps involving an impromptu tag team formed with an undercover VIPER wrestler, my players let a notable scientist get kidnapped. Using the scientist and his research, VIPER has seemingly gained the ability to control serpents both large and small. Buuuuut, now what? The only thing I can think of to test their experiments involves assassination. Does anyone have any ideas for making better use of these serpentine fellows?
  3. How would you run the wilderness encounter beyond just a roll here a roll there and checking for provisions? Maybe you could do something like a small village being oppressed by local militia? Then the players could decide whether to intervene at the risk of losing time and possibly blowing their cover. Any idea of how to make "Supers Space Station" dungeon crawl more exciting? I'm not sure if you addressed what caused the station to crash, but that could be an interesting bit. I saw some mention of "aliens", but maybe the station had a team conducting research on xenobiology and some o
  4. Playing around with a plot generator for another game called Straight to VHS, I came across a plot that sounds amazing for a Champions adventure: "Our heroes must escort a for-real wizard out of the magical worlds of classic literature which have entered our world in the public library via a dark ritual cast by Turgantia, a cruel witch who never learned to read. To complicate matters, the dead are rising!" I would love to hear some ideas some of you may have for/from this. For instance, I'm thinking of changing the rising dead to paper doll type representations of classical figure
  5. This right here is basically what I had in mind. My general idea was to have them handle various scenarios session-to-session, with an occasional "big event" every few months or so that would give them a boost. That, combined with a wee bit of time passage, is how I figure my players could make big advancements. Other than that, I actually ended up using the Same Page Tool at my intro session last night and set the expectation that kills do not necessarily equal XP, and that XP gain will be rather slow. I have the advantage of my players consisting of 2 players new to TTRPGs (so no deeply
  6. When people are use to playing games where the object is to 'kill the bad guy' playing in a Champions game can be a difficult transition. This is exactly what happened in the last game I tried running. My players went from anti-heroes to pretty much villains right off the bat. For my first session I tried running a slightly modified version of the "Road Kill" adventure.....my players ended up blowing up the bar and feeding both bad bad guys and civilians to their summoned plant monsters. The campaign then ended up becoming a Saints Row-esque city takeover. Ask them to build a life and cha
  7. Sit everybody down; have the "What flavor of superheroes do we want to play?" conversation (above); establish the character creation guidelines, power levels etc; and then discuss how the PCs fit together, both in terms of power sets and how they relate together as individuals. I've actually taken this to heart already and schedule a character building / intro session on Thursday. My advice: Start everyone at 400 points. Run through a couple of the published adventures. Get used to the game, the system and the genre conventions. Give the players a taste of what it feels like to be a real
  8. What is the inspiration for the GM? At this point, kind of everything hehe. Stories I've read on these forums, old cartoons like X-Men and Batman animated series, SWAT Kats, a bunch of comics I've read over the years, and maybe a bit of inspiration from the Champions Online and City of Heroes MMOs. Campaign Setting Feel? Superhero meets Anime? Aside from using the anime to create a Hero Association and Classes (read: license), there isn't much of an anime feel. From what I've gathered from my players, we'll most likely be going with a typical superhero feel, if maybe just a bit cartoony.
  9. Buenos Dias. This will be my second time trying to run a Champions game, but I'm at a bit of a loss as far as knowing what to prepare. I've read a lot of fun stories here, and ideally I'd like to be able to emulate them.....I just don't know how ( ) My last campaign went fairly well, but things got a bit out of hand fairly early on (mainly due to me not doing my due diligence in checking my player's character's for balance). The campaign then pretty much fell apart when half the group ended up dropping out. But now I'm back! With a new group and a hunger for more Champions. For thi
  10. Did you specifically want PRIMUS? If you just wanted a SHIELD type organization, there's always UNTIL. In fact, there was an UNTIL 5e book that had a bunch of stats and templates that could easily be repurposed for PRIMUS. Edit: Just realized you also asked for Golden and Silver Avengers. The only stats I know of are for Silver Avenger Mayte Sanchez from Champions Universe (6e).
  11. I'm hoping to do a playtest this weekend. Ideally, I'd like to create "kingdoms" for the different factions in my game. Then I could have something similar to Netzilla's game where I hand over the factions to other friends in hopes of creating a city that feels more alive.
  12. Ok, that guideline is pretty helpful. Hehe, I'm not playing anywhere near that scale, but with some numbers to play with I think I can scale that down to fit my game.
  13. So, I may be making this more complicated than it needs to be, but in the 6e Martial Arts book under the video game abilities section is a possible solution: A Rage Meter power and a Rage Meter Energy Pool. Filling the pool would be a way to measure how angry Hulk is, with a full pool signifying max rage. From there, you can buy increased STR with an increased END cost (or regular END cost and the pool has an increased decay rate). Adding to this, you could also buy the Power Up ability (to replenish END) and have it be triggered by anything that angers Hulk.
  14. I recently picked up and started reading Ultimate Base when I noticed it had rules for Kingdom creation and combat. Has anyone used these rules to make organizations for their games? I'm super hyped to start using them for my games, but I was hoping someone could share what they have so I could have a bit of a guideline. For instance, how much strength would a unit of thugs be? How many thugs in a unit? For that matter, how many units in a thug?
  15. How about a psychokinetic brick? You could manifest a large Psi-Giant "armor" like Psimon (Villains - Vol.2 for 6e) and have huge telekinetic strength you use to bash and beat your opponents. Or, the brick could be a separate physical manifestation of your telekinetic powers.
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