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  1. I hawe a qestion dos martial arts increse weapon damegde (HKA), For exempel if a martial art move has +4 DCs and a weapon doss 5 D6 HKA is the total dmg then 9 D6, Allso do you iclude the Str bonus as well
  2. Jinto

    Damege bosting

    is ther any other way ?
  3. Jinto

    Damege bosting

    Howe do you make a power that bost dameger from energy ocr plasma based veapons for exampel
  4. Jinto

    Hive mind

    Hay i hawe this ide of creating a borg/posthuman chrater i hawe stated wounder how i coud make some form of a hvie mind that let onter in it exsprice and se waht other expreice and se ass well as shering konwengde and help ethc other with skill rols and or programs/powers. I konw some mindlink/telepathi is inovoed
  5. Hay i am currently building a starship and came up with the ide of making some form of a 3d printer to help the group out to be able to build and customize wepons and armour that thay coud use druing the mision or by the ships crew any ide if that is posibel to make in heros
  6. Jinto

    AI charater

    my thoht wass somting like EDI i has the ship as its primery mane fraim but can either duplicate itself or downlode it self in to a robotic boddy to interact more esely with the world. If i woud hawe only one seat of consciousness it woud be the ship
  7. Jinto

    AI charater

    Hay i ned some help on howe i coud build an AI as a charter that normely use a starship as its main body but has the abilety to downlode it self in to a robitic body to interact with other players ans the world esyer like EDI from mass efect. Or Cortana form halo (she onces tock control over at covenant super carier)
  8. Second, from a technical perspective, that will just ruin the weapon unless you have some careful engineering/tech rolls that would allow the character to carefully, over the course of several hours probably, jury rig a way of removing the weapon and turning it into an emplaced weapon/mount it to another vehicle - or some sort of extensive heavy weapon rig that could be used briefly before it ran out of ammo. Howe dos it come thatt all star hero Vehicles haw OIF-Bulky on their equipment
  9. sory for the bad speeling i have a mild form o dyslexia and english ins not my first lang (talking and reading it is a difrent thing tho). And i di-dent have any spellchecking program avibil att the time and was in a hurry. The weapon is a big cannon that will be instald on a star ship. And we run in to the discussion on howe esy it was to remove and howe esy you cud use it afterwards
  10. After me and my frinds coms to an argument abut OIF-Bulky, and i uses in vaicel howe esy cud a person remov a wepon from a shif or not if it is OIF, Is a OIF a part of the ship for the purpus of durabilety ans so foth
  11. Jinto

    Eve online Pods

    the cew thats control the ship will mostly be inste the ship most of the time. With the PC as the main Captain and the crew in the ship that can act on thair own giving ordres from the PC
  12. Jinto

    Eve online Pods

    thanks so a rather armour then a viacel ? the PCs and crew shud be abel to leve it
  13. Hay i am working on a ship for a hero Character and is locking for a way to make an Eve online style pod. For thos of you that do not know what that is tink of it as cybenetic egg thats encapsulate the pilot in an armourd egg fild with a fluid and put the body in a stat of suspended animation. It helps the pilot controll the ship better and also work as as escape pod thats coms eqiped with a FTL drive as well as a normal space drive What are the best way of making a pod as a viacel or as ana armour
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