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  1. JakSpade

    District 9

    Re: District 9 The "Prawns" would prove to be a pretty scary opponent, in an invasion type situation. Just the introduction of their technology to the Earth would be impressive. I won't spoil anyone's movie for them, so I'll just stop here...
  2. Re: And the old shall swallow the new... Well, hopefully this will keep them from collapsing under the stress of this economy...
  3. I saw this and couldn’t resist posting it… http://abduzeedo.com/15-cool-soviet-movie-posters And, unless you can read Russian, I wouldn’t worry about the captions or anything, just work it into your game… Boddie
  4. Re: Pulp Hero Resources Can't say that this is specifically pulp, but it's inspiration for all you zeppelin fans out there... Boeing touts heli-blimp for heavy lifting jak
  5. Re: Pulp Hero PDF adventures I highly recommend the Locomotive Pirates. It's a very fun, "speeding down the tracks" kind of adventure. My players were a gadget "mystery man" hero, a mechanic/wheelman, and a female martial artist... think Green Hornet with Kato being two people... Anyway, the two combatants were fighting the priates on top of a speeding train, while the wheelman was speeding along closeby on the highway, later having to switch over to the tracks to catch the heroes when they were accidentally flung from the train... ;D Ah, good times... jak
  6. Re: [smashup] PS238 + Eureka !!! Yeah, I guess exposing them to normal people would be a good advantage. I don't know if I can go whole heartedly with the secret school under the real school thing... it's a good kick, but one of the first things my players would do is expose the secret... jak
  7. Re: [smashup] PS238 + Eureka !!! My vison of Eureka is that it's still a secret town, but the cater to both the high tech community as well as the supers community. Young prodigy children come to Eureka to learn how to use their powers, or their super intellects. Basically, Eureka stays secret, and PS238 becomes more public... adding a new school for young supers in training... it can all be sponsored and controlled by the government, bureaucratically, or militarily... jak
  8. Re: [smashup] PS238 + Eureka !!! Anyone have any good ideas? How would you run a campaign like this? Would you intermix the characters from both worlds and see how it goes from there? Or would it be more supers than big brains and high tech? Any ideas would be appreciated... jak
  9. After watching the Mother's Day Eureka marathon on the Sci-Fi Channel, I've been thinking of attempting a campaign where I smash up PS238 with Eureka from the Sci-Fi channel. Basically, it's an entire secret town instead of just a school. The players play PS238 characters who's parents live in (or have been recruited to) a Eureka type town. Lots of high tech, big brains, supers, aliens... let the mayhem begin! Do you think something like this would work? jak
  10. Re: Tear heart out of your chest ability, ala "Temple of Doom" Well, if you'll remember, Indy had drank the Blood of Kali, so his will was already sapped, he wasn't going anywhere when Molerum(? I can't believe I remembered dude's name) grabbed him. So you probably don't need to add the TK to hold the subject, if they're drugged. Indy just got a hero's inspiration to get out of it... jak
  11. Re: Tear heart out of your chest ability, ala "Temple of Doom"
  12. Re: Hero Plus Adventure #22, VALLEY OF THE SPIDER QUEEN, Now Available! What? And you're not going to share? jak
  13. Re: Hero Plus Adventure #22, VALLEY OF THE SPIDER QUEEN, Now Available! YAY!!! I have my copy, and reading it right now... I have a couple people in my group that are bothered by large spiders... I'll be running this too. jak
  14. Re: Tear heart out of your chest ability, ala "Temple of Doom" That sounds cool! Yeah, I'd go with that. jak
  15. Re: Pulp SF magazine Cover Art Bunneh Grrlz roXXors!!! And they mate like, well, bunnies! jak
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