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  1. Not sure if this helps guys but I'll throw it out there just in case. I found that DOJHERO 1101 (Champions, Powers) book to be super useful for fleshed-out examples of powers I would like my character to have and they can be used as spell powers or magical powers as well, its done a lot of the work for you.
  2. Against all hope, I've *finally* found an in-person game, had our character creation session this past Tuesday! I'll pick that over online when/if I can get it.
  3. @Diamond Spear I agree with @MrKinister that "I would rather have a solid session of roleplay where we get together for three or four hours and do stuff" even if infrequently. My pitch thus far then: Every two weeks for 3+ hours on a Monday I can start as early as 8:00PM Eastern (this time of year 5:00PM my time in Arizona).
  4. I'll go along with any schedule! Its just, unfortunately, with the caveat that my attendance is more likely to be spotty outside of Mon or Tue because of the probability of higher priority items intruding.
  5. 6th edition, yes! Okay then, I'm typically the odd man out when it comes to scheduling but I'll put in my vote for Mondays or Tuesdays now anyways 🙂 They are the days I have the least likely chance of conflict with anything else that could come up.
  6. @Diamond Spear I'm interested, Mystara sounds intriguing. HERO 6th ED rules? What days of the week? (FYI: Weekends mostly suck for me cuz they're booked up a lot.)
  7. @bluesguy Many thanks for the offer! Sundays are booked or I'd take you up on it. @Diamond Spear That is always the question: who will volunteer to do the GM work? Since you asked the question and I've not answered it, that potentially leaves the 2 other 2019 respondents 🙂
  8. I see 3 people who replied in 2019 🙂 Are we almost close enough to enough to try to get something started?
  9. And I have the same question :-) Be happy to join a game.
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