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  1. I would point out that the rules state that NPCs, like athletes, unless they are very important NPCs, are not allowed to Push (page 287). So when you see a powerlifter in the game pressing or lifting some amount of weight it is because he has the STR to do it, not because he's pushing. That makes a big difference in design philosophy because everyone just assumes all the NPCs are pushing all the time. I also just can't see giving Cap the same STR as Seeker. Cap is the best a human can be, Seeker is a victim.
  2. I never said it was. There are 10 ways to do everything in HERO. Your 9 wrong ways and my right one way. I actually tend to be one of the people who finds the "IDIC" ability of the HERO System to be a weakness. I'd much rather know what Captain America's shield is rather than have 50 different versions of it.
  3. There's a write-up for those claws in Gadgets & Gear. It's not done with an NND.
  4. Just continuing my thoughts here... It's hard to determine at what power-level characters should be able to accomplish certain things. Not all 350 point characters are the same. Nighthawk and Ironclad are both 350 points but I'd rather fight Nighthawk than Ironclad any day of the week. My own scale would be as follows: 200-250 points: New Mutants 250-300 points: Original X-Men 300-400 points: Giant-Size X-Men 400-500 points: Fantastic Four 500-750 points: Avengers 750+ points: JLA
  5. What can I say? I liked it when characters were simpler; before everyone became a ninja.
  6. As I sit here and think about my many years of reading X-Men comics now I think I've come to the conclusion that Sentinels are really not that powerful. Cyclops can blow them to bits, Storm can blow them to bits, Wolverine can chop them up, Colossus to punch them down, even Sprite could short-circuit them. I don't think that the X-Men were all that powerful (as I said in another thread, I could probably build most of the Giant-Size X-Men on 350 points), I just think that the Sentinels are just not that tough.
  7. There is a fine line between what a comic character can do and what a game character can do. In the comics it makes for a interesting panel if Storm destroys a Sentinel with one shot. In the game it would not be much fun if everything your character fought was defeated with one hit. The game needs to attempt to emulate the genre but still make for a fun challenge for the players as a whole. So while Storm can beat the Sentinel with one shot (and it might also make sense that a Sentinel is vulnerable to electricty), in the CU Lightning Storm might require 5-6 hits to accomlish the same thing on a Minuteman. There is also power level design to take into account. If you want one-hit Sentinels then you just make them weaker. You do not necessarily need to make the heroes stronger. The mystic telport thing is a fairly simple thing to do with Mega-Scale, easily within the concept of a 350 point character.
  8. There was a time when I was very much looking forward to this product. But after a 5 month delay and a seeming apathy about it from both companies involved I'm afraid I have moved on in my thinking.
  9. The main book needed to play "Champions" or any other HERO System genre is HERO System Fifth Edition (FREd). Champions is a genre book which gives examples of the superhero/comic book genre and tells you how to alter some of the rules from FREd to better suit the genre. If you are new to the system but not new to superhero gaming in general then I would recommend: HERO System Fifth Edition, UNTIL Superpowers Datebase (USPD), and Conquerors, Killers, & Crooks (CKC). FREd for the basic game system, USPD for the thousands of prewritten powers, and CKC for about 100 ready-to-use supervillains. If you are new to the superhero genre then I would also recommend you pick up Champions, as it will give you valuable advice on how to play within the comic book genre.
  10. IIRC, TUV states that about half the size of a vehicle is taken up by "equipment." That leaves about half the space for passengers and cargo. I think that is probably as formal a rule as you will ever get based on equipment size and volume. As a GM you will just have to decide if it is possible to put a larger weapon or other system into the ship, and how much passenger/cargo space will be lost because of it. Having "encumbrance" information on all the equipment would have been helpful though. I guess that would have been a little too Star Fleet for the game.
  11. My whole purpose in life is to correct everyone's horrible math. Great news Scott! I am looking forward to the book. Now take a 4 day break and then start working on Villainy Amok.
  12. I very much like the homages and consider them one of the best parts of the new Champions Universe. The point in naming them as they are is as much because of recognition as much as homage. You immediately understand what the Fabulous Five were about in the Silver Age. Calling them Star Force gives the reader absolutely no sense of understanding as to the types of adventures that team was involved in. You end up thinking they are like the Corsairs or something. The same goes with the Secret Crisis. Calling it "The Event" could mean anything, from what created the San Angelo universe to the Pitt event in Marvel's New Universe. By calling it Secret Crisis we have a very good idea what that event was all about. Certain names give us a recognizable mental image that cuts down on the need to spend page space explaining it.
  13. I have had a chance to eat something and get my blood sugar levels back up now, so I apologize to everyone for being "bitchy" and derailing your tread. My feelings about what Storn did have not changed, but I should not have responded to all the comeback, which in-turn only prolonged the negativity. So I will withdraw and leave you all to your art.
  14. I have not tried the online test. I was given the test the first time while in high school and a second while I was in college. I have since taken it 3-4 more times hoping the results were wrong. No such luck. You are right about some of the choices but the tests given by many universities are much better than anything you will find online. I think you can even buy them from universities now.
  15. Only my barber (or is that stylist) knows for sure.
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