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  1. Re: Another: StarWars in my Sandbox Oh hello there, an Email about this thread drew me back in! I miss you guys.
  2. Re: Lightsabre Combat! Weird I haven't been here in years it feels like but this just popped in my email. I'm still faithful to my FReD, mainly because I can't afford to buy 6th. I may need to start up, here, again.
  3. Re: Another: StarWars in my Sandbox Oh yeah and I went back to Speed.
  4. Re: Another: StarWars in my Sandbox
  5. Re: Another: StarWars in my Sandbox Holy crap! Look what I found thanks to Question man. What I need to do is colate all of my materials and post them in one package on this site.
  6. Re: Damage for lightsabers
  7. Re: Damage for lightsabers I'm not really sure what you mean here. The Weapon ignores the Storm Troopers 5 points of rDEF (this is where I've set it in my campaign). Against a 2d6K strike (after Martial Arts lets say, I don't add strength to the weapon) 5 points of defense will make it difficult to lop of arms with an average of 7 body meaning a total of 1 body after armor and location modifiers, and what or 2-9 stun. By adding AVLD I'm still not going to lop the arm off, but I am going to do 4 body and 7-14 stun (I can't remember arm stunx, and my write up does -1 stunx). THa
  8. Re: Damage for lightsabers I don't get the ego min either. Ego works great for force powers but I always considered a Jedi/Sith's skill comes from superior Dex and the SFX of having Force powers and slight precog that accounts for superior Dex.
  9. Re: Damage for lightsabers Of course there is an arguement to made that if you have a high enough KA that AVLD is over kill. In my game though a Lightsaber does 1 1/2d6 base. SO the AVLD serves to aguement that. Keeps the dice down to reasonable amounts. THe AVLD isn't applied to FF's though, against energy shielding the weapon doesn't work at all. IT applies to Combat Luck, which I use regularly in my games for none armored heroes and important villians. It is about taste and point of view, with my players in my game Lightsaber per my write up work and act just like y
  10. Re: Damage for lightsabers I treat Deflection in to ways. The common way as a Special effect of DCV. So when someone sends a blaster bolt at you and misses you could have Deflected it. If you want to actively Deflect or Reflect the rules act normally, it is abortable and you can deflect multiple times blah blah blah. You buy the skill in my game that gives you access to the power (as per my Star Wars rules for force powers).
  11. Re: Discussion on costs of Characteristics I have nothing to add, just that I find it comforting that even if I take a year off from these boards we are still having the same old arguements. I remember this when Bruce Harlick was still running this board.
  12. Re: Damage for lightsabers
  13. Re: Damage for lightsabers
  14. Re: Damage for lightsabers Alright then...
  15. Re: Fun with Force Fields How about beating and abusing Entangle to make only walls. Then apply Force Wall modifiers as you like than add the modifier that allows both the entangle and the entangled to take damage and make so each takes half of the damage... how was that for a short stream of consciousness?
  16. Re: [sTAR WARS] It is my turn now. I like the way you set up the Blasters, the three different settings. I tend in vehicle combat to limit the use of auto fire but i like stacking the damage like that making each setting little more powerful.
  17. Re: steampunk internet It's A Series Of Tubes!!!!
  18. Re: "Not in the face, I'm a pretty man!" HAHAHAH!!!!
  19. Re: Damage for lightsabers I just checked it out. That is what it says. So I should redo the cost. I missed that before. I've been playing fore 15 years or so, sometimes I forget to read up on things. So it should be a +3/4 advantage on my build I'll look into fixing that. Good catch, thanks for the edification.
  20. Re: Damage for lightsabers Thank you, as you said in JmOZ's pulp game I think that using the force field for the AVLD works better. Especially since it will be a "Laser sword", a pulp interpertation of the Lightsaber.
  21. Re: Damage for lightsabers
  22. Re: Damage for lightsabers Heheh... of course.
  23. Re: Damage for lightsabers Obi Wan Kenobi gets hit twice in limbs and doesn't lose either limb. Ep II Dooku hits him twice.
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