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  1. Re: Older HERO rules in 5E games I'm not a hard core realist, but I've heard such contrary reports on the accuracy of autofire weapons, that even 3 round bursts can negativly impact accuracy, let alone full auto. I've know soldiers who prefered to use single shot rifles, their more accurate and save ammo (Note Im not a soldier)...I'm sorry I don't want to thread Jack. I like the 4th edition Damage shields.
  2. Re: At what point can HERO sue? Ahhh...I see. My mistake.
  3. Re: Where else do you roll down? I mean I won't stop playing hero if this happens, it just seems arbitrary. I understand that people feel it'll make the system more accessible, but this seems to be the complaint I hear the least. Seems to me more that, "I hate Rolling Low" is a cheap way of saying I don't wont to play your game, as opposed to an actual complaint.
  4. Re: At what point can HERO sue? I believe Monte Cook wrote the Unearthed Arana...he was a line editor for hero back in the Iron Crown days.
  5. Re: Where else do you roll down? If you go roll high, wouldn't you just change the skills to 10+ instead of 11-. Then change the arithmatic of the OCV vs. DCV mechanics. I'm a fan of just leaving it as is.
  6. Rick

    Jujitsu - Help!!!

    Re: Jujitsu - Help!!! Yeah, buy the Ultimate Martial Artist, all the MA you need and then some.
  7. Re: Two weapon fighting and the Dai-sho We use an optional that set the DCV minus at -2 instead of 1/2. This makes more sence to us, plus it really makes it worth the 10 pts.
  8. Except we are talking about unluck fields.
  9. So really just comes down to what floats your boat. I'd shy away from "Buying" unluck simply because it's changing a convention I don't think needs to be changed to accomplish the deed. I really like the Change enviroment. This way no extra limitations saying that once you leave the Transform field the unluck goes away (though that could be the condition for undoing the Transform...). And it's cheaper no doubt.
  10. Except that unluck is a disad isn't it. You can't really buy it, it gives you points to spend. Now a more rules friendly version may be an area effect transform that gives everything in the area 5d6 unluck.... Though in your sandbox the earlier maybe easier and less of a headache.
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