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  1. Thank you. I have the advantage of having already sketched out the family's internal politics through two other characters and campaigns, so considering where she fits in amongst that and how it relates to the campaign was fairly simple. As a side note, Changelings in Pathfinder aren't shapeshifters, but the offspring of hags who are then left with humanoids (usually humans) to be raised. (https://pathfinderwiki.com/wiki/Changeling)
  2. I'll grant you that on the illustrations, a fact that I often lament when I'm trying to source illustrations. But I'm curious as to where you feel the Male Gaze applies to Civilla and Ayva's concepts. Genuinely asking, because I don't see it but will admit to possibly being unable to see past some cultural conditioning. (BTW: I'm Civilla's player, so I really would like to know what triggered any alarm bells.)
  3. Stated this up recently and figured that I'd share. Fnord POS - Free Car.HTML
  4. Just so people know, this is the reference image being used for low-cost housing in the campaign.
  5. If some of these seem familiar, it's because some of them were heavily cribbed from Susano and Killer Shrike's respective sites along with a couple of adapted characters. TBH, I'm now a little muddled on which ones are which exactly, so feel free to chime in if any seem familiar.
  6. It's worse. It's a post Shades of Black (with less than perfect resolution) Master-Villain Black Paladin. ? Oh, it will become immediately apparent (like, on segment 12) that he brought friends.
  7. Still listening to the campaign soundtrack. Now it's an NPC's personal track, Awake and Alive by Skillet
  8. I'm listening to my Edge City Campaign Soundtracks. Currently one of the gang (The Orphans) themes:
  9. At least it's better than one campaign where we were lucky to not trip each others enraged disads. And that was usually when we found out that the group vehicle's "hunted by team gadgeteer" had tripped, meaning that a random system wasn't working because he'd scavenged some component for his latest prototype. Seriously, we ended up installing a floor hatch flanked by sturdy handles because of how many times the motive systems weren't working. Yes, we had resorted to using our brick and the "flintstone-matic" drive.
  10. I swear. If it turns out that I can only succeed on diplomacy checks with attractive females, despite being an Inquisitor with the Conversion Inquisition, I'm giving up and making every character that I play a lecherous philanderer. (I'm Nemat's player.)
  11. A small update. As I am no longer running my Streets of Magnimar campaign (GM burnout), we're replacing it with a playthrough of the The Mummy's Mask for Pathfinder. Details edited into OP.
  12. Hmm, never tried writing a theme song. Mind you, my first Champions character would just have 12 minutes of white noise. PhysLim: Cannot speak above a whisper.
  13. Having played it for a bit, I'm liking the way it handled things. It avoids the problem with base Savage Worlds characters being so one-note that they don't rate a whole two dimensions by adding iconic frameworks. Mega-Damage is just the heavy mechanic renamed with a lot of the lighter weaponry no longer counting, but interestingly this means that the idea that a few towns and settlements actually successfully survive a demon attack is believable. Many of the personal armor now use a toughness mechanic so that they always help protect regardless of the AP value. Spellcasters and Psychic need to ration themselves a bit, but that stops them from just outshining everyone else. The Glitterboy lays the smack down, but has a BIG note saying that it should also attract much of the oppositions fire. Mercs and Adventurers get a boost by being veteran characters (with the +20xp) and some extra items. All in all, it's a more fun and fast-flowing game.
  14. In Eberron, I once played a cloistered cleric whose mannerisms were heavily based on Daniel Jackson from Stargate: SG1. It only took a couple of hours for the rest of the group to cotton on to it.
  15. One of the things that I tend to do for my characters is keep a theme song in mind. If nothing else, it helps me keep the general mindset/energy of the character in mind and I can play it to quickly get into character. For the games that I'm currently playing. Does anyone else do this and, if so, what are your theme songs?
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