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  1. It's worse. It's a post Shades of Black (with less than perfect resolution) Master-Villain Black Paladin. ? Oh, it will become immediately apparent (like, on segment 12) that he brought friends.
  2. Still listening to the campaign soundtrack. Now it's an NPC's personal track, Awake and Alive by Skillet
  3. I'm listening to my Edge City Campaign Soundtracks. Currently one of the gang (The Orphans) themes:
  4. At least it's better than one campaign where we were lucky to not trip each others enraged disads. And that was usually when we found out that the group vehicle's "hunted by team gadgeteer" had tripped, meaning that a random system wasn't working because he'd scavenged some component for his latest prototype. Seriously, we ended up installing a floor hatch flanked by sturdy handles because of how many times the motive systems weren't working. Yes, we had resorted to using our brick and the "flintstone-matic" drive.
  5. I swear. If it turns out that I can only succeed on diplomacy checks with attractive females, despite being an Inquisitor with the Conversion Inquisition, I'm giving up and making every character that I play a lecherous philanderer. (I'm Nemat's player.)
  6. In Eberron, I once played a cloistered cleric whose mannerisms were heavily based on Daniel Jackson from Stargate: SG1. It only took a couple of hours for the rest of the group to cotton on to it.
  7. All that I can say is that I'm having fun running these campaigns. The player for both Gillert and Flux in both cases has made characters whose morals don't exactly mesh with the rest of the table (quite accidentally in the case of Gillert), but it's left him being free to play the foil with a healthy dose of snark.
  8. If anyone is interested, the floorplan of the house that they robbed was based on a house I created for one of my characters.
  9. Open Your Heart by Crush 40. (This is always going to be THE speedster theme for me.)
  10. Right now I've been rocking a playlist suggested to me by YouTube's algorithm. https://youtu.be/2X_2IdybTV0?list=RDAUO_5EALZoM
  11. It's an instrumental rendition of that Queen classic, Somebody to Love. Love that brief solo by May.
  12. Nice. Is that you, my man? Otherwise, were you aware that that video is unlisted?
  13. I remember seeing a fan-music-video for Stargate Atlantis using that piece. It cast Zelenka as Sancho Panza to McKay's Don Quixote.
  14. Oh, I have such an evil idea... I'll post details later as I have players on this forum that I want to surprise a little. I love it when I get to resurrect an old idea with a new spin.
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