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  1. Re: Character concepts that cry out for GM Vengeance Sorry, I may have misconstrued your question when I answered it. In the case of Jake accidentally pulping the drunk's cranium, the MedTech let it slide (so Jake lived to be killed by Mike's ex-Mafioso with the orbital crystal cyberarms and the impact-triggered forearm spike) - I think he would have happily punched the drunk's nose through the back of his skull, too - especially since the drunk, the wounded woman, the car load of people the drunk had hit, and the accident itself were all based on a real event at which the bloke who was playing the MedTech and I were first on scene. Where the game digressed from reality was in the actions performed by the players. IRL, the bloke who was playing the MedTech was not a paramedic but he was a first aider, as am I, so we rendered assistance as best we could and waited for the ambulance to arrive. IRL, we had to render assistance to the stupid drunk who had trashed a car full of young people returning from an office party (the driver of the second car was a designated sober driver) - fortunately none of whom were injured - and had seriously wounded a passenger in his own car - teeth through lip, broken shin-bone protruding through skin of leg. The drunk had suffered only superficial lacerations when he went through the windshield, owing to being so drunk that he flopped like a rag doll, but we had to tend to him and help the Ambos get him into the back of the ambulance - despite wanting to just "accidentally" drop him on the pavement. I suspect a bit of the player crept into the character, enabling the MedTech to let Jake survive "just this once".
  2. Re: Character concepts that cry out for GM Vengeance *gibber*
  3. Re: Character concepts that cry out for GM Vengeance I'd load up all the other characters with things that can neutralise Dante's abilities (I'd bloody invent them if I have to) and can send him to some dimension whence he could never return. Five minutes of Dante-esque game play and any of my regular players would have no hesitation in using said artifacts (actually, could be quite a good "Team-Building Exercise" for the rest of the players...) Of course, dimensional portals are tricky buggers and are likely to gobble up the artifacts along with "Dante" but such is life...
  4. Re: Character concepts that cry out for GM Vengeance Pretty much what ghost-angel said. It's amazing what even a couple of failed rolls can do. A couple of spectacularly failed rolls trying to stabilise mortally wounded people and one of our MedTechs (my wife) got a reputation that surpassed Dr Kevorkian (sp?). After that, her rolls seemed to go to sh*t and the players were terrified they'd get into some action, get badly wounded by their enemies and then get killed by their own MedTech. "I'll stabilise him." "For God's sake, NO, we want him alive. I'll do first aid." "We're under attack!" "Find hard cover, we can't risk being wounded." The PCs were even threatening the NPCs with "tell us what we want to know or we'll let our MedTech "heal" you." This campaign she's playing a Techie and the one of the other players said to another "you sure you trust her to check out the AV?" Don't worry, the AV didn't crash because she muffed her AV tech roll - t'was a seagull through the inlet nacelle that caused the "Unscheduled Descent" (and the players were praying that their pilot didn't fumble her emergency control roll.) The MedTech who threatened to kill Jake if he murdered anyone else was previously confronted by a CyberTiger and in a spectacular Critical Success quick-drew, fired from the hip one handed with an assault weapon and obilterated the tiger. That was a high REP moment. He had also proved himself in combat on other occasions. He didn't have my wife's "Dr Death" reputation but he was better known as a (deliberate) killer than a healer. No small wonder that Chris was fearing for his character's life. "Don't f*ck with us, even our MedTech can out-shoot you!"
  5. Re: Character concepts that cry out for GM Vengeance
  6. Re: Character concepts that cry out for GM Vengeance In which case, so far as GM Vengeance is concerned, the best (or nastiest) would be to let the player have the character and let the other PCs have their "fun"... It'd have the life-expectancy of a bleeding lamb in a piranha tank in one of my campaigns. My only hope would be that I'd have enough time to pour a drink, light a cigarette and get seated before the entertainment started.
  7. Re: Character concepts that cry out for GM Vengeance Is the Ben 10 character a PC or NPC in the game? Who determines how well or badly he does and who is likely to cop it if he screws up? I take it the vigilante/merc type is the character who's just asking to be handed his own head with a side order of "you should have known better" and a heaped helping of "I told you so" for afters? Edit: I've noticed I've passed the first mile-stone for "Forum Whore" - my post count now exceeds my age...
  8. Re: Character concepts that cry out for GM Vengeance A quick google and I'm nearly up to speed. Please explain, for the benefit of those of us who play RPGs rather than computer games, what Dante's vital stats are - aside from some stupid UberHollywood fighting techniques and running up walls?
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