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  1. I am looking for a HERO RPG game in the southern NH area. I live in Nashua, but but will travel 50 or 60 miles for a game (including into MA.) I prefer Champions, but will play Fantasy HERO, Pulp Hero, etc. Any interest?
  2. Re: Would you allow this? Probably not, but depends on the rest of the group.
  3. The book above (by Matthew Brozik and Jacob Weinstein) is real, if tongue in cheek. It was done in 2005, but I just got a copy today. It's a hoot. Check it out. The Library of Cogress Control Number is: 2005924763.
  4. Re: The One, True Son of Krypton Excellent point.! I really hate reboots.
  5. Re: New Products In Store: CV3, APG II, Skeletons, and CV3 Characer Pack I didn't see any way to order the PDFs without the books for the first 2. Is there one?
  6. Re: Alternate Sexualities in Champions and Supers settings Actually, I find it amazing that no one has mentioned the Whately Academy universe in this thread.
  7. Re: Alternate Sexualities in Champions and Supers settings
  8. Re: Alternate Sexualities in Champions and Supers settings I'm probably going to regret this, but who are you referring to?
  9. I am trying to remember the older versions of the Champions. The one before the current (4th edition I think) was Defender, Solitaire, Seeker, a female energy projector who was an MD in her secret ID (she might have been named Quantum), and an exiled alien prince who was their brick. Before that there was a version with Defender, Jaguar, and 3 others. Can anyone recall the names?
  10. If a super hero who pays points for his weapons finds himself wishing to use a weapons taken from an enemy (or friend or neutral), as a "one off" thing, does he need to have the appropriate weapon familiarity to avoid penalties? For example, the hero has a blaster rifle, but in a fight against Viper Super Villains (supported by agents) he is "disarmed". Can he grab one of the agents' blaster rifles and use it normally even if he has not taken weapons familiarity? (It is my understanding that he can.) Thank you.
  11. Re: Your favorite champions character That's GR8!! My favorite RP character is/was from a Chivalry & Sorcery Game back in the late 80's. She was a young mage who pretended to be a young man when out on missions (she was still an apprentice, so her master gave her missions), not only did none of the other characters ever figure out she and "her brother" were the same person, only one of the other players ever did! BTW, her master was Simon bar Yakov. On the first mission the group did for him, at one point someone said: "You know why we're doing this? Because Simon said."
  12. Re: Generations of Strangers Come on now, surely you saw that coming.
  13. Re: Generations of Strangers The alligator is going to die???? Say it isn't so!
  14. This mostly comes up in Pulp Hero, but can show up else where. Does a character with a bolt action rifle need to spend a half phase working the action before he can fire a second shot? If not, is there any advantage to a semi-auto weapon over a bolt action one?
  15. Re: Fictional cities I have used real cities, but later made my own: Earle City, which is situated where Crescent City in Northern California is. The real city is quite small, I made a major metropolis there.
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