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  1. Please keep in my mind that i am a Hero newb, so i have not much idea of what kind of difference really is between 250 and 500 points (in in-play effectiveness). . Ascendancy is not just about higher stats. Sure, it is part of it...some ascendants surely are smarter, stronger, what-have-you than mere mortals. But there are also other things...for example : having lifespans in the thousands and ten-thousands of years, being faster (in movement and reflexes) than normal, being able to transform into other shapes (shapechanger) ... the list goes on. One has to keep in mind one very important
  2. Well the magic system is surely one of the big points, yes. And yes, the magic in the MBotF is very much aspected (i guess you could say GURPS-DNA ). Warren of Shadow, Warren of Elder Ice, Warren of Darkness etc. ... But there is other things i am wondering about. For example how would you model ascendancy* ? Or would you do race templates (i think i would) for the various races in the MBotF? If so, let's see them * i know you can just model each Ascendant/God as a single entity with many points. But i think there is such a thing on the world of the MBotF as a "path to ascendancy" (or m
  3. As the title suggests, i'm looking for people who have tried to game in the World of Steven Erikson's Malazan Book of the Fallen (first book is called Gardens of the Moon). If so, care to share it with us? If not, but you still know the books: How would you do it? Or to put it another way - care to brainstorm it in a thread (you can use this one if you want to)? I always wanted to play in Steven's universe (Fun Fact - the world and setting started as an AD&D campaign of the author but very soon moved to GURPS. Steven even mentioned that the way GURPS handles things had an impac
  4. Let's see: Definitely read Steven Erikson's Malazan Book of the Fallen (if you haven't already...i saw it was recommended to you). In my book the best fantasy out there atm. Big, sweeping epic, with unbeatable worldbuilding (ok, Tolkien is still king, but his world is very different than Steven's) and very complex. Don't read it when you're tired/on a train/otherwise distracted Another fantastic author (and i haven't seen him mentioned in this thread) is Scott R. Bakker and his Prince of Nothing trilogy. It is followed by the Aspect Emperor trilogy (third book not out yet). Also a ver
  5. Thanks Spence for your advice. As it turns out, i was lucky. Seems Hero 6th and me are meant to be ...why? Well i found two different places, one had the Vol 1 book for a reasonable price and the other had Volume 2 for a reasonable price...so i am all set. If i like what i see with those two books, i will consider buying into Fantasy on a later date (i am mainly a fantasy guy). Btw, does anyone know, is Hero Games supporting Bits and Mortar? So can i expect to get the pdfs of those two books if i can prove purchase of said books? Thanks again for all your replies, guys.
  6. Thanks for all your answers Now i am torn .... i mean i am new to Hero...really new (aka never played it, only read snippets of it every now and then). I think all the examples and explanations of the 2 Volume set would probably be of big value to someone like me. No? The prospect of being able to buy Fantasy or Champions complete right now and be done is really attractive ....but the question is - is it also the best way to go for a total newb ^^ *sigh* Decisions, decisions... Anyway, be that as it may, you have all been a big help, so thank you again. P.S.: Anyone care to l
  7. Thank you, Scott, for your answer. So a reprint is not in the cards, it seems Is there any talk and/or rumor about Hero 7th Ed.? I looked at Fantasy Hero Complete and Champions Complete but i am wondering how can this be the full rules if the page count is so much smaller (especially as i hope that some of that page count is also reserved for the genre part of the book)? I mean Vol I and II had a combined page count of over 700 vs. 240 pages in FHC or CC.
  8. Hello, I'm new to Hero and i was wondering - will we see a reprint of the 2 volume Set of the 6th Edition rules soon or will we get a 7th Edition instead (the 6th Ed. is 6 years old, iirc)? I know there are some genre books that contain the rules but i would like to buy a generic, overall version of the rules, if at all possible. So do we know if there is a reprint of the 6th Ed. or if there is a 7th Ed. in planning? I know there is a basic rules book and that there are pdfs of the 2 volume set. But i am not a pdf user and as i said, if at all possible i want the full rules. I checked
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