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  1. "Further, it's hard to see Bader believably being "Jethro strong" just based on the physical differences between Bader and Max Baer. Max was, in his youth, a damned big man." I spoke with Max Baer back in 2017. Although his official height is 6 ft 4, I am 6 ft 2 and Max towers over me....at age 82, Max is STILL a damned big man. Did you know he put ice cubes down Frank Sinatra's back...and yet still lives to tell the tale.....
  2. Sigh....the Swiss Army Knife of Champions....but, it works. Maybe playing Checkers would be easier.
  3. Building a Shrink Ray !! This would be a device, not to be used to fight crime, but to shrink people down to the size of tiny ants, Bwahahahaha!! Ahem. Anyway, What i mean is, yes, you would be small, but not with human sized strength, but where lifting a can of soda would be impossible and you could barely use a sewing needle as a sword. How would Hero simulate this?
  4. Just getting back into Champions/Hero myself, and went out and bought a 4th Edition BBB AND a Champions Complete. Being a fan of simpler write-ups, I seem to be leaning towards 4th...but I find the explanations provided with 6th (Complete) to be quite helpful. IMHO, if it takes more than one sheet of paper to stat up a character, you're probably working harder than a Hollywood script writer.
  5. There is a power in Champions Powers called "Bodyjacking", which might solve the "Jericho Problem", but it involves changes to the Desolid power, like making it a Projection and Merging variant. Champions Complete offers an example of Astral Projection which involves Duplicating one's self as an invisible and desolid version.
  6. Just looking to see how others would write up a Hand of Glory, the mythological device made of a dead man's hand with a lit candle, which, according to folklore, can open all doors and paralyze any person looking at it. How would that look in game terms?
  7. Oh, I know the trope...."Wait, stop...you must kill me before I turn into...one of those....things ! Noooooooooo...."
  8. Kevinvt

    Human Torch

    Hmm...Transformation's a classic trope. I've loved the idea since Sword in the stone, where Merlin and Mad Madam Mim have a transformation battle, which Merlin wins by changing into a germ inside Mim and making her sick....lol
  9. May-be both. I'm just thinking of the scenario where the villain says..."I shall use my Transmographication Ray to to turn you into a Wombaticulitis, and use you to destroy your friends !!"......but I'm not looking to go with the idea that..."It's an NPC villain, just stat the character and play it"...I want to see how the write-up of that ability might work.
  10. Kevinvt

    Human Torch

    Ok, THIS is what I'm talking about !! I always pictured Gar as a Multiform based character, requiring several different write ups to emulate different ani-mules he can turn into..but No !! What did I know? It was a multipower all along....I could have gone back to Kansas anytime I wanted to...
  11. Is there any chance you'd want to walk me through the math on this one? I think its the "Severe Transform" 1 point that gets me. Chalk it up to me being new to 6th Ed......
  12. Transformed into your ally/follower/pet/slave in under 5 minutes, or your money back !! Order now and be the first one on your block !!
  13. I was referring to an NPC who can turn people into heroes/villains....that's where I was going with this.
  14. This may be a rules questions and is probably in a rulebook someplace, but I'm not even sure where to look ! Let's say you wanted to give someone "Super-Solider" formula to turn them into a peak fighting machine, or expose them to Gamma rays to turn them into a raging monster, or even strike them with lightning to allow them to move at super-speed, how would you do it? Is it as easy as a "Severe Transform"? "
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