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  1. Not actually contributing to the thread topic, but here's an online app to create images of your favourite piece of hardware pimp my gun
  2. Version 1.1


    This is an add on package deal like the other special forces package deals in DC. The SASR selection is open to all army personnel so add this to the basic military package deal or the equivalent. It is quite heavy in points, despite never having experienced the cadre course, I think it is a good representation of the SASR skill set. On the choice of martial arts, I've left it at Commando, despite the fact that the Australian Army teaches recruits Military Self Defence (MSD) (developed from the Marine Corps Martial Arts Program), A new development is an attempt to develop an "Integrated Martial Arts Program", supposedly integrating bayonet drill, unarmed techniques, shooting techniques and other CQB techniques. At present this is nowhere near formalised as each unit appears to be working with local martial arts instructors to develop their own unit program. The Royal Australian Infantry Corps is supposedly developing it's own Infantry Integrated Martial Arts Program, and there is anecdotal evidence that both the commandos and SASR are developing or have developed similar programs. Make your own decisions on the martial arts.
  3. Version 1.0


    This is an effort to explain the organisation and rank structure of the Australian Army. I expect to do the same for the Navy and Airforce. Package Deals will follow shortly.
  4. Version 1.0


    This package only includes options for the Dark Champions Police Officer Package Deal. I have renamed some of the options from DC and have added others to represent each of the Bureaus, Divisions and Taskforces within the HCPD as described in Hudson City: The Urban Abyss. Just replace the original options with this options package.
  5. Version 1.0


    Gregory Giles was a member of the HCPD, originally trained in forensics he transferred to the Counterterrorism Bureau. During a raid on a terrorist safehouse, a terrorist triggered an explosive, Gregory was injured and thrown clear. (In actuality his latent time powers manifested and stopped time, initially confused by everything suddenly stopping, he crawled to safety before time restarted). Due to his injuries he lost the use of his legs. Released from hospital and invalided out of the department, he decided to continue pursuing terrorists and other criminals in his own time. His disability limits what he can do, so he focuses on assisting other vigilantes and crimefighters however he can. Being limited mainly to a supporting role doesn't sit well with him, and he devotes much of his spare time to devising or discovering a way to walk again.
  6. Banakles


    Version 1.1


    Shinigami is one of the main characters in my current campaign "Something Wicked This Way Will Come" Shinigami is mutant who can meld with and step through shadows, he is trained in and teaches Kage Ryu Kenjutsu. He is determined to hunt down his parents' killer and avenge them, currently the only suspect he has is the Blue Moon Killer.
  7. Version 1.2


    Knifepoint is one of the main characters in my current campaign "Something Wicked This Way Will Come" Knifepoint is a reformed eco-terrorist, he was in fact one of W.E.B.'s Gaea's Commandos. Having a crisis of faith during one of their missions he fled the organisation and went into hiding. A devout Catholic he believes he must atone for his past crimes, and has thus embarked upon a career of crime-fighting.
  8. Banakles


    Version 1.2


    Gunsmoke is one of the main characters in my current campaign "Something Wicked This Way Will Come" Gunsmoke was a budding Bushranger in 19th century in the Brisbane area, while escaping from the police he and his companions rode straight through an aboriginal cemetery, through some sort of portal and into the Dreamtime. Gunsmoke and his companions had many adventures together within the dreamtime, unfortunately one of his companions was a Vampyri, who slowly and secretly killed off the group. Gunsmoke, by now out of ammunition, fled when he discovered the Vampyri. Wandering into an Aboriginal Encampment half starved and dehydrated, he was nursed back to health and taught how to survive in the wild. Later, his tale of the Vampyri, (known as a Talamaur to the Aboriginals) encouraged the Elders to conduct a special ritual to empower Gunsmoke with the means to hunt and defeat the Talamaur. Afterwards Gunsmoke was somewhat resistant to injury, he even healed faster, he didn't need to sleep as long, nor did he need to eat as often, could see (detect) magic, mystical objects and creatures and his gun now fired bullets without having to be loaded. He recently leaped through another portal pursued by a giant snake, ending up in New Brisbane in the year 2015.
  9. How did you come up with your 'handle' (forum name) It's a character name from David Gemmell's Troy Trilogy What was the first tabletop RPG you played? Basic D&D What was the first tabletop RPG you GMed? Traveller (LBB version) What are you currently playing/GMing? Currently playing in a Chivalry & Sorcery Campaign (30+ years so far) GMing a slightly confused and haphazardly assembled Street Level Champions Campaign (with Dark Champions outlook) I have titled it "Something Wicked This Way Will Come" although I haven't decided what that something wicked will be yet.
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