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  1. Bring back transfer. Its easier than combining drain and aid. instead of free haps pay for them with experience or creation points. 1 point for 10 HAPS which are renewed each session. Make drain cost more rather than have all the exceptions instead of the double cost for defensive characteristics. I'm thinking 20 to 25 per die of drain. As an advantage of +0 Have a set number instead of a die roll. For example energy blast of 10 damage class would be multiplied by 3.5 or 4 per dc which would give you a constant 35 or 40 stun and 10 body As an advantage of +1/4 have the set number be x5 and a +1/2 advantage be x6 with double body per each damage class. non-accumulating as a +2 limitation for area effecting powers so only the damage of one die roll per phase is not added to the following or previous damage rolls. A power called Doesn't take body costing 50 character points which can't be combined with takes no stun.
  2. Sorry people didn't like the powers. I am as yet without Champions 6E
  3. Some powers I'm trying to work up. Invulnerability Characters with this power do not take body damage and their PD and ED are resistant Cost 75 character points Immortal Characters with this power can't die. Characters who would have died slowly heal damage normally or regenerate or use an aid to body to recover body damage. The character is unconscious and unable to move when he should be dead. Cost 10 character points Doesn't Bleed Characters with this power don't bleed. 5 character points I'm working on rules for the following five powers 1. Prophecy 2. Resurrection 3. Mind swapping 4. Spirit swapping 5. Possession
  4. I know adventures haven't done well. That's why I want to combine them with a campaign source book. Something like strike force or kingdom of champions with an collection of adventures.
  5. Why not sell a campaign source book with a collection of adventures. I'm thinking a collection of 12 or more related adventures with groups, teams, organizations and maps.
  6. Since your talking about source books with Strike Force being reissued. I was wondering if you could reprint this sourcebook. I have a product I would like to see a campaign source book having the characters, groups, organizations and a collection of adventures. I want at least 12 related and connected adventures that come with that source book.
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