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  1. Thanks all. I had the Equipment guide, but just missed it. I think we will go with those stats. Thanks.
  2. I recently played MHI with a group of RPG friends, and they loved it! It was a definite hit. One friend made his character a tribute to Ash from the Evil Dead movies, and we had to wing the stats for a chainsaw. We looked online and there were at least 3 different stats on forums for a chainsaw. Is there an 'official" one somewhere? If not which set of stats would you recommend? Thanks for all the help you all have been while I get used to a new system. I love the forums here.
  3. Thanks. Yeah after looking at it again, we were calculating it wrong. That makes more sense and clears it up. Thanks all.
  4. Last month I asked a lot of questions to figure out combat with MHI and the Hero system in general. Thank you so much for your advice and help. So after running my first adventure I have to say I kind of like the system. But it also raised some more questions. One in particular is that it seemed like the players stunned the monsters easily, but could not touch their body. They were using guns with multi-fire (five shots), by the time they shot 5 times in one phase and accounted for the extra stun damage from hit locations, the poor wererat had taken 40-50 more points of stun damage
  5. Thanks that what I thought. I appreciate the insight.
  6. Sorry one more for you all. with martial art maneuvers, when it says a damage plus STR does that mean you add their HTH damage from STR to the weapon damage? For example: say a character has a 2d6 in HTH and uses a maneuver or melee weapon that says STR + 1d6, they would roll a 3d6 to determine damage right? Just want to be sure and get this right.
  7. Thanks. I think I am getting the hang of this now. You all have been great! I am really impressed with the community here in the forums. Thanks again.
  8. The only other thing I think I am not clear on it shooting at an inanimate object. In the book of adventures I got it has a scenario with a shooting competition between players. It mentions shooting at a soda can from a 100m away (-8 for size and -8 for distance). What is the DCV for the soda can? 16 or 27 (16+11)?
  9. Thanks. That is what I thought, just wanted to be sure. I was not sure it was stun or killing damage.
  10. @bluesguy: In your Original post. First bullet point under combat. Sorry I am still trying how to figure out how to use quotes correctly.
  11. One more for you. My boy have a martial artist specializing in Krav Maga and he wanted to do a choke hold that does 2do NND (?) Damage. What is that and how is that figured?
  12. Thanks. That helps a lot. I just have the MHI books and there is not a lot of sample combat. How would I to like a shooting competing between player. Say like shooting at a target that is 100 meters away and is the size of a soda can. I know it would be -8 for the size and -8 for distance. I total of -16 but what do I add it to to see if the characters can hit it.
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