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  1. Well, only had two guys show up, one who had a character finished and another who didn't. The latter guy decided on biologist and he will have water control/form powers. Are official first game is tomorrow night. So wish us luck.
  2. Ha! Major Tom, I totally forgot about that! You are correct!
  3. Well, looks like we going to try to get together tonite. Two guys are out though, and at least one guy still needs to stat out his character. Sounds like a session building...er, session!
  4. Oh, I like that! Bonus points if one or two of the Atoms are dating a couple of the girls in their civilian ids.
  5. Winterhawk, great stuff. Yea, though they want a lot of space adventures, I'm going to throw the mob at them occasionally. Even have an idea for a mob enforcer, a young man who turns to stone named Rockabilly. Nothere, I like all of those and probably will use them too. mrinku, oh that's good. I was going to have them face off against left over nazis but that is a good idea, having the villain hide in plain sight. Cassandra, yep, got a giant ant adventure planned. It's an Improbable Tales adventure for the Icons! Game that I plan on tweaking. Again thanks for all your ideas, everyone! Keep them coming.
  6. As someone who is about to run an Atomic Age Supers game, all the ideas in this thread are gold!
  7. These are great! Thanks Guys! Since others might find use for these plot hooks too, here are a few I will definitey be using: The Mad Scientist Convention: Remember all those mad scientist that got put away in the 30's? Well, the government gave them a chance to commute their senteces if they contributed to the war effort. Some that took the option turned their lives around and became productive citizens. Those that took the option but didn't reform, found comaradarie with each other and after the war formed the Scientific Society of Evil. And they just hit Vegas for their first ever annual convention! Flying Purple People Eater: A strange flying monster has hit town, terroizing the populace. Will the heroes discover that it is music that soothes the savage beast? Red Hood: Trick-arrow bowman and American Communist Party member, The Marxman, has gathered around a team of like-minded souls to commit robberies for the revolution. And what better place to start then Vegas, the epitome of captiolistic debauchery and greed!
  8. Hey, everybody. Its been awhile since I posted anyhthing here but now i'm back. So, I was running a D&D game on Skype that got put on a three month hiatus leading up to Christmas becuase of real life scheduling issues. While we were down i started thinking of doing a Champions game on Skype. It worked so well with D&D i thought I would see if my four players were up for it. Since most are veterans of the Defenders Congregate game i knew they would be. So all I said to them was I need you to have a shared origin, matching costumes, and...oh, you all have to be brothers. Except for that you can choose any era or setting to play in and i'd roll with it. They chose the Atomic Age, and mostly in space. So, i decided they would split their time having adventures in space and in 1950's Earth. So with a little Brainstorming, this is what we all came up with. Year: 1954 Setting: Default Champions Universe, at the end of the Golden Age and just before the dawning of the Silver Age. Assume the timeline is accurate up until 1954. after all the Players might totally change everything from that point on. LOL. Place: Las Vegas, Nevada (specifically in the Groom Lake area as the old abandoned air base will be their HQ, Yes they will be the start of Area 51) Shared Origin: Since most of the PC's will be scientists, they decided they would build a super telescope but when they tried it out they were hit by some strange space ray and gained super powers. Wealth: Not only does their family have a share in one or two silver mines in the Groom Lake area, but the PCs all invented stuff like Super Glue, Velcro, and Scothgard, some a few years before it was actually invented in the real world. The PC's so far: Rex Atom, The Molecular Man: The oldest of the Atom boys and world renowned Chemist who gained shrinking powers. Rex is a no-nonsense, straight laced fella that believes Beatniks need to get a job and McCarthy needs more funding. He was in the Navy before being pulled into the Manhatten Project as one of Openhiemer's interns before getting his degree in chemistry at Harvard. Unknown Atom: no name yet. but is the second oldest and world renowned Pyhsist who gained gravity/density manipulation powers. Not much more to go on than that yet. Brock Atom: The Youngest of the Atom Boys and world renowned Engineneer who is looking at a TK teleportor. Brock fought in the Korean War, probably in the Army Corps of Engineers, but being the youngest he doesn't listen to the squares. The fourth player hasn't gotten back to me yet but was talking about some supporter type role. And I picked up a fifth player, another Defender's veteran playing James Atom, The World's Best Pilot who gained cosmic energy powers as a flying blaster. Probably flew missions in WWII and Korea but I havent got a background yet. but he is the first one to send me a Character Sheet. Anyhoo, I'd appreciate any thoughts, plot hooks and adventure ideas you guys might have. The plot ideas can be one to five players, becuase sometimes not everybody can show up, so a variety of plug and go adventure ideas would be good.
  9. Sorry, I just seen the last two posts, and I haven't been on the Hero boards much lately. Well we finished up 7th season back in the fall and decided we needed a little break so Templar started a D&D 4th edition game that we have been playing. I'm thinking of running a Deadlands Reloaded mini-campaign after that. The setting will be a good fit for our group, I think. But when we get that done it will be back to Champions. But, alas, we will probably move on from the current Defenders, for awhile anyway. To tell the truth, I was kind of losing my mojo for running it at the end. Don't know if I was beginning to get burned out on supers or what but my creative enthusiasm began to wane. Plus some players have played the same character, off and on, for 10 years or more. a change was probably in order. Not to say that we won't go back to those characters at some point, but seven seasons is a good run. I'm going to start up a Galactic Champions game set in the Defender's Universe in the year 2525. Got some cool ideas for legacies from both heroes and villains, so we are all looking forward to it. But I'll see if I can get the jist down of how sixth finished up, and hit all the major highlights of 7th season here in a bit.
  10. Here's what I did. After the Defenders season six, Dr. D took some major damage, but still (barely) survived. though his organization didn't. Anyway, a year later he kidnaps Cateran to steal her genetic code to clone himself an immortal body. The Defenders showed up saved Cateran, and watched a Destroyer, hooked up to life support die. But Destroyer uploaded everything, including his mind to a secret location. He will make a reappearance next season in a younger, more powerful, and more importantly Immortal body. With red hair
  11. Tomorrow Boy's gadgets (including his instant change costume) are nullified in intense magnetic fields. Never came up in game play though. Fantastic-Man's player gave him a weakness to Anti-Michelium (regular Michelium gave him his powers). I just introduced a red version that acts like Red Kryptonite. It was a hoot.
  12. Re: [Campaign] DEFENDERS CONGREGATE!! UPDATE: Season 6 Finale Summary, cont.. The Defenders go to Hell After meeting with V'han, we head back to the Citadel to prepare to go into the Pit. Though Dr. D is technically in custody, you really couldn't tell, he states that he will keep an eye on the traitorous witch. He tells us that is not a request (at this time the GM hadn't let us know how badly we had beaten him. We still thought he was a threat). "Well, try not to start any intergalactic incidents, or take over the world while we're gone would ya." Fantastic-Man tells him. "I'd rather be here to punch you in the face again for that." Anyway back at the Citadel, TB reveals that he had the Issis Sceptor (the top half of the staff) on him the whole time, digitized, hiding in his costume. Other Heroes start to show up at the Citidel including the Atom Family. Nighthawk takes the oldest sister, Tess Atom off to have a private conversation with her. He then reveals to her that he is Jack Kirby (who Tess had been dating off and on). He tells her that there is a good chance that the Defender's might not return, so as a back up plan for just such an event, he had his lawyers, months ago, draw up papers that would make sure she would be in control of his company and that she should help direct his vast fortune to needy charities. She is overcome with emotion, but agrees. Meanwhile, Rampant Lion has taking his public relations agent, Alicia Bellows aside as well. He had already reveled his identity to her recently in the season, but now he confesses his love to her and promises that he will fight his way back from the Abyss to be back in her arms. RL was always an optimist. Meanwhile, Fantastic-Man questions Warforge on what to expect in the Pit. Warforge can tell us very little other then that it was a plane of hell whose edges he skirted following his path. (Warforge journeyed through several realms as he traveled from his father Hephasteus' forge to Paragon City). Soon we all gathered and prepared to leave. Before we left, Tess' young sister Vicky came up to TB. With tears in her eyes, She wished him good luck and then gave him a passionate kiss. TB stood stunned for a minute as Vicky ran off. Fantastic-Man put his hand on TB's shoulder and said, quitely: "Come on kid. We got a job to do." Soon the Defender's were gathered on the edge of the Pit. We are suprised when Cromwell shows up, dressed for battle. "I'm Going with you," He says. " No objections!" He then slides a round into the chamber of his desert eagle. Rampant Lion notices the word "Joanne" written on the side of the gun but says nothing. "Fair enough," comments Fantastic-Man. "Okay, Defenders! Let's roll! Warforge lead the way." The Defenders slowly start to descend into the Pit. It's slow going and treacherous. But Warforge knows the proper path and soon we find ourselves in a bleak, barren, rocky land. The sky has a reddish, almost bloody tint. The ground is a combination of red and black rock. Off in the far distance we see a tall mountainess crag reaching into the sky. The top of th crag was covered in an inky blackness. "Yep. Just the way i remember it. Bleak and forboding." Warforge quips. To be continued...
  13. Re: Public vs. Secret Identity In the Defenders Congregate! Campaign, Tomorrow Boy had a Secret ID of Riv Allen who was a ward to Frank Miller Aka Fantastic-Man, who himself had a Public ID. The GM thought it was hilarous so he never had anybody put that together. As far as CvK being mandatory, even if the characters probably wouldn't be killing people normally, they might by accident, and then all kinds of role-playing issues can come up. In fact in the very same campaign TB accidently used his TK blast to knock a DEMON agent into an abyss. Since he had a CvK (In our campaign, a PC must take either a Cvk, Code of the Hero or Protective of the innocent or they can take all three*) TB was so distraught that, with the Gm's permission I put a temporary Act roll on my powers, with out the benefits of the limitation. It represented a mental block he developed to using his powers. It was great fun. * the reason for this rule is back in the day when Frydaddy and i were trying to get a Champions group together, we'd get these guys that said they knew all about super heroes but in actually play they were ripping heads off mind controlled old ladies
  14. Re: [Campaign] DEFENDERS CONGREGATE!! UPDATE: Sixth Season Finale summary, continued The Return of Istvatha V'han Okay, after the Defenders have Dr. D on the ropes, a bunch of alarms go off in his base and his monitors switch to a large fleet in orbit around Earth. "You Fools! Thanks to your interference i'm too late to save the planet!" Destroyer says to us. Then Cromwell, Director of PRIMUS, contacts us and says a shuttle from the fleet is headed right for Paragon City. Destroyer demands to go with us, because we are going to need his help dealing with this threat. A threat he is still pretty vague about. We all find the nearest Defenders teleport tube (we have them all over the place) and teleport back to our base, The Citadel, in Paragon City. We eventually meet the shuttle, with Cromwell and a group of PrIMUS agents, just as the a ramp descends. Several royal guard looking people descend and take up posistion on either side of the ramp. Then a woman descends the ramp and we immediatly reconize her as Nebula, a women we encountered in an earlier season who was hunting Herculan. Since we sided with Herculan against her she didn't hold us in the highest regard. She claimed that we had broken the "Treaty of Witchita", whatever that menat. She glowers at us and demands we all kneel before Istvatha V'han, Empress of a Billion Dimensions! And then another woman descends the ramp. Of course we didn't kneel and neither did Dr. Destroyer who quickly tells us not to trust her. V'han looks around and says "were is Sentinal? i wish to speak to him." Of course Sentinal was nowhere around since he disapeared with the White Event back in 1985 along with the entire city of Wichita! Paragon City of course was built on its place. Dr. Destroyer tells us that V'han is the one who caused the White Event, which she denies. She says she was prepared to bring the Earth under her rule, for our own protection of course, until Sentinal convinced her we could rule ourselves. As a test she gave Sentinal an artifact to keep safe. when she returned in twenty-five years and he had protected the artifact and returned it to her, she would deem the Earth was able to rule itself. She has shown up early because Nebula had informed her that Sentinal was no longer here and the new "Champions" had no knowledge of the artifact. Dr. Destroyer then says that V'han betrayed Sentinal because as soon as she left the White Event immediatly occured. When we pressed him on how he knew he admits that he was there. Since Sentinal had been leading all the heroes against most of the villians in Withita when The White Event occured, and they all disappeared along with Wichita, we asked Dr. D how he survived. He wouldn't answer of course. V'han then said we had 24 hours to bring her the artifact and showed us a hologram of a long staff. we reconized the top half as Isis' Sceptor that Apocalypse was trying to get his hands on. TB actually had it tucked away because he had been studying it. We deduced that the other half of the staff must be with Sentinal and the only place he could be was the Pit. When Witchita disappeared all that was left in its place was a mysterouis pit. Over the years, many people had tried to explore the pit but they never returned. That had to be were Sentinal ended up. And we just happened to have some one on the team that first made his appearence by crawling out of the Pit. Warforge Next: The Defenders go to Hell!
  15. Re: [Campaign] DEFENDERS CONGREGATE!! Okay, its been a loooooooong time since i posted here in this thread. a lot of people probably thought this thing was on life support. Its been a busy, busy, busy summer. Heck, we hardly got together all summer as a gaming group because everyone was so busy. We only just finished the last session of Templar's Starcraft game two weeks ago, after it hung over our heads all summer. We did get three sessions under our belts for Season 7 though so hopefully I can start posting them soon.
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