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  1. Hello Derek, I don't want to beat this thread to death but I am interested in your take on this. If Sapphire, (CC page 197) is caught in a 6 Body, 6 Def entangle then she should be able to use her "Power Bolt 1" 12D6 Blast to try to escape, correct? She would not have to rely on strength (hopefully.) Champions Complete does not go into detail regarding when a Haymaker can be used. In contrast 6E2 p68 states that " Although Haymaker applies to any attack..." which suggests that Sapphire could Haymaker her "Power Bolt 1" to 16D6. That said, one could a
  2. I have a quick question. When the "gear" a character wants is above and beyond the mundane gear does the character pay the difference in cp or do they have to buy the whole thing? Example: If a mundane car is 20 cp and the character wants a mundane car that can generate a 10 cp smoke screen. Thus the car the character wants would be 30cp. Does the character pay 10cp (for the improvement) or 30cp for the whole vehicle?
  3. I agree with you Greywind but I would add two little details. First, the character should have the 1cp perk for a driver's license. Second, in my opinion any character with the "destitute" limitation should not own a car unless they also are hunted by repo men (and women...) Other than that as long as the car is ordinary and generic I do not see a problem with the character using the car to do things that are mundane.
  4. I decided to take a crack at it: Cell Phone Multipower: 30 Active Points, Common limitations: OAF -1, Cost End -1/2, 1 easily recoverable charge, lasts 6 hours (+0, because otherwise it is cheaper to get rid of "Costs End" but the phone's use should be limited by battery capacity) real cost: 12 Mind Link 5cp, No Line of Sight +10, up to 16 participants (Conference Call) + 15 = 30 Active Points, Only to others with a cell phone & requires knowledge of their phone number -1, real cost: 1 Radio Perception and Transmission, Active Points 10,
  5. Thank you for your responses Derek and Drunkonduty, I have to admit that this particular situation (trying to use a haymaker to escape an entangle) has never come up in a gaming session but the reason might be that it does not seem to be an obvious combination. I feel it is context specific. For example, I would not allow it to be used against hand cuffs but I might allow it to be used against (for example) a glue power after the player character legitimately tries (ie full strength) to escape the glue entangle. Each haymaker attempt would have to follow a more conventional atte
  6. The rules do not seem to mention using Haymaker versus Entangles. It gives players a chance to escape an entangle provided they do not mind losing an extra segment. Typically a Haymaker add 4D6 damage to a normal attack however the books include other uses of Haymaker 6e2 p 69. Surprisingly, using it to get out of an entangle (mental or physical) is not mentioned. As I see it, if you can haymaker a mental blast (to get +2D6 effect) then it seems consistent to allow a character to use haymaker to break out of paralysis bought as a BoECV Entangle. A generous GM might also allow a
  7. A couple of years ago I was able to snag the 6E1 and 6E2 books from eBay brand new at what amounts to their original retail price. That said, they don't come up often. Since you have a preference for 6E I would also recommend Champions Complete it has everything you need but perhaps not as much as you might want. It may be difficult to find a new copy however inside it is black and white so a print on demand version should work fine. I would also recommend getting Champions Powers. It has a ton of good examples. (It is nearly twice the size of Champions Complete...)
  8. This is a very odd concept. (I applaud your creativity.) If you wish to combine the physical aspects of combat with mental powers then my suggestion would be to make use of the "Trigger" advantage. HA 6D6 + 0.5 Trigger + 1.0 Based on ECV => Real Cost: 45 in this example. In game terms, when "The ID" succeeds in a moveby (or other maneuvers) it "triggers" the BoECV HA attack. If you need more D6's to simulate a haymaker then you might buy more D6's with the limitation "Linked (-0.5)" Optionally, you could add another limitation for the reduced DCV and
  9. I feel when designing new powers that push the rules a little it is worth really understanding what the objective of your new power is. Once you have chosen to add the "Based on EGO CV" advantage on the power is there a reason why strength would boost the damage of the attack? Why not use ego? The power you are proposing seems a lot cheaper than a comparable EGO attack with No Range since HA in 4e is 3CP per D6. In fairness, HKA when boosted by Strength is somewhat cheaper than RKA with No Range. That said, characters focusing on Ego combat tend to be weak when the f
  10. Regarding Power Gaming, I could be mistaken but it is my experience that everyone has done it to some extent at some point. I can comfortably say that I have been guilty of it. In my mind any character with a decent attack and the teamwork skill could be considered a power gamer. Seriously, can anyone name a more effective way to spend 3CP to boost any characters offensive combat effectiveness with any attack at no end cost? On the opposite side of the spectrum there are character builds which just don't work well in combat. Consider a superhero with a weakness to bullets and
  11. Having changed the cost to 1End per 5 active points did you feel the need to make other changes too? To be honest, I find the charges limitation to rarely be much of a limitation even at 1End per 10 active points. (If the charges are genuinely difficult to recover then that is another matter.)
  12. In 3rd edition the effects of Mind Control began at the target's Ego value and then increased by the target's ego per increased level of effect (instead of ten.) In 4th edition they changed to the current system I would be curious to know why they switched it. It provides a strong incentive to boost your Ego even if you have no mental powers. Using a point system mental defense (along with power defense) seems to be something that gets neglected in many builds.
  13. Let's try looking at this another way. Consider identical twins. One is naturally able to interact with others easily and the other is so shy eye contact is uncomfortable and conversations are virtually impossible. How would this be reflected in terms of stats? Keep in mind they are physically identical. Now consider twins that are absolutely identical mentally and physically. One is injured causing him to lose a lot of weight. He recovers but is still very thin and weak. Meanwhile, the other has devoted his life to bodybuilding. In terms of interacting with other people th
  14. I am with Ockham's Spoon on this. My feeling is that presence is used by a player or character. The character might not stand out in a crowd at all regardless of their presence score, until they put it to use. A good role playing session should have dramatic moments now and then. It is in these moments when presence becomes very useful. (As well as interactive skill rolls of course...) IMO, a character that stands out in a crowd should get a "Distictive Features" complication. That complication might be related to the character's presence score but it does not have
  15. The great thing about Hero is it lets you (as GM) use the rules as you see fit. I reviewed 6E1 and your interpretation is there so I guess I get a slice of humble pie... It sounds like your villain cannot use other attacks while whirling the chain. If so, perhaps a lockout power limitation might be appropriate.
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