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  1. Re: Quote of the Week from my gaming group... Yesterday, Champions Game Cell (artificial Mystique-like metamorph with a rather child-like personality -educated through TV-) - hmm, i think i gonna try to take the shape of someone famous ... let's say Michael Jackson. other PC - You can ?. I thought you were limited to humanoïd forms ?
  2. Re: Quote of the Week from my gaming group... Saturday - 7th Sea (Gmed by yours truly) Player (reading the player's guide about the Vaticine Church -the catholic church of the game world - ) : "priesthood in the vaticine church is opened to men ... (reading) ... of both genders ..." Sunday - ADD Forgotten Realms (from the GM) : you see three people currently in the park ... one of them is a couple of lovers ... And this last one about the danger of relying too much on the player's knowledge of the world : The PCs are trying to cool down a riot of people, angered by a strange crimewave in the town. one of the PCs, aside from the others (and off table) is following two suspect mens GM - One of them lost some kind of medallion while running PC - I take it. how does it look like ? GM - It seems to be a holy symbol : it looks like (mmmmhmhmhmhmh). Could you make a roll fo knowledge: rel... PC - no problem. i know which god it is. i call them and tell them i'm on their side. i also tell them that i gonna quiet the mob down so they could escape. Gm - uh ?? err ok. (later) PC2 (to PC) : What happened when you were alone ? PC - I met 2 priests of Helm (NB Lawful good; god of guardians, duty ...) endangered by the riot. i helped to get through ... GM (suddenly realizes ) - hum, just a point "Steel Gauntlet, fingers up" : holy symbol of Helm, lawful good god of guardians ... "Steel Gauntlet, clenched fist" : holy symbol of Bane, lawful evil god of tyranny ... PC ot other PCs - Errr ... i didn't meet anyone ...
  3. Re: Grovelling Apoligies to Death Tribble and some enquiries You're mine !
  4. Re: Grovelling Apoligies to Death Tribble and some enquiries Ben, ouais! never noticed my location ? Don't worry, i 'arrived here in feb 2003, just before the starting of Iraq war. i've seen a lot of things. i begin to develop a natural armor.
  5. Re: Grovelling Apoligies to Death Tribble and some enquiries Easy !! Hot lesbian gaming couples!
  6. Re: Grovelling Apoligies to Death Tribble and some enquiries
  7. altamaros


    Re: DinoMite I was seeing DinoMite to actually double-cross Teleios and conquer Britain for himself but i haven't find the time to refine the idea. (humans are so tasty) Keep Charles from marrying Camilla. No sane genetician could allow those two to breed.
  8. Re: Reincarnation Power Since the original body is nothing but a soulless shell; i guess there's no way to resurrect the cat by using a resurrection spell on it. IFAIK, the resurrection power would do it fine. "nines lives" Healing (1 BODY/turn) * resurrection (condition of death to define) + 0 END, Persistent +1 + full IPE +1 - Self only -1/2 - delayed return rate (full body in 2 months see according to the cat's Body) - Only to come back from death -1 - Side effect (amnesia till full body recovered) -1 "metempsycosis" a) Teleportation + Megascale (see according to your needs) +3/4 + Trigger (fixed: at death) +1/4 + 0 END +1 - Only to the nearest kitten -1/2 shapeshift (sight group, smell/taste group, touch group) to single form (kitten) - only after a T-Port -1/2 - one charge of 2 months (charge recovered at the death of this body: difficult to recover) Otherwise, you can built the spirit as a computer and the cat body as a automaton; it's also a classic way to do it.
  9. Re: Quote of the Week from my gaming group... ADD last sunday : The PCs are are about to tell that a NPC just died (killed by Orcs) to one of his relatives relative NPC : - Yes, my father is famed and well-known. PC (Paladin) - err... now, i would rather say "he's legendary" .
  10. Re: Quote of the Week from my gaming group... 7th Sea game; yesterday. The PCs are fighting the villains. One of them, a tall, shouting, half-berzerk highlander swinging a big claymore (obviously a member of the Mac Donald school of fighting) attacks a PC. Charlotte de Persix (PC, first session of 7th Sea): what is he trying to do with his claymore and shouting ? Gunther Hommel : He's a swordsman from the Mac Donald School. He tries to serve Don Alejandro a menu "Mac Leod". Charlotte (and others) - What ? Gunther - It's like a menu Big Mac but without the upper slice of bread ...
  11. Re: Need some "Smart" powers "Inhumanly smart" Mental Def - not vs EGO attacks or Mind Scan: -1/2 - only vs people with a lower INT : -0 to -1/4 Being so smart means that a telepath with a average IQ will have some problems to read your toughts or control your mind. " i can't stand his mind !!" EGO Attack + Continuous +1 + 0 END +1/2 + Persistent +1/2 + Inherent +1/4 + Damage shield +1/2 - not vs EGO attacks or Mind Scan: -1/2 - only vs people with a lower INT : -0 to -1/4 You're so smart than reaching your mind psychically shocks a mental intruder. (also a variant with a flash vs mental sense group)
  12. Re: Quote of the Week from my gaming group...
  13. Recently : "Legends of Five Rings" : The PCs, in the Shadowlands. The Kuni shungenja just meets a horrible death from an Oni : PC-Kuni - I think i'm dead now ... PC-2 to the GM : OH, MY GOD, YOU KILLED KUNI !!!!! all the other PCs : BASTARDS !!!
  14. The first one occured to me several years ago. It was a game called "Bloolust" (never translated to english; imagine a world like Conan the Barabarian's where all the characters are the wielders of sentient immortal weapons). GM (me, trying to put a feeling of barbary in the scene) : The battle is now over ... the battlefield is almost completly silent now, scents of burnt flesh and blood ... hacked corpses lying around ... crows and ravens are beginning to land to get their part of the sinister feast to come ... you slowly came to each other, driven by your weapons. (to PC-1) You see (PC-2) at a distance, he's waving a arm at you ... PC-1 : eerr ... one of his arms ? GM : ... The second one occured in a Champions game some months ago : Plot : In a Theater, the big bad guy was opening the arch-classical portal-to-the-place-with-leatherwinged-ugly-critters-with-claws. A part of the team was trying to evacuate the public while the other part was fighting the avant-guard (a reddish minotaur with scent of sulphur). Grendel (2 meter high wolverine with a strength of 40) takes knockback from a blow and is projected several hexes away from his ennemy; -not even stunned thanks to his Dam. Reduction.- GM (to Grendel) : the blow sends you almost to the other side of the theater; you crash on the floor just aside of a terrified old lady (mimic of a old lady frightened scream) (Grendel's player, checking his sheet and noting that he would need a full move to reach his opponent now) Grendel (to the GM) : how much damage can make a li'l old lady ? GM (and other players) : ??? Grendel (explaining) : as a missile ...
  15. Re: What Would (your character here) Do? My character Copycat (a (X-MEN's) Mystique-like character) would probably secretly give a call to Nebula (without telling it to the other PCs) and let her sentence the dude to Duress. And then, complaint about her vigilante style of justice. (no, my PC is not very heroic, he/she is efficient)
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