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  1. "Why are you asking me? You're the one in tights!" -Normal NPC's response when questioned about what was going on. While attempting to free an item from a web, I pulled, tugged and eventually began chewing my way through. My intrepid team-mate looks over at me and says, "Dude! You know that came from a spider's butt?!!"
  2. Eh, I was half asleep when I wrote it so I didn't read the past ones, figurin' you were too busy gettin' ready for Hawaii...
  3. Do not name an NPC Johnson So the heroes are chatting with the local "military" about a Captain who has turned traitor and is trying to illegally capture a super by the name of Poltergeist. "So, what is his name, Major?" **Referee quickly pulls out a name from the air** "It is Captain Johnson." At this point, I saw the expression on my players faces and realized I made a mistake. "So, you are telling us you have a rogue Johnson on your hands?" "He sure is, and apparently he has a hard-on for Poltergeist..." And it just went down hill from there....
  4. One I remember well was actually 2nd Ed Champs. Where Vehicles didn't cost/use Endurance. My friend made a 'Transformer' character and since he was actually a vehicle/robot, he didn't need any Endurance. I think he also tried to get away with no Stun as well.
  5. I liked his line from this week's game. "Go ahead and target ol' tall, dark and grabbed"
  6. Wha??? Tremors 4? And prequel??? OMG. Oh well, if it sells, they'll produce it.
  7. Is it me or does it look like that Michael Gross is really trying to carry the entire cast on the TV series?
  8. I believe it depends upon how much you want to crap yourself. Although a Solliquy is a zero phase action, if anyone wants to go for a really long speech, I will begin to count it as a half or full action - how else can you get the ol' squeeze them by the neck in the middle of their tirade to get that lovely "...urrk!" graphic?
  9. Current Quote that makes me smile... "Anyone who says 'Rodger Dodger' can't be a villian."
  10. You learn to co-exist with them. Ol' Burt has studied the Graboids - El Blanco to give him an exact name. They have learned where he likes to move, where he doesn't and so on. They have also developed the Wrist-sciso which is a watch sized device that detects 'earth tremors' ala the approaching worm. You just stand still, wait for him to pass and then move on.
  11. Re: My opinion If you saw the first two shows, they set the groundwork as to how it is possible to do it as a series. Some of it was silly, but eh, you haveta allow for it for it to work. Graboids are an endangered species so you CANNOT kill them. Apparently a tenuous agreement has been set up between the government and the residences in Perfection that they know, understand and abide by various guidelines to continue living there. The second episode had a mutated bacterial cloud that roamed out of the 'secret lab' and all over the valley. This cloud shed the MixMaster formula which was used to combine DNA of various animals easily (aka the Graboid). The natural boundaries will stop the infestation for spreading but in the valley there will be an unending supply of other critters besides Graboids, Shriekers and Ass Blasters for them to deal with. Besides, Mr. Keaton with a BFG is all the reason I need to watch.
  12. You might want a self help guru that has gone to the point of deciding to help everyone by enforcing his morals upon them. There is also the overpopular TV Talk show host (such as Regis) that has decided to take his popularity to the next level. I am also thinking about a song artist, one that got to where he is by being the bad boy/girl and now needs an even higher stunt in order to top all the other trouble makers.
  13. In Berkeley California? What else but... Reitch! - a neo nazi character who's purpose is to impose law and order in the area - crushing individual expression by forcing people to wear clothing to classes, have police enforce the drug laws and other such radical changes.
  14. If I am not mistaken One brother would feel the more intense emotions/sensations of the other while the original would feel nothing. I remember watching Chong having his feet lit by a candle and he acted as if he felt nothing while Cheech was hopping around in pain.
  15. Google search for "Medieval City Maps" ? Sorry, but I did do such a search on Hotbot and found this site: http://historymedren.about.com/library/atlas/blatlondex.htm Just clicked on one or two but they look good. If you are looking for large, paper maps though, I would suggest roaming around the SCA homepage (http://www.sca.org) as I know a friend who picked up quite a few good ones from one of the regular vendors in the West.
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