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  1. Re: Announcing Kazei 5, Second Edition Great Book! Fun seting!
  2. Re: Mass Effect Campaign Setting Nice find on that D6 resource. It is a great guide for players to read who might not have played the original game. Also it covers all the ground rules pretty well. Heroifiing it is much easier from this starting point.
  3. Re: 6th Edition Character Sheet I will Third This. If it helps
  4. Re: 6th Edition Character Sheet Love it. It is clean and crisp and al the important information is easily accessible right where you need it. All commonly variable stats are together BOD / Stun / END so you dont have to jump around the page, I'll take it as is. Is there a HD template?
  5. Re: Skill vs. Skill matrix? Prestidigitator, Does the CSV you put together consider auto failure and auto success or is ti based exclusively on margin of success?
  6. Re: Fortune favours the brave Good to know thanks
  7. Re: 6e Discussion: Combat Values But then again, with that, why target them at all if they don't mean that much... adjust Characteristics is not really that attractive now anymore... except maybe STR and Body.
  8. Re: 6E: Weaponmaster, Deadly Blow, and Killing dice
  9. Re: Fortune favours the brave That is why I turned it in to a Faith power instead of luck. Personally luck is in the dice of the player. If the player thinks his character is a lucky shot, well CSL's vs cover or vs hit-locations or whatever to luckily hit the right spot. Or any other enhanced skill, power, etc... luck is just SFX in my book. So I appreciate your view Sean. But as far as adding or subtracting to dice, I like the Idea of a finite random limited availability points to play with as written in the second faith section. SL's with activation don't really do it for me. I like the mechanic for emulating open ended rare occurring all or nothing powers like my faith build.
  10. Re: Fortune favours the brave That's what I get for having too many tabs open and trying to read them all. Sorry for the mix up. Glad you like it, any comments appreciated as I am in the world building process now and this hasn't seen light yet.
  11. Re: 6E: Weaponmaster, Deadly Blow, and Killing dice Your statements are all very true. Guess it was just misplaced and then over incorporated by players.
  12. Re: 6E: Weaponmaster, Deadly Blow, and Killing dice I thought it was under-priced too. I have had to seriously control, ban or increase its cost depending on the campaign. I know GM's need to police their game balance, but it shouldn't be a balancing act to get a core rule to work properly.
  13. Re: Taking Surbrook's Stuff website to the next level Bump, Would love to help, but im in the middle of world building for a campaign while in another... I cant afford to put more time in to Role playing if I plan on eating, sleeping and doing all those nasty things you just cant put aside.
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