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  1. Bloodmoney Some have powers. Some have tech. And some simply have fanatical determination. Sarah Spillane was radicalized in college. She went from wanting to protect animals and save wildlands to an intense hatred of those who would abuse and destroy the natural world. She first came to the attention of the world (and the team) when she infiltrated the shareholders' meeting of a major (and majorly polluting) company and slaughtered the board. Since then, the influence of some of the other members has caused her to use primarily non-lethal means...in public. Actually, she is still murdering "ecocriminals" on a regular basis, just not openly. PRIMUS and UNTIL strongly suspect the killings are her doing, and of course they are still trying to arrest her for the initial rampage, but the rest of the team is either ignorant or turns a blind eye to her activities out of the public eye. Bloodmoney usually wears a heavy armoured suit similar to a bomb disposal suit but better designed for mobility. She's a good martial artist and an excellent shot - whether her shotgun carries bean-bag rounds or armour piercing slugs. She also usually carries grenades, again choosing between flash-bangs and frag on a case by case basis.
  2. Shark Eight meters long, jaw full of rows of triangular teeth, a powerful tail and stabilizing fins...but also a sleek set of arms folded up beneath capable of fine manipulation or powerful, ripping strikes, a brain far larger and more complex than any fish has a right to, and modified gills capable of working just fine in air. This is Shark. Black Ocean reasoned that, rather than make a man aquatic, why not make a shark smart enough to comprehend orders and give it the tools to get the job done? To be honest, however, Shark has been a bit of a failure as an agent. Too aggressive, too single minded. But as a killing machine..?
  3. Ziggy Stardust Next: Plants
  4. Kings and Queens - Aerosmith
  5. Neandertal Master The least understood of the team, this man looks like the prototypical Neanderthal Man - large, well built, short but massive, with notable brow ridges. But far from being a brick, the Neandertal Master is only a little stronger then average, it is his mental powers that make him dangerous. He can teleport to any location beneath the earth, view through the rock to find caverns and voids, and mentally control any person underground. It's not clear why these abilities don't work above ground, and Neandertal Master isn't saying.
  6. Xanadu - Olivia Newton-John
  7. Queen of Hearts - Juice Newton
  8. Juke Box Hero - Foreigner.
  9. Blue Star Star's armor is sky blue, but otherwise identical to Red Cobra's. She practices an esoteric, contemplative martial form that tends to surprise and confuse opponents. Most of it consists of Ju-Jitsu and Aikido style redirection and felling techniques - but she also has a habit of watching an opponent for a little while, then delivering a precise, intense blow that renders even a hardened brick reeling or down. Personally, she is warm, pleasant and easy to work with, though she is always the one who wants to do the biggest jobs for the most money. She never gets angry - even as she's punching a fist through three inches of high-carbon steel.
  10. Black Nightmare Black Nightmare practices a form of Krav Maga that she refers to as "shrouded" - it concentrates on giving no clue or tell as to what the next move will be, allowing her opponent little chance to counter her devastating strikes. She mixes this with the use of black smoke grenades and stealth to cut down enemies bfore they even realise they're being attacked. Should that not work, she isn't averse to using the twin 10mm pistols she keeps in her holsters. Black Nightmare's suit is solid black and military styled, and she speaks with a distinct Israeli accent. Her helmet is not form fitting, but instead is styled like a security or police helmet with a black mirrored visor. She serves as the team's stealth and infiltration expert.
  11. LZ 127 Graf Zeppelin Household Products
  12. Zero Hour Television Programs
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