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    Shigeru reacted to Doc Democracy in Resourcing Hero games on Roll20   
    I have neglected this for a while - combination of work and home distractions (not all terrible ones).  However, I note that there are now 24 people who have access, that is a reasonable amount of people online on Roll20 who are interested in HERO.  It should be easy for folk to start playing games there if they want to and chatting about them here! :-)
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    Shigeru reacted to Sean Waters in 5th Ed STUN question   
    Lovely idea. I like that a lot.  Limit the REC to 'only when recovering negative STUN'
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    Shigeru reacted to Hyper-Man in 5th Ed STUN question   
    Why not just use Healing?
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    Shigeru got a reaction from Sean Waters in 5th Ed STUN question   
    I was thinking about the negative STUN consciousness/recovery timetable and was wondering if it would be reasonable to buy something like smelling salts as 10 REC as well as +50 STUN (only to move up the STUN recovery time chart).
    Anybody ever done something like this? Is it too breaky or a good idea? Nothing worse than sitting on your (unconscious) hands while a fight rages on because you won't get a recovery for another 4 TURNS or so.
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    Shigeru reacted to RDU Neil in Black Panther with spoilers   
    For what it is worth, I saw Black Panther again, last night. It holds up remarkably well upon second viewing, with more time to really listen to every line, and what the characters are saying and how they are reacting. W'kabi, given just enough screen time to make the case for a certain faction in Wakanda that is already willing to project power outside their borders, overtly and with a mind to conquer, is very important. Killmonger simply taps into that particular drive, not being the lone aggressor by any means. 
    In the end, with T'Challa realizing that each position has "some" truth and validity to its argument, he does, as Michael says above, "do it on his own terms"... avoiding continued isolationism, but not through aggression, through optimistic outreach. It is actually pretty clear that it is Nakia's position that he takes to heart and finds a way to implement.
    Other than noting one small plot hole (Did Killmonger really fly from South Korea to Central Africa in that crappy Cesna?) I found the movie even more enjoyable and moving than the first time I saw it. If Marvel movies tend to be "Genre x plus supers" then this was Shakesperean royal tragedy plus supers, done very well. I actually teared up a bit at the very end, on the basketball court, with the young boy asking T'Challa, "Who ARE you?"
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    Shigeru got a reaction from RDU Neil in Black Panther with spoilers   
    I liked it quite a bit. I thought the action was great and that Wakanda was wonderfully realized. The characters were solid and well developed, though I didn't really see much of a point to Ross' character other than to insert an otherwise cynical outsider into Wakanda and have him come around to who they are and why they are so hidden. Maybe to shine a light from the outside looking in on the isolated city and people. I dunno, it seemed a little off. The Wakandan tech was my favorite part. So cool and so fitting
    I can't say there was anything I did not like and would personally rank it in my top 3 of Marvel movies (with CA: Winter Soldier and Avengers). It added to the MCU significantly and made every further instance where Black Panther shows up that much more meaningful.
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    Shigeru reacted to Nothere in Black Panther with spoilers   
    Okey dokey
    Attention all board members the moderators of this board do hereby declare that any criticism of the film Black Panther is racist and anyone suggesting a lack that complete and total love for the movie will be forever banned. Nothere will be given one final chance to praise it or be banned from the board forever.
    Nothere "Never having seen the movie I think Black Panther is the greatest movie ever made in the history of movies. This movie is so great Hollywood can close now because they can never make a movie close to this one. You should burn all movies and T.v. shows you have at home for being an insult to the unquestionable greatness that is Black Panther. All cable channels should only show this movie 24 hours a day."
    All members of this board who have not praised Black Panther have exactly 72 hours to come to this thread and declare it's greatness or this board will call you a racist. 72 hours after that if you have not praised Black Panther you will be banned.
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    Shigeru reacted to Simon in Black Panther with spoilers   
    This whole post has been bugging the crap out of me...and it comes down to the first statement combined with the general sentiment.
    If you haven't seen the movie, the only thing you have to go on is the general knowledge of it, which is largely focused on the overwhelmingly black cast, direction, and theme.  So you're judging a movie as crap based on that general knowledge -- which is racist.
    I'd rather strongly suggest you consider how your post is coming across.  If you don't mean for it to actually be racist, you may want to post and amendment to explain your intention.  If you do mean for it to actually be racist, you may want to find another site to frequent.
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    Shigeru got a reaction from Doc Democracy in Resourcing Hero games on Roll20   
    I don't do much with scripting for my Roll20 Hero game. In fact, I have done more with it since stealing from Doc Democracy's work in the Champions sandbox he built than I ever did on my own. He's got some good ideas as to how to accomplish some things I'd never considered.
    Roll20 is good for flexibility at the expense of a DIY approach to everything.
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    Shigeru reacted to Doc Democracy in Resourcing Hero games on Roll20   
    There have been a few threads talking about using Roll20 to play Hero games.
    It is a lot of work to get things looking decent. I have created a sandbox over on Roll20. I will make anyone who joins a GM so that we can all work on generating resources that we can bring back here to share.
    If you want to go look at the sandbox I have been playing with, you would be more than welcome. You can join the sandbox at https://app.roll20.net/join/1628298/KcEqwA and I will give you GM rights so that you can look at the guts of everything.
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    Shigeru got a reaction from Hyper-Man in Welcome to Hero Forum - Please Introduce yourself (especially Lurkers)   
    Oh hey guys.


    How did you come up with your 'handle' (forum name)? Its my handle forma hockey forum where I have been active for, uhhh...a long time. A "Double minor" is commonly astick infraction that causes loss of blood and/or chicklets. 138 is from the Misfits "We Are 138".
    What was the first tabletop RPG you played? Advanced Dungeons and Dragons, 1st Edition.
    What was the first tabletop RPG you GMed? Same.
    What are you currently playing/GMing? Pathfinder (running two games, playign in two games) and Hero System 5th Edition (starting that sucker back up)


    ...wow. Yeah. doubleminor138 is not my handle here. It's my handle everywhere else, basically. Thank Grond Its Friday.


    Shigeru was the name of my NPC samurai in my long-running jidai-geki Hero Game. He died.

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    Shigeru reacted to Pattern Ghost in This Week in MMOs   
    Made a robot for the upcoming archetype, haven't thought of a name yet:

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