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    Playing Hero for over 20 years from 2nd edition onward. I remember how the first 3 were adding rules and the 4th was combined rules. I remember Villains and Vigilantes, Marvel Superheroes and SuperWorld. I remember using V&V to create random powers for the villains I created. I have played all genres except Fantasy and Post- Apoc. I have played Star Wars, Gurps, D&D via Hero. I have even seen it used to simulate homemade games that really don't have an equal out there. Right now, I have no gaming group but am interested in Steampunk and creating a world mixing Western Hero, Steampunk and Pulp to have a strong setting of an alternative time line based on the Differential Engine being real.
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  1. Re: Create a Villain Theme Team! New Team: Fear Inc. Numbers: as phobias Theme: The group are a team of trained Black Ops psychological warriors that have been augmented by the C.I.A. for use against terrorists and supervillains around the world. The usage of fears was a means to get their enemies to talk and to force surrenders or general chaos. The whole small paycheck, heavily controlled, secret lives things didn't work for them so they have gone rogue. The group uses old contact and travel methods to stay off the radar. They are rogue but still being hidden by the C.I.A. as the C.I.A. would love to have them back. The C.I.A. has even hired them with deals of coverups to create disruptions although they are too cagey to take specific targets. Their powers are specifically related to causing the fear in their targets. Their leader is a psychopath / psychologist / profiler who has an uncanny ability to observe an opponent to find weaknesses and phobias. Claustro is an entangler who likes to capture and leave entangled as others work. Stitches is an illusionist who uses invisibility and very detailed illusions to "gaslight opponents" with superstititions and "skeletons". Blacklight is a darkness projector that is immune to his own ability and nighttime penalties as he fights and stalks targets to create fear. This is my suggestion for a villain team if they ever do something like "Ultimate Disadvantages / Complications". Add more as you see fit.
  2. Re: MYTHIC HERO: What Do *You* Want To See? "Will there be an explanation on why puny humans or even very powerful superhumans can't just go around killing gods? Absolutely not, because in some settings and stories they can kill them. There'll certainly be some discussion of mortals fighting gods generally, with options and suggestions, but there aren't going to be any hard-and-fast rules that say what you can or can't do. That I'll leave up to the GM. " Well, a caution on how to run gods and how allowing them to be killed for the GM and stating what complications could occur if such happened. IMHO, turning the PC into an NPC who must take the place of the god forever is a nice consequence so the world will maintain balance.
  3. Re: MYTHIC HERO: What Do *You* Want To See? As a feature of each pantheon you plan to have a section on, could we see an organization or alliance chart to understand who would team with whom versus who would fight whom? When we cross-pantheon-play, the gods would distrust or hate gods like their adversaries but trust gods like their allies. It would also be a handy reference for the players to know whom to pray to when Loki messes them over. Which gods would be willing to help or interfere with humans? Which god would likely jump in against what other god? If primary aspects was included also we can sort out who to cross-pray to. Will there be an explanation on why puny humans or even very powerful superhumans can't just go around killing gods? Gods die and are just banished to their homeplane or the entire pantheons will gang up on you. The rule that a pantheons may fight among themselves but are very co-operative and have teamwork specially for the few times they all see a common threat. I remember my youth and a "Monty Hall" who had us encounter Zeus since he enjoyed hunting and killing gods. What a nightmare!!!!!
  4. I am working on creating a year calendar for Hudson City and wondering if anyone has ever done this. I plan on using as many story lines and threads to link up with Predators, Underworld Enemies, Hudson City Blues and any other book I can think of. I would like to create it as a player directed world with events for them to choose from to pursue. There will also be a variety of events that all the players to feel as if the rest of the world is continuing. Once I have the storylines put on the main calendar, I also plan on doing a daily log of events, weather, sports, cultural events, news and police reports. I am thinking of running it into the Hudson City Blues for the end of it and keep track of what the heroes don't solve for a continuation of events. Has anyone else done a module or anything to this degree to create a more flavourable city? I was also thinking that you could link in a lot of other Hero games in. Any ideas? I would like a list of Hero Games cities to be in the sports leagues. That would make a great crossover from other games or campaigns. I have Vibora Bay, Millinineum City, Hudson City and will add Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal from the Canadian supplement. I am just wondering what US cities are officially in the game that should be added. Anyone have any ideas on that or the calendar of events, let me know.
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