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  1. Is there going to be a Print on Demand version of this? (Oh please, oh please!)
  2. Dag nabbit! I tried to give this a five star rating but I clicked on three stars and now it won't let me change it. Sorry... Great GM screen!
  3. Re: Help! World of Edean Pantheon Question: why are nationalism and patriotism both in the portfolio of a "dark" god? Shouldn't patriotism be considered a good thing?
  4. Re: The things I've learned playing a Speedster... The higher my speed, the less likely I'll ever get to go to the bathroom during the combat.
  5. Dino

    A phaser in hero

    Re: A phaser in hero Extra-dimensional Movement (to the nearest cornfield), Usable as an Attack.
  6. Re: Self-Aware Ammo "Bomb 20. Please return to the bomb bay."
  7. Re: UV vision The Drow had ultravision...
  8. Re: Hardcore hero? I know someone (who posts on these very boards) who already wrote it, way back in third edition.
  9. Re: Ravenswood Academy Yearbook
  10. Re: Ravenswood Academy Yearbook Hear, Hear! People like attractive characters in thier TV shows, movies, and comic books, so why not in games? I can be ugly in real life. In my games I want to be larger than life. My game group has been "bodycasting" as we call it, for years. It adds a visual depth to the game that even custom artwork can't match. Describing characters as real people allows you to take advantage of the players prejudices and preconceptions too; if you describe and NPC as beautiful, the players have to take your word for it, but if you cast that NPC as a real
  11. Re: Please Critique My First Character This is very much a campaign style issue. In my games, I like to think of Psych Lims as a reward for good character conception, not a negotiation for more points.
  12. Re: The Ultimate Character Sheet I for one wouldn't mind a character sheet with the picture and background first and the combat stuff last. Just a philosophy kind of thing.
  13. Re: Do I Understand Naked Advantages? (I don't think I do) Not to mention expressly forbidden in Ultimate Martial Artist.
  14. Re: Difficulty reaching Super-Hero status One of the joys of playing in higher point games is having the luxury of spending points on something other than powers. You've given yourself a conceptual cap on the effectiveness of the suit powers so I'd say that fleshing out your background is the way to go. I have three words for you: skills, skills and yet more skills! What did she do in the army? You have some soldier related skills, but depending on her specialty she could have things like climbing, breakfall, oratory, systems op, paramedics, etc. Don't forget hobbies or (litera
  15. Re: Cyberpunk / Dystopian Adventure Formulas Plus ca change ... An important element of cyberpunk stories is the fact that nature abhors a vacuum. Any lasting change to the staus quo is likely to be rendered irrelevant soon after the characters finish thier job. If a megacorp goes under, it will be bought out by a bigger, nastier corp; if the PCs wipe out a street gang, an organized crime syndicate will take over thier drug dealing operations. The charaters can only really hope for small personal victories.
  16. Re: Paladins of Venus It depends of your definition of "Paladin". In D&D paladins are largely inspired by medieval concepts of chivalry and christan peity. A paladin has to embody the virtues of morality and justice, of which religious faith is but a part. Thats why all paladins are Lawful Good, even if they serve a god who is not. In this model, a paladin of (insert favorite love goddess) is likely to emphasize the "virtuous" aspects of his/her religion while downplaying any doctines that are controversial or morally questionable. Note that if the god/goddess of love/lust/beauty/etc.
  17. Re: Looking for a random familly event generator You might want to see if you can track down some of the old Central Casting books. They were devoted to randomizing backgrounds and personal histories for characters in a given genre (I think they had a fantasy book and a sci-fi book). The books were system agnostic and sometimes silly, but you could get some good ideas from them.
  18. Re: Your personal comic book origins Captain Carrot. I kid you not.
  19. Re: New to game whcih books do I buy?? The main book has a very limited selection of martial arts write-ups, so if you are at all interested in the subject, the Ultimate Martial Artist is a must have.
  20. Re: Luck System: Whimsy Cards Whimsy Cards predate TORG.
  21. Re: How can Superheroes be deputized? First off, in the real world, an FBI agent dosen't have the power to deputize anyone. The director of the FBI can probably make someone an agent regardless of qualifications but probably woundn't as the FBI prides itself on it's training and hireing standards. This is not to say that in a superhero world, the FBI couldn't be given the responsability of "sanctioning" superheroes, in which case the PCs would likely have the same powers and responsabilities of any federal agent. If you want a classic "I'll just deputize you and now all your la
  22. Re: How to: Ego Roll Wall I'm with Utech, Change Enviroment is the simple, safe, and sane answer.
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