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  1. Re: Saint in Blue /Brute with the Badge Doc Vision has been wrongly imprisoned (for a month) for SHOPLIFTING. (It's kind of a complicated backstory...trying to convince people you're a super-genius but have no budget, so you needed to get X item to make my gadget Y doesn't fly with most people. Especially when your gadgets are made of duct tape, coins, and various other stuff that should not work...) He'd break the cop's fingers, elbows, and knees, and then stick him in a null-grav field. And then he'd say, "How'd ya like THEM apples?"
  2. Re: Lasso's in Combat There's a neat article in this mnth's Kungfu Tai Chi magazine about the Monkey rope. It has five interlocking knots at one end and a loop at the other. The knots were used to trip horses by throwing them at their leges, while the loop was used in HtH combat to entangle the opponent, even killing them by impaling them on their own weapons.
  3. Re: smallville stats Um, isn't this why The Ultimate Speeder has the Speed Zone powerset? Clark's "faster than a speeding X" screams for it, especially in that episode where he is just a bit too slow to save his Dad, and the Flash ("Impulse" as his later codename) pulls him out of the way? Especially even more so when Clark and "Bart" have a race through Metropolis, with Clark just a bit behind Bart? (Although, it was revealed the "Impulse" has reserves of speed that Clark just can't touch, as in the end of the episode, Clark is reaching for Bart at full speed, and suddenly Bart disappears into the distance.)
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