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  1. “You’re a wee puppet man!!” - Spike
  2. Has anyone suggested a folded up $50 dollar bill to pay for the meal?
  3. My favorite bit was the autograph seeker “Marv, M-A-R-V!” For anyone who didn’t recognize him that was Marv Wolfman the writer/creator of the original Crisis on Infinite Earths comic. Naming Gardner pier and Perez plaza after Gardner Fox and George Perez was kinda cool also.
  4. Knight Rider was NBC, Airwolf was CBS, and the other two were ABC. During different years. Maybe some cable network like Sci-Fi channel ran episodes one after another in some kind of programming block, but they were never on together.
  5. Albino!! I think giant Japanese lizards I go straight to Edgar Winter. Pariah, ‘ya beat me to the draw. I take it back.
  6. Yeah, during WWII Stuka dive bombers had the same kind of thing to scare the hell out of people during attack runs...not making any parallels or drawing any conclusions......just saying.
  7. Yes, unfortunately there is. They’re a result of a bizarre experiment that tried to cross a millennial with a mullet. They escaped into the sewers and began to breed. Then they spread and built hives in places like Brooklyn and Seattle. Hiding in dusty corners of artesial...atrtisinal.....(oh screw it!) pretentious pickle shops and Kings of Leon concerts. Beware their coming!! Once they land on your head they take over your brain and make you drink $500.00 a pound coffee that was pooped out of a jungle rat’s bum. Their Prius’s move silently so take care Americans........and watch the skies!!!!!! I have to go, the nice Nurse says I’m disturbing the other patients, and I have to take my pills now.
  8. Isn’t that where little Groot’s come from?
  9. You can’t say that!!! That’s OUR word!!!! Back to the game. Style
  10. Jed’s probably about a 20-23 due to his age. Elly Mae was about the same plus the Martial Art “Rassling” (use Judo) Jethro ran about 25-28, I remember scenes of him lifting the back end of the truck off the ground with only minor straining. BTW the whole family has a number of levels with handguns & rifles. Their shooting contests off the back of the “cement pond” set into the wooded area beyond were a plank set with half driven nails a half mile away. Jed drove the nails in with a revolver! Jethro once took out 2 phone wires coming from the top of the Drysdale’s mansion while standing on the street with what looked like a .22 rifle.
  11. I have a question for the crowd. In my first post I suggested an American Highlander style immortal. The pinball machine with faulty wiring I use for a brain came up with two concepts. I’m just wondering which one sounds cooler. 1) An American Indian (Tribe to be decided.) who was born and resurrected before the Europeans ever came. With all the emotional baggage that implies. 2) It was watching Buckaroo Banzai that started all this in the first place and thought about the end sequence of the movie with all the good guys doing that strut....including Rawhide who was killed during the film. Hmmmm. The part was played by Clancy Brown who was also the Kurgan in Highlander. Maybe the Indian character becomes his mentor like Sean Connery was to Macleod. It’s not like anything will ever be done with either of these ideas, I just wondered what you thought.
  12. I went back thru the whole thread. In the words of Gilda Radner’s SNL character Emily Littella, “Oh, well that’s VERY different....never mind.”
  13. If you’ve really got a thing for this song, you’re gonna either love me or hate me for this. I saw her do this song from about six feet away at the Park St. station subway stop about a million years ago when she was still just a street singer back in Boston. It hit me like a ton of bricks then and then years later when I heard it on the radio I was so happy she made it big.
  14. I like “Take on Me”, not necessarily the original version but some of the covers of it. Try the one by Lake Street Dive for the A.V. Undercover line of videos on YouTube. I am an old geezer at heart who still uses VHS and audio cassette tapes and am completely incompetent to put that video here. If somebody likes the band or their take on the song, put it on up.
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