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  1. Preach on! If you substitute “trout“ with “baseball bat” I’m right there with you.
  2. The problem with a number of the “Tell people you’re self employed or an internet blogger” type options is that you still have to show the IRS where the money came from. This is how they got Al Capone. There’s all kinds of new and only vaguely constitutional laws that let the govt. track down money trails looking for drug cartels and terrorist groups.
  3. Please forgive my inability to tolerate your complete F¥€%1#G stupidity. I have a condition. I’m finding that the I older I grow the less able to suffer fools gladly I become.
  4. It must be a company thing. Our big clients were a corporate computer service of some type. “ Tjack go from here on the MA/NH border to Manchester NH. to pick up a bunch of circuit boards and take them into downtown Boston, (during rush hour) to major Insurance company and find the IT guy. Their computers are all off line until you get there! HURRY!!!!! And a group of architects. “Tjack, go to the design group and get the revised blueprints to theIr job site on the MA/Connecticut border. The whole construction company can’t do anything until you get there! HURRY!!!! On top of our pre-scheduled runs that day. This was the job I had when my chest exploded.
  5. Doesn’t that imply that a villain could find our hero’s ID the same way?
  6. I’ve worked as a parcel messenger and one of my brothers was a cabbie. The dispatchers know where you are at ALL times. Especially now when many taxis and messenger cars have GPS to make sure the drivers are where they’re supposed to be and not screwing around on company time. Some taxis are privately owned but the medallion (the little square license plate bolted to the back of the cab) costs about as much as a small house. So it’s not really possible for a poor but honest superhero.
  7. I’m not sure but I don’t think the part with the peel will cook the same as the rest of the pieces in a baked good like this. Leading to hard half-cooked chunks in your muffin.
  8. Fiction writer, Composer, Graphic Artist. Anything where you work from home or at least alone and don’t have to account for your time as long as the work is turned in on schedule.
  9. Wasn’t Gomez originally supposed to be betrothed to Ophelia, Morticia’s older sister? Also played by Carolyn Jones she had blonde hair and had flowers growing out of her head. (If you tried to pluck one her leg would fly up)
  10. Yes I’m familiar with the original cartoons. And they were great. But for goofiness like this I like to keep SOME set of boundaries for myself so I’m trying to only count the 1960’s TV shows for all three and not any of the later movies or remakes of the series. I can see French and Gypsy (Romani?) roots for the Frumps even if I can’t think off hand of any references in the show to support it. The Addams side were at the Salem witch trials so I’ll guess an English background for them. I do remember some society lady thinking they might be related to the John Quincy Adams but Morticia shot that idea down HARD. For my own amusement much like my suppositions about the source of the Clampetts abilities I figure that the Addams family left Salem one jump ahead of the witch finders and settled in Arkham MA. All that Lovecraft stuff sounds right up their alley. I should have a Masters Degree in some nonsense course for all this work.
  11. If you don’t use protection that can lead to hoof and mouth disease.
  12. I was going to make a joke....but I got high, but I got high, but I got hiiiiigh! If you don’t know the song, it’s not funny. POSTED: Monday at 10:22 am Even if you know the song it’s not that funny.
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