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  1. Tjack

    Champions 2050

    Seeker is probably still around doing the “ancient master of Kung-Fu” thing, with his own Australian twist. Training young heroes and advising the current ones. An NPC for your game. He didn’t Mana or tech to operate so he should still be going strong.
  2. Standing applause. Where do I stand in line to play this?
  3. I’m watching the Incredibles right now and if you add them, with the Original X-men to this list you still only have 10 write-ups.
  4. Good for you. When all else fails...hit ‘em with a stick!
  5. This is a great idea for new players and for GM’s. You may also want to include a Batman type. Part Ghost, part Gadgeteer, part Detective. I think the only basic archetype left is a shapeshifter and that’s a little complex to run for most newbies. Let’s see.... Superman Batman Flash Green Lantern Wonder Woman Hawkgirl (On second thought, nobody wants to play Hawkgirl) Martian Manhunter is out Captain America Iron Man Hulk Thor Ant-Man & Wasp are probably out. Mr. Fantastic is out Thing Human Torch Invisible Girl Spider-Man I think that’s all the iconic ones someone new might want to play and you covered most all of them. A lot of these overlap. WW, Hulk, Thor and Thing are basically the same write-up with different disads. The same goes for GL and the Torch. Ditto for Cap & Bats.
  6. Tjack

    Champions 2050

    Not all “super tech” would go away. Some of it would be the product of a high Int character creating a new concept rather than the object itself needing some kind of technobabble physics to work. Anything with “unstable molecules” would be gone, but computer programs that compile and sort data more efficiently than anything we have now could still be around.
  7. Tjack

    Champions 2050

    I’m more interested in how society has developed after 30 plus years of Paranormals running around. Have Paras become just part of the background? Does anybody even bother with capes & masks anymore? Look at the progress African-Americans have made since the ‘60’s or Gay rights since the ‘70’s. Is seeing a Para as a cop, a Doctor or a construction worker a commonplace thing? Are anti-mutant groups still a thing? Are “out and proud” mutants running for Mayor, Congress or even higher? Have “super tech” Items become something you buy when it goes on sale at Walmart? Tell me what the world is like now, and I can tell you what it might look like when the “magic goes away”.
  8. “I’m going to have to hurt you now, Pinky.”
  9. Constantine was never a CW show. It was an NBC series, and their requirements for ratings are a lot higher than the CW’s.
  10. Well, if you can move parts of your body so fast they vibrate.... On another note, for a while Marvel had them as the parents of the Scarlet Witch & Quicksilver. This was before they were retconed into being Magneto’s kids.
  11. My favorite Golden Age origin is for the Whizzer, a Timely Comics speedster Marvel put into the Invaders. He got his speed after getting an emergency blood transfusion from a mongoose. I’ll say it again.....a mongoose. Even if a cross species, no blood typing transfusion didn’t kill him outright. A mongoose is about the size of a ferret, how much blood could it have? Modern day retconning says the shock just kicked off his mutant abilities.
  12. Is that where you get your burger with extra Kraut? Just don’t ask for a kosher pickle.
  13. As a side question. Does anybody know who did the artwork on this? The Supergirl & Superman figures don’t quite look like George Perez’s usual style.
  14. If you’re in eastern Michigan, how did you happen to choose Boston as your campaign location? My old campaign was set there but we were all from there so it made things easy....kind of. During a combat in the downtown streets a player needed hydrogen peroxide to make an explosive and when I as the GM said “Well where are you gonna get that?” She smiled and told me exactly where the pharmacy was....she blew a perfectly good 10 ft. Death Drone all to hell.
  15. You may also look into the X-Men books of the same era. Claremont, Byrne & Austin were an amazing combination of storytelling strengths bolstering weaknesses each would show when they each left the book a decade later.
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