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  1. I’ve had last nights Sat. Night Live w/Adam Sandler on for background noise and as I came on the site and saw this he started singing the Chris Farley tribute song.
  2. Tjack

    Star Trek RPG

    These are great, my many thanks for all the times I’ve gone thru these books. As long as I’ve got you on the line (so to speak) I have a question. At one point I could have sworn there was a listing for Augments, or Kahn’s people in one of the two main books, but I can’t find it for the life of me. Did I just imagine this or is it tucked away somewhere I overlooked?
  3. Tjack

    Star Trek RPG

    Somebody must have said this before, but I can’t see it..... There’s several books of TOS and TNG Hero stuff right here in the Download section. They’re in the 5th Edition Documents section.
  4. Right now I’m trying to get out of the one I find myself in now. I hope you know I wasn’t accusing you of anything, just responding to the question/situation you set up. Maybe I responded too strongly, but I’ve had to deal with as both a player under them and as another GM asked to referee the argument GM’s who went too far.
  5. That’s not what I mean at all. The question Cassandra posed sounded (at least to me and not that I’m saying she is one) like a GM who spends a great deal of time thinking up an unbeatable puzzle and then lords it over players who can’t beat it on the fly. We all know of a GM or two who fall in love with their villains and get a little competitive with their players. No one who spent as much of their early years sitting in front of the TV as I did watching Adam West and Burt Ward’s portrayal of the Dynamic Duo think their way out of cliffhanger death traps could not love them for the icon of comic books they are. I was saying that coming up with a trap there’s no way out of isn’t fair to the player you’re doing it to or the other players in the game. The GM should always have a way or two out of it that they can nudge a stuck player into seeing. That way the player can keep their dignity intact and everybody can have the fun night they came for.
  6. What if they can’t? Let’s say that your usually clever and resourceful player is just having a bad night. Now as a GM you're left with two options, both of which suck rocks. Either you’ve just killed off a character in your game for no reason or you have to railroad the player into a solution and hope they don’t resent you for putting them into the position of being rescued by the GM. Again for no reason. If you have a death trap with no solution and want to run it against someone, do it off story or as a blue book story. That way there’s no downside for for an unwinable scenario. The GM’s job is to serve the story and the players, not try to prove they’re smarter.
  7. Don’t forget the Bride in Kill Bill did the same thing with ordinary Str and some Martial Arts.
  8. I’m reminded of the pages devoted to writing up a smart phone.
  9. I know some players in the Nashua area, but they’re currently juggling work, going back to college to get degrees and raising their two kids. If they get a spare minute they just kind of sit, stare at the walls and take a recovery.
  10. It’s that last line that makes it magic.
  11. Sorry if I offended, I meant that unpleasant people who wanted to be unpleasant used the nature of the game as an excuse and disguise for their actions. Saying that the game made people that way is like saying that Champions made every player into a hero. I also was pretty descriptive of the kind of person I was dealing with. If that was an accurate description of you back then.....After much thought I have no way of ending that sentence without it turning out badly.
  12. I get what you’re saying, It’s just that when Vampire first hit it seemed like a magnet for the most unpleasant people. It was a way for the biggest a-holes to passive aggressively behave in the worst manner, and if I never have to see another teenage poser with an Anne Rice novel in his back pocket, face painted white and his hair moussed to look like the lead singer from the Cure wandering around Harvard Sq. With their arms folded muttering “I’m invisible” I’ll die a happy old fart.
  13. Oh, yes. I had the poster of her in the tied off shirt and low slung jeans when I was a teenager. As for Bobbi Jo you have to go on a different kind of site to find clips of that. I declined mentioning the film in order to keep the conversation PG rated.
  14. I would have been a lot angrier at the idea that a supposed friend lied to my face than about a player trying to pull something over on a GM. It would be a bad thing to let myself go off on a rant about lying, backstabbers, or the general lack of morals in the games White Wolf puts out and the unfortunate situation about the people drawn to them and just say that you handled the situation as well as anyone possibly could have.
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