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  1. He was also a pretty decent actor in things like North Dallas Forty. A movie starring Nick Nolte that was based on the book of the same name by Peter Gent a former football player for the Dallas Cowboys. The book was a tell all about that organization. Davis’ character was a lightly disguised version of “Dandy” Don Meredith another player who later became an announcer for Monday Night Football.
  2. Is this primarily for chasing characters with high heat out puts like the Human Torch? (See the missle chase in the first FF movie.) Or for tracking characters who are invisible to normal sight? Unfortunately they have different write ups for optimal effectiveness.
  3. I always had the private opinion that Sheldon’s distaste for Babylon 5 was based on the fact that it’s much less a show about Space Stations and Aliens than it was about people. The same “human” interactions that baffled and repulsed him are the very bones of the show. I have no idea if the writers gave this any thought or whether it was just another quirk, but it does have an internal logic that makes sense to me.
  4. Give it a while, you’ll see it. Three Minutes Later I just realized that Archer was talking about a Solar power system for his house and not some game mechanics thing. In the words of Emily Littela Oh, that’s very different....Never mind.
  5. Fan4tastic Four. Written and directed by men who said they don’t like and don’t read Comic Books. And it shows. Take one of the most upbeat books and concepts around. “A family explores the unknown for science and adventure.” Now turn it into body horror, disfunction and BTW keep the group apart until the last ten minutes or so. For all the beatings the other FF movies have taken at least they were fun. And it’s not like the concept is impossible, the best FF movie yet is The Incredibles.
  6. I had an idea to toss at you, if you don’t mind. A decorated highly trained combat veteran loses his family to a slaver raid and decides to “punish” the guilty instead of following the more civilized forms of justice. To this end he recruits others who have exceptional skills (Karate Kid) or racial abilities (Chameleon Boy or Phantom Girl) he believes could be useful. In order to keep any friends or family from retribution he encourages the members of his team to conceal their identities from everyone...including each other. It’s basically the Punisher forms the Avengers. But it
  7. There’s a line in a Spider Robinson novel where one character is told that another character has never read the novels of John D. McDonald. He says something like “You lucky bastard, to have all of that in front of you.” That pretty much sums it up for me.
  8. It has to be my first one, Babylon Squared. I was flipping channels by hand standing in front of my 16 inch black & white set when I hit a scene of a firefight and a guy with what looked like an M-60 telling his friend “Get outta here!” “This is my stand!” This is the fight I was born for. I WAS HOOKED. Babylon 5 became my show, and Michael Garibaldi was my guy. Every week I was glued to that tiny dimly lit screen. No cool spaceships to be seen, no flashy special effects. It was the dialog, the characters that held me. I had been watching for about a year when I saw the sh
  9. A sneaky trick I lucked into happened when I brought some mood music (Tubular Bells kind of stuff) to play for a horror episode on my boom box for a session. I turned it on very low before the game started while people were coming in and still talking and getting set up. I forgot to turn it back up when we started and was at an almost subliminal level. After the session everyone said the mood was much creepier than usual, I think if it was at a volume where the songs could be easily identified it wouldn’t have had the same impact.
  10. Thank you, now I’m going to have ramen for lunch.
  11. Guardians of the Galaxy (Movie version) is a good starting place for a rough and tumble universe (You may also want to check out Firefly, Babylon 5, and Andromeda.) but you still need a point of reference for the masked vigilante part. There have been superheroes in far future settings before but they generally aren’t operating outside the law. Such as the Legion of Superheroes working alongside the Science Police for example. Whether you call them Urban Superheroes, Vigilantes or Mystery Men, they have an internal logic set of rules that makes the idea work. Criminals in comics
  12. You are exactly right, and that is the point that the entire writers room made to Gene repeatedly. Even pointing out to him that friction between characters like Spock and McCoy made the original series as great as it was.It was only after he stepped back from the day to day overseeing in later seasons that the writing got better. The series with the most interpersonal interaction, Deep Space Nine was in fact the best in the bunch. But the basics of the perfect, moneyless, “more evolved” society were mandates from Gene in the very beginning of TOS.
  13. I’ve had this debate with others; The Federation’s economy is based on two things. First is the assumption of a source of infinite free energy and the second is an infinite source of free goods (via replicator technology) The rest of the Alpha quadrant is on the Latinum standard. This dichotomy is one of the things that leads Federation citizens into the “saints in paradise” mindset. The idea that humans are “more evolved” is bull. The common racial intolerance against other species and life forms shown by Starfleet officers, supposedly the best and brightest humanity has t
  14. Doesn’t he have a cousin who’s a reporter in Chicago?
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