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  1. A great movie, a fantastic soundtrack and Ellen Aim & the Attackers is one of the best movie band names of all time. I was in one of the early test audiences for it. I couldn’t get a 7 pm ticket for Search for Spock on its first day and a guy announced that for anyone who bought tickets for the next show could come in and see this test movie for free. On the little cards they gave us after I gave the movie a B+ and wrote that the soundtrack was an A++ and that the bad guy (a young Williem Defoe) should play the Joker somewhere.
  2. The more powerful the spell the easier it is to undo. Every magical deal has an escape clause. ie; Discover my name (Rumplestilskin)or “bring me a cow white as milk, hair like gold and a cloak red as blood.” (Into the Woods) No wishing for love or death. (Disney’s Aladdin) Elf/Fairy magic can be destroyed by iron. Fairy tale magic can do almost anything but by its very nature it has strict rules and limitations.
  3. The Seven Dwarves movie Disney never made! Coming this Summer!
  4. There’s a notion out there that says that the government prints $2 bills and mints coins with the various states on the backs so that people will hold on to them as collectibles and good luck pieces rather than spending them. Thus lowering the amount of money in circulation and lowering the deficit. That might be a little too slick a plan for our government and not really cost efficient, but every little bit helps.
  5. I just found a channel on PlutoTV that runs Mission: Impossible episodes 24 hours a day. My mission if I choose to accept it is to watch them all. I ACCEPT!!!!!
  6. If you’re thinking in those lines how about Marcus coming back as an immortal? Jason Carter would swing a pretty cool sword.
  7. “Honey, for my birthday I want you to give me a blueberry grunt.” “Is that like a Dirty Sanchez, or more like a Rusty Trombone?” “‘Cause either way, it’s twenty bucks, same as downtown.” I couldn’t decide which punchline to use. But out of respect for for your nice present for your husband I waited a little while to make my comment. I hope you both had a nice time.
  8. Beware the Pie-Corps. “THE CRUST IS MOTHER, THE FILLING IS FATHER!” ....and with that we bring it back around to Babylon 5.
  9. From the top picture, does anybody else think Kevin Spacey would be an excellent Bela Lugosi in a bio-pic?
  10. The lower left corner has the kind of jacket I was talking about. The lower left corner is the type of jacket I was talking about.
  11. In my youth I had that job, now that I’m old and disabled I know every gas station in the area that still does full service.
  12. Are you going for “Cheers” or something else?
  13. Nah, without ‘em I’d be wandering the neighborhood with an axe and a duffel bag full of heads.
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