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  1. I voted for the Superhero setting but I’ve always believed that Hero Games strongest selling point was it’s flexibility. Before GURPS, before the D&D d20 system before any of them was HERO! The first group/Superteam I ever played with was comprised of a Druidic mage, an Astro Boy homage, a martial artist Monk, the team was lead by a female super-agent, and myself doing a Greatest American Hero ripoff. I was amazed that people could bring their fondest dreams to life no matter what they were. That is a signature for a game. That is a motto for a company.
  2. Not really, I was just going to pour a heavy dose of anime sauce (Neo-Tokyo this, Yakuza that.) over the whole thing. I only offered so that there would be more than one contestant. I couldn’t do anything if won anyway, I can’t even figure out how to put a picture up for an avatar.
  3. I could expand on my previous post but since I’d be updating Robert Kanigher’s original work, I don’t think that’s a legal entry. Is it?
  4. I’m not usually much of a Country guy, but I liked it a lot. Is your brother looking to be more of a performer or songwriter?
  5. I’m reminded of the Robin Williams line. “God gave man enough blood to run a brain and a penis, but only one at a time.”
  6. Well if you’re in a modern horror campaign where a beauty queen would be only a 15-18 Com and a mysterious woman in the haunted house you’re exploring has got a 25 Com....you know your a$$ is grass.
  7. I don’t have anything original, but I just flashed on a modern version of DC’s Rose and the Thorn.
  8. Wow, that got a lot of response, real quick. As a player I always provided and as a GM requested a played by person from my players. I always found it much more useful than height and weight or a Com number to describe the appearance of a character. As an example the younger versions of John Wayne, Jim Carrey and Vincent Price are within only a few pounds or inches of each other. Now is somebody really going to tell me they should play the same role in a film. All have portrayed heroes and possess the real world equivalent of a high presence and are quite attractive but they come off differently. Unless you’re making a roll against some stat number based on how good or bad looking your character is I think this is a much more helpful descriptor.
  9. What does the group think of the idea of buying Comliness as a physical skill like acrobatics or as a perk like ambidextrous?
  10. Yeah, but imagine what some fans would do to find out all the spoilers. Morally suspect, maybe, but it’s only on the same level as standing around a bar and telling women that you’re a member of the local pro sports team or hot new band.
  11. Just buy a Greek fisherman’s cap and go as George R.R. Martin.
  12. I just watched it again on YouTube and thought he might have have run better if he wasn’t smoking like a chimney before the race. Everyone had a cigarette in their hand including Ron Howard which cracked me up.
  13. If you want to see Robert Conrad at his ego & testosterone finest check You Tube for footage from his appearance on “Battle of the Network Stars” during the early ‘80’s. If you’re not familiar, this was an early reality show where competing teams from the three major networks would compete in track & field sports. It gave couch potatoes a chance to see starlets in running shorts and bathing suits. When his team lost the tie breaking event of a relay race over a mistaken hand off, he flipped out on camera and demanded a Captain to Captain race against Gabe Kaplan. Freaking hilarious! Worth looking for...I saw it when it first aired. God I’m old.
  14. I just saw, Wild Wild West Revisited is on at 2:00 am Sun night/Mon. morn on the INSP channel. A religious network that goes heavy on westerns. If I saw it earlier I would have said so earlier.
  15. I never said it was true, I have no idea if it is, and hope it isn’t. I said hearing about it weirded up my day.
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