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  1. The new post credit scene is all the Disney execs diving naked into a Scrooge McDuck style money bin. The movie was only rereleased so it could beat some record for world wide profits. The scenes themselves aren’t anything special one was Professor Hulk saving some people from a fire and the other is just a teaser for the Spider-Man movie. I’m generally a huge fan of the Marvel movies, but suckering in fans hard earned cash with some stuff that would otherwise be in a deleted scenes feature of the DVD kind of ticks me off. You can see them on YouTube, it runs about 3 minutes in all. Usually I’m against bootleg video, but charging the Fans for the price of a new ticket, parking and all the other sundries just to show us something we were going to get anyway and a commercial is obscene.
  2. The funny part is that you think that after eating a cheese stick anybody could go potty for the next several days.
  3. Greetings from Boston!!! Home of the Massacre, the good Tea Party, No Taxation without Representation, Lexington & Concord, John Quincy Adams, Sam Adams, his beer, and the world famous Red Sox!!! And to the former King George let me say once again.... UP THINE SIRE!!!!
  4. It’s not exactly for a game but one weekend with nothing else to do I wrote a movie treatment that was a retelling of Man of La Mancha using a superhero instead of a knight. It opens with Leroy, an out of work veteran being hired to look out for Freddy Fosworth the creator of Foxbat. An incredibly successful comic book and movie character. Since the death of his wife during a mugging on the two of them he’s become withdrawn and secretive and his cousins want to have him declared incompetent in order to take over his finances. Leroy discovers that Freddy has sunk millions into having the superhero gear in the comic built and is going out at night to fight crime. End of act one. I have the rest of the story worked out as well. Street gangs, the city needing a hero, the cousins finding out and having Freddy put away in a psych ward, Leroy and the young single mother with a little boy who idolizes Foxbat who runs a local neighborhood watch (re: love interest) breaking into the hospital to convince Freddy that “There’s a hero in all of us” , grand escapes, big confrontations. Good guys win. Bad guys defeated. The end. Every character is worthwhile, it all depends on how you use them.
  5. Tjack

    Super Hero Masks

    Hero mode only. If you don’t have the mask on, it’s not really disguising anything. At the time I was dealing with a GM who floated inconsistently (in my opinion) between the levels of superhero tropes and cold reality. Pick either one, just let the player know what they’re working with. He’d see a players costume design and if it had a domino style mask (Robin, Green Lantern, Lone Ranger) and hit you with facial recognition software so the Govt. had your ID in their back pocket. Without letting you know that such things were commonplace. Even the Green Lantern movie lampshaded that idea that with the “perception filter”.
  6. Tjack

    Super Hero Masks

    All those and since it’s a relatively small mask, and an alien bio-suit for an origin, I threw in some disguise based on HMO to keep persnickety GM’s from pulling any Secret ID plot lines on me.
  7. Just an idea to make things less complicated, What about instead of magicked booze and a spell to keep Dozer from getting drunk, you just go with somebody slipping a mickey into Thor’s drinks? You could go with a bar waitress/bartender either paid or enchanted or maybe Loki himself shapeshifter or illusioned to do the job.
  8. About point 2; What if the EM seepage from the Empress’s monitoring of the game world is what kickstarted paranormals and caused the slight alteration of physics that allows “super-tech” in your campaigns world. Like a self fulfilling prophecy, the more she investigates or interferes with a place the more paranormals she creates.
  9. The world wide crossover popularity of Game of Thrones had to have had some influence on the resurgence of D&D, but I also believe that the pendulum has just swung back to people wanting face to face personal interaction in gaming and away from individual solitary computer games.
  10. I just flashed on a real world example of this. When Richard Nixon campaigned and won on the statement that he had a “Secret Plan” to stop the war in Vietnam. He becomes President and then it turns out the plan was “everybody out of the pool!” Maybe he was a Supervillain.....still better than what we’ve got now.
  11. To Lord Liaden, maybe others could do those things, but nobody has so far; And there’s no guarantee anyone will. Genius villains tend not to work on “saving the world” kind of problems. (might be why they end up as villains) I just wanted to throw the heroes in this game a moral problem to work over, kind of like the one in Wings of the Valkyrie. “Do we save the timeline from being changed or do we save Hitler from being killed by time traveling assassins.” Besides,watching the news this morning I was wondering how many countries around the world crippled by debt, suffering from drought or starving populations might say OK to the deal.
  12. What if some undeniably evil and brilliant villain like Dr.Destroyer announced that he’s launched weather control satellites that would reverse Global Warming, developed soy hybrids that would stop world hunger and found the cure for Cancer but would destroy them all unless he were named Ruler of Earth. The heroes would have to make some hard decisions....huh?
  13. I wasn’t a player in it but I used to run a game down the hall (we used to play in classrooms after hours) from a long running D&D game with an average count of ten players, give or take two or three of any given night. When the combat scenes would come up players could take their action go out for dinner and if they came right back, be there to make their next action.
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