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  1. The Executive Board finally decided to make him their Operative and he was glad. The Rossum corporation had been part of this cartel for sometime now, and this was to be their first major part to play. Now a full member of an alliance of the forces who truly ran this world. Both the Mystical in the cases of those who controlled Wolfram & Hart and the Cabin project and Scientific like Weyland-Yutani, Blue Sun and his own company Rossum Inc. Only a group as powerful as this could hold Hydra in check, and Laurence Dominic had no desire to work for a losing side. Rossum had first app
  2. When the Board of the S.H.I.E.L.D. Academy went looking for someone to oversee the various Maintenance, Repair and Landscaping Departments they found this good humored carpenter from a small town outside of Chicago. A licensed Contractor and Journeyman Plumber, Electrician, and Auto Mechanic, he was already looking for a new start after the death of his wife and the emptying of the nest by three of his four children. So he packed up his youngest son Jerry, and closed his 4 Aces Construction business and moved into a small on-site house and began taking care of all of the Buildings Fa
  3. There has to be some kind of a Charlton Heston/Planet of the Apes blew up New York/ Fighting the Japanese joke out there, but I can’t figure out one that’s not in HORRIBLY bad taste. Good movie though.
  4. If Disney thought it would make money, he would be. Despite the happy, shiny, facade they have always been powerfully more about sales rather than character development. As possibly they should be. They are a corporation not a charity after all.
  5. Sgt. Stanley Haymer was a career soldier with an unexceptional record in the supply depot of a mid-sized army base in the Midwest and would have likely served his 20 years without ever being promoted to an officer’s rank if fate had not stepped in. A Hydra attack on his post was searching for artifacts recovered during WW II that were mistakenly assigned to this location with the accompanying paperwork forever lost due to bureaucracy. Sgt. Haymer fled into his warehouse looking for cover and took refuge behind the largest, dustiest, most overlooked crates he could find. When bl
  6. If you’re too short on time for reading then may I suggest the excellent mini series that the BBC did for it. Not as good as the book itself but much like the Good Omens series they did it is an viable substitute.
  7. I had meant that you couldn’t move their ship without moving yourself. Those other limitation ideas were never meant to the only ones possible or correct for your game, just some examples of my point.
  8. The man with the eyepatch actually smiled as he read what must be the shortest Recruit Contact Field Report in S.H.I.E.L.D. history. *REPORT BEGINS* The little bitch tazed me! Also, she won’t be able to have any roommates because she and her father insisted she bring Backup. Signed Lt. Cmdr. Maria Hill *REPORT ENDS* In the outer office the entire staff’s blood chilled due to a sound none of them had ever heard before... The sound of Nicholas J. Fury Commander of S.H.I.E.L.D. laughing.
  9. Oops. Oh well, the point still stands.
  10. The man behind the desk finally gave in to the urge to rub at the sore spot beneath his eyepatch *Damn Flerkin* before shouting. All right Hill, now as for you. At least Stan & Ollie out there were actually on a recruitment trip. You were supposed to be investigating a possible Empowered for detainment and came back with a new headache for me. Yes Sir. From the traffic camera recordings and eyewitness accounts the subject reveled his abilities after a three car pile up near Stanford University where he was touring with his parents. He was hit by a truck and was not only un
  11. Why not? You always saw them on Star Trek. And it’s a limitation since it means you can’t do it secretly, or without say everyone on a nearby space station or a third party spaceship knowing who’s moving what ship around.
  12. I find TK is relatively inexpensive if your using limitations that are appropriate for Tractor Beams. No Fine Detail, Visible Power Effects, Useable only in Zero Grav, Useable only in Vacuum, Only vs. Other ships, etc. These and others bring the price down and are all reasonable defining limitations on the special effect. Your limitation about relative positions means you could never bring a ship any closer, like along side to dock, or to move it out of danger.
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