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  1. Is it a matter of balance only or is there something related the fight management as well?
  2. Dears, I hope this is the right place for this kind of question. One premise: I don't want to put in discussion the effectiveness of the design of the 6th edition but just to know your preferences or your approach. In the creation of a character "martial artist" do you prefer to buy the classic martial maneuvers or do you prefer generate the maneuvers with a power framework? I'm asking this because, from a certain point of view, the martial arts as they are conceived (maneuvers that can cost 4-5 CP) seem something "separated" or not well integrated with the rest of the core r
  3. Dears, I’m looking for some support because I’m going to start a really titanic did (at least to me): I’m going to create starting from zero a complete fantasy setting using the 6th edition of Hero System… Furthermore, I have to involve my current RPG party that don’t speak English at all and explain all the rules… Anyway, my main doubt is about the magic system. I know that “Fantasy Hero” handbook proposes a lot of different magic systems but you have to understand that I don’t have time to test the system…Once I have implemented it, I must to be sure that it works and, most important, th
  4. Hi Everybody, I'm going to revamp this topic (Started by me, by the way) in order to ask you for some suggestion (especially from the rules point of view) for the building of a multipower. The multipower is going to contain a set of defensive powers to simulate the most mysterious defensive positions of a lethal martial art style. 1) Could I apply the "trigger" advantage to all the slots of the multipower? If yes, could the trigger condition be something like "The character aborts to block"? 2) Could the slots of this multipower be built as a compound power? Something like +6rPD/+6rED plus
  5. Hi everybody, is quite strange but in the forums I was not able to find a build of Deadpool. Let's say that the task is in general not so hard but I would like a suggestion about a particular power I would like to build. As you know, Deadpool is the "mercenary with a mouth" and I'm trying to build a power to simulate this incredible attitude in saying bull***t to distract and confusing the opponents especially during a combat. It should be something that requires a roll in oratory or persuasion to work... But the effects much more powerful (Deadpool could daze and confuse even Thanos)... Some
  6. Hi Everybody, In this period I'm trying to recreate with the Hero System a post nuclear-holocaust ambietation centered on the most esotic and lethal martial art. I don't know if in the USA this character is a as famous as in Europe and, most important, in Japan (the country he comes from): Hokuto No Ken. The manga is known with several different name as Ken, the warrior, the fist of the north star and others... The sacred school of Hokuto Shinken is the most powerful and lethal martial art ever seen (the style born 1800 years ago with the aim of defending the chinese emperor): the st
  7. Hello everybody, in this thread I would like to collect suggestions, recommendations, opinions about martial art characters building, martial arts systems and so on. Let's start with a short introduction to the topic I would like to discuss first.In my personal opinion the martial arts approach in hero system 6th is not fully satisfying... It seems to be a "separate part" not totally matching the philosophy of the system. I have recently built a couple of 500pts. Characters and in both cases I had preferred a multipower approach to build the martial arts style instead of using the martial ma
  8. BoloOfEarth, massey, bigdamnhero, ​Thanks a lot for your suggestions... I will share this with the friend I have to support.... It's funny but, as in my party game I'm the only one speaking a bit of English, I'm considered the expert of the rules... there's nothing farest from the truth... I'll do my best...
  9. Hi guys, as usual thanks everybody for your so complete answers. Now I can understand the difference between the two editions... But let me say that they are not so little... To build the same vvp in the 6th edition implies much more CP or quite weaker powers... My friend won't be really happy...
  10. Hello everybody, I'm trying to support a member of my game party in building a ~ 520 point Spiderman version. I have found in the web a 5th edition version of the web shooters build as VVP: 111 Webslinging Variable Power Pool, 90 base + 21 control cost, Powers Can Be Changed As A Zero-Phase Action (+1) (180 Active Points); Limited Class Of Powers Available (Webbing; -1), Restrainable (-1/2), Visible (Webbing; -1/4), IIF (Two independently useable web shooters; -1/4), Real Weapon (-1/4); all slots OAF (Web Line; -1) 1) Webswinging. Swinging 35", x4 Noncombat, Usable As Gliding
  11. Hi to All, I kindly ask you for your support for the building of a Powered Armor hero. I have to insert the character in an already started campaign so the total available CPs are 460, not just 400. Well, my intention is to build a balanced PG... You know, with a powered armor is quite easy to abuse of the rules...The OIF limitation could be a blessing. To understand how to start I have taken my inspiration from the Iron Man build you can find at this link: http://surbrook.devermore.net/adaptationscomic/marvel/ironman.html The character here is built with much more CP but I would
  12. Dears, I'm very happy of this warm participation to this discussion... The forum is so...Alive and kicking!!!! Coming back to my initial speech... I said that the Hero System seems, in my humble opinion, not so suitable for heroic setting... well, I should have chosen some more appropriate words to make me understand. Virtually with the Hero System it's possible to create and manage any kind of setting but sometime this is not so immediate... Reading the "fantasy Hero Complete" I was a bit surprised of finding a lot of interesting option to manage the magic system and wizards and so few exam
  13. bigdamnhero you have been great!!! You have been really clear, much more clear than the handbook (Steve Long, please forgive me!!)... This is a important step forward for my setting. Please don't misunderstand me, Hero System is great but my feeling is that the system is great for the superheroes campaign but less effective if applied to other settings...
  14. I'm very sorry but I'm too newbie with the hero system to understand the explanation above... without some other clarification. I've tried to understand the speech about the naked advantage but honestly, maybe due to the tongue, I didn't understand almost anything... My problem is: how can I build an attack power where the damage is a function of the weapon used by the warrior? When I build a power, the first thing I do is to decide the amount and the type of damage, then if the power is blast or whatever, the area and so on... Here the approach is different: I've established all the element
  15. Hi everybody, I'm trying to develop my setting by taking the inspiration from the world of Dragon Age (origin). I've found an issue from the rules point of view because I would like to build the attack powers/maneuvers as a Multipower Framework. About this I have several doubt: 1) all the slots in the framework would have the same limitations: a) Focus ==> the weapon(s), requires a roll (weapon trickery) The question is: to what have I to apply the limitation? to the framework or to every single slot? 2)The damage done with every slot/maneuver should depend by the weapon wie
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